Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Roleplaying Gamers. Fuck them.


There is a difference between a “Roleplaying Game” and the act of Roleplaying. Roleplaying can be depraved and decadent. Exist on websites like Omegle and RPHaven. A Roleplaying-Game is a hobby name for the act of roleplaying within the hobby market of traditional board and war games. These too hobbies clash with one another and do not relate. Just because someone likes “Roleplaying,” doesn’t meant one will like Roleplaying with dice, paper, figures, and stats. Nor will the D&D player decide to become obsessed only with the escapism and reality changing concept of just the act of Roleplaying. The D&D player wishes the act of roleplaying only in the confines of traditional games with rules and structure. 

These two passions really are against each other and do not mix well. Hence, both consumer base and audience are actually confused what they really want out of the two. For D&D, are we interest solely for rules, paper, figures, dice and creative story telling? Or, for the act of just roleplaying, are we interested for escapism, an alternative reality, less-of-a-game, and more as a dialogue. 

These two are both needed to be talked about.

RPGs tend to ignore the culture of Roleplaying in favor to emphasis that, “it’s just a game after all!” When does it collide with the passion of roleplaying? How much of this perversion is influential? Certainly, this would be playing the game wrong at this point. 

The same applies with MMOGS and roleplaying. Since now, Roleplaying is also associated with online games. World of Warcraft has helped advocate it. Are they WOW addicts or Role-play addicts? Escapist? 

The passion of role-playing is used. It is a physiological effect. 

I have never been interest in D&D for role-playing. I have been interested in the game for it’s playful creation with the text and which ultimately, with a group of people, interact with fiction. The games is the equivalent to a creative writing workshop but treated as a game instead. That’s why I like D&D. 

Not as a delusional, escapist, perverted, advocate platform for role-playing. Seek help if doing it for this reason. There is a market for you.

These role-players cannot ft in with board games. Their own perversions are apparent and not as healthy players. They cannot pervious reality and fiction. If these people played Star Wars: Imperial Assault, they would treat the figures like their own personas and treat the game like their own life. Like going out to the bar, but in a materialistic, and perverted way.  Most of them are fat and lazy to begin with. Weak people role-play because they are ashamed of their actions. 

Weak people come into board games because they are looking for an asset for power. This will make them strong. A healthy person sees that as a weakness as well. Healthy people do things correctly. 

Watch out for these people. Write about them. Keep them in check. Analyze their behavior. Define their friends and audience. The products they follow. The class they come from. The age group and appearance. The things they like. 

Are you like any of them? Most likely not. But, to manipulate them is to master a friendship. A source of power. 


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