Tuesday, November 29, 2016

the Ps4 story.


Kevin will buy a PS4 from his friend for about $215. I will chip in $100. I hope he plays games on it and takes care of the machine. Hope he dosen't use it to watch Netflix. A waste of money, that's for sure. Lazy too. I want it to play King of Fighters 14 this August. After I go to Summer Jam 10 as well. 

I should of check beach dates tonight on Hagey. I don't know why I didn't. I got too bored. 

Previously, I had Asian Bistro with mom. I ordered Genreal Tso beef and a California roll. Excellant. I talked to mom about working 60 hours compared to that of 40. How a "house" is NOT a nesscity by a frivously material istic thing. 60-hour working people need a bed or a dorm. NOT a house! Als o, what makes a 60-hour job ehtical and what should someone prepare to do it for... It's really all based upon the type of person and will of choice. That's whats great about America. 

Later, Mom drove to the farm and we got Ice Cream. I wanted a small vanil la in a cup. Mom got a recees ice cream in cup. She did not eat all of it . She tried to shop around for flowers by ended up with a close sign. We d rove back home. I did more research on the ipad about Reason. 


Should I buy it? Or should I be lucky that I don't have to waste $600 on i t? I think I am lucky. If I did buy it... Yeah, I could save global midi mapping. Maybe. Not really worth it. And finally make the Acid House musi c I want to make. 

Yesterday, I made a song called WHITE POWER and today NIGGERS. Haha. 

I was deeply looking for that "we will save the white race," chant from t hat jewish neo-nazi or Geroge Lincoln Rockwell. I remember it in my race and judaism class. Asshole gave me an F. Jew. 

I ended up with some classic quotes from Blood in the Face. Tried to impro vise on that. 

And today, I thought about that shocking and crudley embrassing chant by A lex Linder. Linder is a jew out to make White Nationalism evil. I know. I found the perfect NIGGER speech! 

I need to find more metal riffs. Brett Stevens metal collection on Youtube is fantastic. I have to look for another piece. 

Also, need to improve on mixing and mastering. That I really don't know ho w to do. I need someone to do it for me. I guess it cost $100 for one track. Oh well. Maybe. I will learn

The room is almost done. I need to move out that big corner thing with the cabels and everything in there. I don't need that mini mixer either. I w ill keep the USB cables. Sceince-fiction books on the ground need to slowly transition back in to the cubby shelfs. 

...I just thought about Collin's house. And his dad's office. His house is so full of clutter. Nothing but stuff in there. And... books. Useless books everywhere. Worth nothing. It's rather DOCUMENTS to justify a fictional PROFESSION. A perverted trade. All his has to do is go into one of his so-called "books" and squack out information that means nothing. Something t hat isn't wanted. I think the same way about my room. Some books I really do like. But however, have no versatile replay. Books. They are ultimatley worhtless in the end. After one reads one, they are put back on the shelft. To be conserved. Hollow text inside. I do feel it packs up the corn er of my room. Books that are kept are the books that have wisdom to it. W ill I pick up the books with wisdom again? Maybe. Books are so postmodern now. Why bothering when books can be bought online or read online? Strange. 

Books are documents to attack and exploit the weak. 

The perverted profession of a so called "English" major is to reherse the English lanague and play with the text. Some one need to know. THat's ther e perverted profession they rely on. 

What a joke. 

Automatic liberal. 

The only good trade I can think of from this: How to read and write. 

It's why I have this type writer in the first place. I can finally write my thoughts on canvas. Finally I am free from laziness and struggle. I ca n finally freely express myself and improve. 

...Colemak will not help me at the moment. I still need to learn it thought. 

Pause. Type. Thought. Type. Pause. Type. Type. Thought. Type. Pause. Type . 


That's really not a stable wordcount. I am somewhere near or below 40 WPC. 

I must put use to my so-called professional of ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATIONS after college. Yeah. Stupid nigger girl told me she did all to "commincate ." What a fuck job. College is so worthless. 

And she was the one that told me about the magical website called "internships.com." 

What another fucking joke. Blacks give me black wisdom. 

My existence is my virtue. I win. I don't need to obey no one else's law. I am god in America. 

Finally got a PS4. Brother got it this morning from a friend. 500GB and we only paid $215! Fantastic. Just it dosen't inculde another controller. 

Just bought Doom 4 moments ago. It is downloading right now. It will take forever, I know that. Hopefully an hour? Not so sure. Maybe a couple of hours. 

I looked at the whole Ps4 inventory. Theonly games that interest me is Metal Slug Anthology and King of Fighters 2000. I jsut really need another c ontroller so I can play them with Drake. Nooooo. Hopefully he will chip in. 

I don't like most of the Ps4 games that are offered really. Bad. More like, pretensious white people games. Games have evolved from NES 8-bit to inauthentic confusion. These game developers don't even know what a "game" is anymore. Idiots. 

Cleaned my room. Science-fiction books in the cubby. Have to move the card games in the basement and organzine the cables. Move the guitar amp and the power outlet. Need some kind of basket. Ookie Ookie. Tv in hear? Not sure. I like the minimal room alot. I don't feel I need to do anything. 

I feel I can do things and then move them out when I am finished. 

So... waiting for Doom 4 to downlaod and will play it for the first time. The wait is finally over! Next up: King of Fighters 14! 

...Should I get a fighting stick again? I need to check up what I wrote o n my phone memo. I did write something. I don't know. Thinking about going to the beach next saturday too. By myself. I really need it to be alone. 

Less stress. 

I should check in once in a while on office 365 and look out for the inden pendt study email that ms. baker promised. I think. Just hopefully will no t forget. 

I should buy Reason 9 too to be safe. Maybe. Will the money go anywhere? $500 for it? I am really thinking about spending it so. 


$500 for it? I am really thinking about spending it so. 

...I don't want Drake using it. And he will use it under my name too. No. I wish there was a way around it. Hopefully. He's an idiot when it comes to music. Makes noise and nevers publishes. Never keeps his songs on records. Idiot. 

I will just have to say I didn't buy it and make music as a secret. Yes. That works. MAybe only tell him I actully do have it when he wants to buy reason... maybe. Not really. I would rather keep it a secret. 

I remember my Magic old school print project. Really I just have to print out 4 packs of limited cards and use them for play. That makes things so m uch more fair. Jake's Magic Origins cards are good enough to play the game now. That set is way too balance. I would really want to prefer to play 

Magic the way it was originally held. Old School. 93/94. That really is authentic and LCG magic. Fantasy Flight should republish it one day as an LCG. Good thoughts. 

When has there not been a day I looked at porn in the morning, looked at c ounter-currents, radix journal, trad-youth, the right stuff, amren, and fa ntasy flight every daY? It's hard not to look at this stuff daily. I want to stop the habit.


I remember a time when I fond new stuff everyday. Now I think everyone has found everything and everything is relevant. Inform ation overload. No more new discoveries anymore. Annyoing. I need to find new daily habits on the internet., I jsut feel as thought there is someth ing greater to look at online and what I am missing out on. 

What is it? Art? Music? Writing? Japanese? Games? Video-Games? News? What is something I should ook towards dailt that isn't any of these things?? 

Vacation? Adult Friend Finder? Omegle? Maybe I should do things which get me out of the hosue then stay indoors and treat the interent as a tool an d library. My hobbies really come from the amazing power of the computer and the internet. 

I remember looking at Freewrite's Twitter everyday in Spring semester 201 6 just so this Freewrite typewriter can come out. It now has! And I am typ ing on it! Thank god! 


I think I should be using the interent to find places to hang out. Yes. Th at's always exciting. Just like how I signed up for Summer Jam 10. SNK told me this on the internet. I show up. I remember I use to look up concerts on the internet and I would plan out the dates I would go see a band. I use to been every social with the computer. I can;t keep up with the ever flowing data now. I wish I can control somehow. Comfort has became my habi t. I must check the news everyday to feel alive. It's better for me to re ad everyday than do nothing. I have to go walking the dogs, lift weights, some kind of "surrogate acitivty" (to borrow the phrase from the unibombe r). I should go back to Netrunner nights or go to Thursday night... Wedesndays? 

I am a self-made man. I don't need dependency anymore. I am learning the curve. Most people donm't do this anyway. If they are rich and famous, som eone else does it for them. I have to do these things on my own. This is the cold truth outside academia world. Most idiots with degrees in Miedevial History at Houston University ends up working for a phone company at a job in Philadelpiha. How odd. That was a self-made action. 

Everything is the action of one's will. I wish I had my own will back. Ezra Pound once said that a slave wishes someone to set him free. I don't need to be dependent. I need to create my own paths and become my own boss. This even means creating a path to make my own money as well. 

Euclide's Elements I should buy as paperback. I don't what it's about. But I do know it's a book about "mental masturbation." 

Cisero's On Duties is coming the mail along with Poloroid breif case for Freewriite. Good. 


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