Friday, November 4, 2016

The problem of innovation.


Innovation, Characther, Originality, and the red carpet. 

There is a problem with out art. I'm talking about Western art. White people art. 

Look at Yale art school. No, look at who gets into Ivy League "art" schools. 

Black lesibains who hate thier parents and can speak fluent Japanese. 

"So original. So differnt. So unique. What an intresting life!" 

Something went wrong with this. 

What happened to the artist that can draw a human body perfect? Is that a good artist? 

Nope. It has to be a human body covered in SHIT. That's more original! Give an art teacher a blank piece of paper. 

"Excellant work! You have shown, and deconstructed, the capitalist culture of the artist market. So expressive!" 

What is even art anymore? 

If I just write a bunch of words on a piece of paper, that's fucking art too. 

No use of grammer, no spell checking. They will say it's soooo raw. So authetnic. 

Are artist even smart people? 

What the fuck is L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poetry? Embarasing. I know the guy who made that anyway. Cough, Collin's dad. Does he even know what that means? He didn't even graduate college back in 1970. 

Yet he has the audacity to go teach at PennU? 

What is even the meaning behind it all? The only thing that backs him up is all his French philosphy. Those french philosphers don't even know what they are doing anyway. 

These people are reserved for a culture that is alienating the working- class. The elite class is in fact, decadent. They can't even explain their own logic.

Give a black man Foucult. Nope. Dosen't make sense. Will not make sense. Everything is boring. 

What the hell is "intersectionalism?" Sounds like an original idea to be trademarked and copywrigted in academia. "Dr. Betty Smith, thank you for creating the intersectionality theroy! We are greatful towards your genius!" 

Genius? No. No no no no.
It's confusion. Some one is up to know good. (((I think I know who is behind it.))) 

Well, for art, art has been highjacked too. "good" art, is art that can be sold. Damien Hirst knows how to do it. Splatter skulls with rainbow. Some 70 year old hippy is bond to buy it. 

But why should Hirst be our favorite? I am surprised I am not hearing the anti-white police coming. "Look at that white, straight, cisgender, male creating art. His art is facist aned racist!" 

Maybe (((Hirst))) is a you-know-what. 

I don't know. To get into any school, black, cross-dressing, japanese speaking retards are allowed in. It's a queer fest. 

"I am queerer than you! No! I am!" 

Boring. What about talent? What about big tit girls? What about strong, jacked men? What about a man with a beard and a family of four? Can't he draw dead children too? 

It seems like art is reserved for "individual" or "virtue-by-existence" types. They don't know how to write or even put words together. But, they can see things an put them on paper like what little children do. 

That's why I am not ant "artist." No. That's not artist. Whoring away with paint on canvas? What happened to self-improvement? What about lifting weights? What about healthing eating and fucking girls? That's an art too! 

Art is feminnie. No guys are intrested in art class anymore. 

I think about the artist I like. Yukio Mishima, Issei Sagawa, Mineo Maya, Peter Sotos... Yeah, they are Japanese queers and one sadomasocistic pedophile guy... Does that manke me an "artist?" Or just a normal guy intrested in human behavior? I have to watch what I like. I too feel I got a hold of the queer bug. 

Just because you converted to judaism and declare yourself be gay dosen't make you an artist. 

Fucking pricks. 

Even the term, "white nationalism" has a queer chime to it. Everyone equally hates being white nand nationalist. 

I am trying to just being normal. I am riding the tiger of chaos and putting down with it's own napalm. Yes, that means getting infulenced by the queer bug. But there is something wrong with this. 

I like the Japanese because they are normal. Normal, ordinary, healthy people. Open about race, sex, and family. Every animal on this planet knows this. I am tired of the prude white liberal projecting the world to his advantage. 

Martin Heideggar is god. Why can't we be normal people without all this intellectual nonsense? Fuck Cultural Marxism. Fuck learning. We are not intellects. We are just passionate about nothing. We are living inauthentic lifves. 

Or somone is abusing our white people interest for no good. Everyone is nowadays... 


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