Saturday, May 20, 2017

Old Asian-Aryan About Page

I know what you're thinking. This “Asian-Aryan” thing sounds “degenerate,” “cuck-like,” or “Jewish,” and that the promotion of racial mixing is what the alt-right is against!

First, I do not advocate racial-mixing. I advocate “Asian-Aryanism.”

If the alt-right is to succeed, then everyone, and I mean every homogeneous race on this planet, needs to have some sense of self-determination and racial awareness for a greater good. That sounds great, doesn’t it?

Therefore, Asian-Aryanism acts like an alt-right scene for Asian-Americans. An anti-sexist, anti-nihilistic, anti-hedonist, Men-Going-Their-Own-Way determined to achieve an Asian wife, a professional job, and three Hapa children. This is for every Asian living in America, for every Asian-loving White person, and… for every half White/Asian child who…

Stop right there!

“Hapas?” …Hafus?

“No, no, no, no! You said you were against racial mixing! They don’t have a proper racial background! These bastard mutts and their sinful parents! How selfish of you! Either they choose their White side or there Asian side!”

Umm… Ok… but don’t they still have “degenerate” genes even if they chose a side? They are neither pure White or Asian. So why push it under the rug?

I think the best solution… for your own European Imperium or imagined Ethnostates, is to simply put all those dirty “race traitors” into multiple cities each the size of Wilmington. Call it an independent state.

Please, whatever you do, don’t go on a “day of the rope” scenario and kill all the pretty Asian wives of the already handsome and athletic young white men who are married to them.

Yes, you heard right, White males / Asian female… and Asian males / White female married couples with Hapa children, are allowed in the Asian-Aryan country. They must show the utter most devotion to a pan-Western-Confucius/Shinto culture of racial devotion to the new great race. That simple. Let it be known that to live as an Asian-Aryan, one must become an “Asian-Aryan.”

What’s that?

First, those people you call “weebs” are just misguided White Americans that need a healthy diet and daily exercise in their life. We want our men to have the bodies like Adonis. And for the women? They are already beautiful and caring to begin with. You may call our women “fish-like,” “insects,” or “gook-faced,” but you just don’t understand.

“Asian-Aryanism” is a prideful term, not a degenerate one.

“Enough science-fiction! Why are you even advocating such a stupid and troll-like philosophy? Can’t we all do normie things and not think about such postmodern problems?”

I have been getting tons of hate mail from the far-right, the far-left, normies, and disgruntled Hapas. I don’t need to argue with Asian women that are married to White men. All they have to do is self-realized what they have done.

You know, the far-right will say I’m “Jewish” and will want to throw me in the oven.  And then the far-left will say I am “insensitive” and not treating people as universal.

Guys, use your mind for once. This is not about you.

Asian-Aryanism is so controversial, that both far ends of the Western political spectrum, hate what I have to say. I believe, however, that both political sides know that Asian-Aryanism is righteous and true.

“What the hell is Aryanism? You sound like a Nazi! Better yet, that’s an oxymoron. Aryans are NOT Asian!”

Ok, “Asian-Aryanism” is a whimsical term. And it has certainly got your attention. But in the context of “Aryanism,” what “perfect” race are we talking about?

Once again, I don’t have to advocate racial mixing… Because it is already happening in most major, liberal metropolitan cities in America!

What is that perfect “Asian-Aryan” race I am talking about?

White boyfriends take their Asian girlfriends to punk rock shows, art galleries, nerd conventions, and vegan restaurants. Have you seen that before?

And later in life, the children of those WMAFs are sent to Chinatown or mainline elementary schools. Always in a hip, urban, suburban, stuff-white-people-like, approved location. Namely, Trader Joe’s and Starbucks are incubating the new race of people.

And just remember this, they can’t be “white” now! I would call them Asian-Aryan!

However, do point this truth out to any normie with an Asian girlfriend or wife. We like to call them a “new-cuck.” You get something like this:

“Oh no! This has nothing to do with me discriminating and choosing an Asian wife! I love her! And that was a spiritual and universal choice! I would of chose anyone! But I choose her! Race doesn’t matter to me! Why do you care what she is?”

Yeah right.

White man, you made your choice.

“New-cucks” are real. They are worse than just a “cuck.” Not only do they race-mix, but they deny their future destiny and race. Sadly pretending everything is universal. And then they go ahead and practice Asian culture and say it has nothing to do with that. This is exactly new-cuck behavior.

A race mixing White man or women who refuses to put their racial consciousness first, is an opponent of mine.

I am actually a European advocate. I want to preserve both the European and Asian races. Without them, without Mom and Dad supporting us, we would not have this beautiful culture called Asian-Aryanism.

I am not anti-white, and I hate Noel Ignatiev. I do not want to abolish the White race. I know “Jennifer Suzuki,” the pen name of some erotic-writing troll, would like to see Asian-Aryanism coined as the new White people. Maybe that will happen if the new-cucks win this war. But I would like to see in the future separate and conserved people. However, Asian-Aryanism is happening and is not dying down.

We are Angry Hapas, Asian-Americans, isolated White nerds and WMAF/AMWF couples, who just don’t give a fuck anymore and want to yellow-pill the Western world.

You heard right, I would like to yellow-pill you.

Trust me, Asian-Aryanism is a friend of all forms of nationalism and a friend of all far-left, edgy street culture. We are avant-garde and normative at the same time.

If you have an Asian girlfriend or boyfriend, take pride in that. Chances are, you might as well have kids someday! But make sure they are on the White side of things.

Am I confusing you now?

Look, make sure they argue and defend a state which puts both their own White/Asian interest first! We live in a society that denies White racial consciousness to White people and to every single half-White person.

Now are Asian-Aryans the new White or Asian people? No. You could “whitewash” Asians, and then they become “white.” And for the opposite case, you could send a Hapa to go study in Northeast Asia so that they become more “asian.” But whatever happens in the future, your Hapa children will develop a symbiotic destiny with other like minded Asian-Aryans.

“Whitewashed” or “Asianized,” the crossroads are leading to one destination.

Trust me, this has so much to do with White culture as it has to do with Asian culture. It’s why these duel personalities will eventually become apart of a single “Aryan” identity.

… Sorry, I am not advocating for other non-whites, like Blacks and Mexicans, to racially mix into Asian-Aryanism. Asian-Aryanism is a unique religion exclusively for the relationship between White and Asian people. I really don’t care about “muh freedomz.”

God bless whatever you do. But Black Male / Asian Female coupling isn’t a thing. And don’t try and call it “Afro-Asian-Aryanism,” because what I am doing isn’t a joke either. We are against the multicultural and diverse paradigm.

If you would like to associate with a darker and black race of Asian-American people, then make up your own institutions and find your own idols. Start with Billy Blanks and Jero. Look up Ganguro and Gyaru fashion (I love that stuff). Become self-determined!

I will support you and be an ally, but I will defend my Asian-Aryan people first. Don’t race-mix because you want a utopian, universal, brown-skin, “cafe-ole” society. I will then become your enemy.

I am against what Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi once said about an “Asian-Negroid race,” oddly being formed to make a civilized Ancient Egyptian one. Nope. I don’t like that one bit. I get where he is coming from, but he is wrong on several points.

Coudenhove-Kalergi knew there was going to be an Asian-Aryan race. I know that feel bro. However, such a hypocrite he was, to support universal race-mixing in the underclasses, and the preservation of a single racial (((elite))) class at the top. I am not Black, and I have none of those racial traditions and background.

I don’t want my future children and grandchildren to look like Whoopi Goldberg or Aubrey Drake Graham. I want them to look like aesthetically pleasing, healthy, Asian-Aryan anime characters. To say Whites and Asians should mix with with African genes is quite offensive and destructive to what both Western and Eastern societies have built.

No, I am not advocating what Coudenhove-Kalergi has said before. He is totally misguided and was confused on his own racial identity. I am rather criticizing and fixing his utopia.  He himself was, by birth, an “Asian-Aryan.” And he could of been one! However, he has failed to see his potential as an Asian-Aryan and then forced a multicultural and Jewish elite, one-world government ideology instead.

The multicultural paradigm ironically has created a large influx numbers of WMAF coupling and offspring than ever before. In the diversity market, White men will choose Asian women over everyone else. The truth is harsh. This is another reason why the single-race utopia will not work. White men don’t want other non-white women, unless they follow their code of attraction. That is, the tradition of Western Civilization.

Asian women automatically win in this discourse. The ideology of Multiculturalism will be around so as long as White men truly get what they want from the globalized world, and that is the “model minority” of Asian women and their culture.

Watch R.A. The Rugged Man debate Jared Taylor on the Gavin McInnes show. Who are the two major races that are creating racism? “Asians and Whites,” The Rugged Man says. Those are the two new racist. Together as one.

When that ideology of “diversity” and multiculturalism is truly gone, Asian-Aryanism will replace it. Imagine all these new-cucks, with their Asian wives and half children, praising themselves in the future rainbow nation…

“We now live in a multicultural society! Everyone is racially mixed and we are free of racism!”

… Not!

Those fools! Whites and Asians are the only ones that have mixed, and now they are a new race of people that is ultimately perfected! That old paradigm was just a bridge for the East and West to perfect one another in a chaotic world!

Again, I am against multiculturalism and diversity. Asian-Aryanism is a “Plan B” philosophy if White Nationalism loses against white genocide.

The word “Aryan” is certainly whimsical. I am not referring to a group of “Asian Neo-Nazi” roleplay and cosplaying found on some image board. This is real what I am talking about. You might think “Asian-Aryan” is an inappropriate term, since why call normal people Nazis?

I am talking about a group of radical people that exist today and need to yellow-pill the Western world in order to self-actualized new-cucks into Asian-Aryans.

Why is Asian-Aryanism happening? Well, again, who wants to date a fat White, Amy Schumer-looking, blue-haired feminist? That of course, is a unique byproduct of the culture and nature of White women. And I will promise you, you will not find that in Asian girls (they have something called “yellow feminism” by the way, and that’s just a love for White men).

Asian-Aryanism is mainly a group of guys on the left-wing faction of the alt-right with Asian girlfriends. Some of us are ex-MGTOW who realized that not all women are bad, and only Asian women are the redeemable angels.

This is who I am. I am an Asian-Aryan. As well with every other yellow-pilled WMAF/AMWF couples and Hapas. We grew out of this “weeb” phase and now we are adults approaching reality.

We all make choices and stick by them.

We have all have duties, responsibilities, and growing up to do.

I will continue to spread the Asian-Aryan ideology over on my YouTube channel and beyond. Feel free to criticize what I am doing.

The future will be one day belong to everyone who wants self-determination and racial awareness. And that also belongs to every racially mixed group of people. Asian-Aryanism has so much potential.

Now, do you have an Asian girlfriend/boyfriend or ever wanted one? Do you like Asian culture and the West? I think you should join the movement!

Please check out my YouTube channel for the latest in Asian-Aryan activity!

Monday, May 15, 2017

How Orbitial Gots His Asian American Girlfriend

I have caused somewhat of a controversy from my previous article, “The Proud Beta Male.”

The argument found in the hard “iron” or “glorious” pill faction of the alt-right, is that a beta male is a disgusting troll or even an evil being. I have argued that the beta male is a good towards society, and that we should promote more of his righteous attitude.

However, the term “beta male” is often confused with the far-left, SJW normie types that hover around their bossy asian girlfriend 24/7. We call this the “orbital, beta male cuck.” Now, is this “orbital” (henceforth, we will call him that) a good thing?

I think it is best to describe the history of how and why the Orbital is promoted and around today.

No doubt about it, I have traumas from my undergrad years of college. Every day, from Monday through Friday, I would come across this geeky White Male, Asian Female couple that would sit on the bench right outside the college hall. They would be smooching and holding hands like some sort of high school, puppy love cartoon. The worse part of it all, is that the girl and guy would attend some of my classes. Right and before the classes would start, either him or her would have to kiss each other before the class would begin. When the class was over with, they would see each other after class. It was even more embarrassing to see both of these motherfuckers holding hands and walking to the cafeteria together. Even at awkward times, fucking holding the door for them was worse.

I was madly jealously. I really did like his Chinese girl. She talked to me a couple of times. I even told her, “I like your hair.” I could of been like Roosh V, and stole his girl.

Meanwhile, this guy would not say a word in class. I believe he had a speech impediment or something. I could not understand who was in control of the relationship. …The girl, or the guy?

These two kids, who I will not speak their names, “yellow-pilled” me to understand that there was a greater nature in the company of Asian women.

The boy was an obvious oribital. He was the president of the video game club, and his girl, an actress for the theater club. …I like to think that the relationship was manufactured.

But for this couple, are they really “having the time of their life?” I have analyzed Erik Erikson’s psychosocial narrative and suggest that it has played a signifiant influence in the millennial generation. Everyone wants to believe they are a protagonist to an anime, ironically, that no one is watching. The Orbital and his Chinese girlfriend is no expectation.

…Now is this relationship a good thing?

From the looks of it, everyone who is red-pilled hates the Orbital and his cucky actions.

Going down the list, we have,

1. Plays video-games

2. Asian girlfriend

3. Speech problems

4. Wears geeky or “nerd” clothing

5. Never speaks in class

6. Arrogant position in a meaningless club

7. Never looks you in the eye

…and so forth.

We might say that this Orbital is part “of a phase” and that “he will grow out of it.” That maybe, he will be red-pilled when he discovers “the truth” about the pre-socratic world. Namely, if he wants to do good in society, he has to become like The Golden One.

…But for all we know, he could be really pathetic in his entire life. He will marry his Chinese girlfriend and start the process all over again.

…I am very critical of the undergrad college today, as it has became a Disney-World vacation resort for late teenagers and early twenties to “experience life” and to let them “roleplay” out situations that they might do in the professional world. Ironically, when they gradauted at 22, the world IS NOTHING like college. The dark truth is that their young life has been swindled by an experienced and lying capitalist (namely, your Cultural Marxist professor and advisor) and are brainwashed with fantasies at a critical part in their social development. The system wants you to be a good consumer. To counter these claims, the college passively promotes “college dorm parties,” “drugs,” and “sex orgies” to make a student more “experienced” in the savage, decadent, guilt-ridden world we call “reality.”

For more information on the topic, pick up Aaron Cleary’s book, Worthless.

As for the Orbital and his harmless (and quite chubby) Asian girlfriend, what should we do with them?

…He’s really a harmless guy after all. He’s just trying to find authenticity. He’s in the pursuit of “the good life.”

But why is his life cringy and quite problematic for every fashy goy that looks towards self-improvement, and eventually Imperium?

The history of relationships and dating in the Western world is a hard one to explain. But I can best describe the problem, by a man name of Percy Shelley, who thought it was okay to write a “Hymn to Intellectual Beauty.” It was that a lover should be judge on “what’s inside” that counts. Later on, Shelley’s artistic expression was later turned into a science by John Stuart Mill. His essay, “The Subjection of Women” is an analysis and experiment to create a perfect, white woman based upon “intellectual beauty.” Give it another century, and we now have rampant feminism and the tragedy of the sexual revolution. As said by F. Roger Devlin in his book, “Sexual Utopia in Power,” it wasn’t men’s sexuality that was liberated, it was the women’s.

Our horrible dating system today is based solely on the ideal of “preferences.” If the guy has a six-pack, is a Christian, a lumberjack, and never swears, and yet his hair is brown and NOT blonde, it is therefore a woman’s right not to date him. She won’t even know what is actually good for her. You can thank the power of feminism and the sexual revolution for such a folly.

This outrageous “dating prejudice” has created terrible relationships between white men and women. Men are flocking towards Asians, and women are being picked up by black guys.

We hate the socratic lie of reality. The liberal establishment is failing. We known that the Orbital and his Asian girlfriend is only a mere byproduct of what is going on. Should we feel shame for him, or should we make him our mortal enemy?

That is the very reason why I wrote The Proud Beta Male, is because a good and honest relationship is open with a good communication. There is no mind games, body signaling, or meta abstractions to know beforehand or improve upon a relationship. This in return, has created the Manosphere and pick-up-artist collective. Why should we try and learn “game?,” when the best girl knows a man by heart? It should be straight forward like a “yes or no” question.

I believe that Asian women, and as well other non-white girls who are ignorant of the Western world, make the best wife in these days of the Kali Yuga.

So when I see Orbital and his Asian girlfriend, not only do I get jealous, I would of liked to have a relationship what Orbital has. The problem is that I disavow the new-cuck and pussy liberal behavior of the Orbital. I will go so far to say that he doesn’t deserve to sit in the halls of Xanadu, doing absolutely nothing but consuming and promoting the liberal regime.

The Orbital needs to get yellow-pilled. It’s how Asian-Aryans are made.

And chances are, he probably didn’t get the girl. It was the fat Chinese girl that had daddy issues and was looking to get with him to fulfill her bitchy complaints.

RAMZPAUL said in one of his videos, “What do you call a man who apologizes if he makes a mistake? -an honest man. Now what do you call a man who apologizes even if he has committed no mistakes? -a boyfriend.

The Proud Beta Male is unapologetic. He likes himself and is nothing like The Golden One. He is Ronnie Martin, composing futuristic electronic music for a utopian society. His intentions are pure. He is “pilled” on every subject you can think of. And it’s fine for him to act intellectual as well as to be a good guy that has a lot to give. He isn’t selfish or pathetic. He is a good guy that everyone looks up to and is a role model. He is your friend and open to talking anytime. He is an Übermensch for a new Golden age.

…And quite possibly, he could be an Asian-Aryan.

Middle-Class Midget Martian Asian Girls

I through with them completely.

When I was a teenager, I would bawl my eyes out, go down on my knees, and begged to be a good friend of these types of closet-lesbian Asian girls.

I’m a man now. I don’t bow down to racially-confused dwarfs.

But a few years ago, when I was in band, and on the cross-country team, and when I looked like some dumb prop from Degrassi, I loved these Martian-looking Asian girls.

What’s not to love? At first sight, they come off as a candidate for a honest housewife.


They are ugly, little, insignificant, tom-boy acting, 5-foot, kindergarten, Americanized, fucking GOOKS with glasses.

“Oh well… Beauty is the the eye of the beholder!”

As Jonathan Bowden once said about the “pagan ethics,” to paraphrase, “The smarter you are, the more beautiful you are, the more stronger you, compared to the inverse, that is, the more dumber you are, the more uglier you are, and the more weaker you are!”

And oh my! How ugly these girls really are both the inside and outside!

I use to text these girls daily like an honest boyfriend constantly would. I hoped they could still love me for who I was. I wish they would text me in my time of need. …Not to call myself pathetic, but I was fooled. These girls are fucking manipulators.

These ponytail coddlers act like their polar opposite, the typical bimbo cheerleader. These middle-class martians play mind games, act upon body signals, and are into meta abstractions upon dating. They layer themselves with this nice facade of being caring and loving. …Don’t fall for it.

These types of Asian girls (I don’t even want to call them “Asian,” since they are byproducts of “Asians in America”) act like they got a pair of fucking tits to judge people with!

The more uglier you are, the more stupider you are!

The best girl I ever out with, and lost connections with, loved me for who I was. This girl cared about me AND HAD A NICE PAIR OF TITS. Chinese, of course! She was beautiful, and I owned her. We were both beautiful, honest, and intelligent beings that gravitated towards one another.

And then when you start to think that you have a better chance with a gook-ugly girl, you might think to yourself, that you have an advantage because you got the money, and you look like a remarkable, healthy, white Aryan. Any little gook girl would want to be with an Aryan prince, right?


Ugly girls like ugly guys. They have zero experience and uphold NO social values when it comes to be treated with respect or chivalrous care. These little fuckers think it’s “sexist” when you hit them up!

I tried dating this one Korean SJW girl… I really did! She was nice and everything. The thought about her makes me pissed-off now. With my goggles taken off, I just see a little middle-class martian that has no right to be around me. She won’t even respect me for being a good guy. Why? Well, because I don’t apply for her “preferences” that she might have. To her, I’m a “creeper” and a “stalker” (with a fucking lean body and strong arms, really?), and that I “say mean things.”

If he texts you, you better fucking text back, or we will cry and get nervous if you don’t. Don’t leave us hanging on a cliff! We are not out to kill you. Any guy texting you wants to start a relationship. Is it a “yes” or “no” to you? If “no,” please, give me some time. We really love you. But seriously, you don’t even know your own fucking self. Any man, and I mean ANY man, can play “game” on you and “wife” you up. Was it your choice in the matter? No. It wasn’t. It was you being a fucking bitch and making men-woman relationships even worse. Thanks for promoting feminism and the manosphere game culture, fucking little gook girl.

Most of these video-game playing nerd girls hypocritically have ugly-ass white boyfriends. They don’t even have a college degree or a trust-fund. They work their ass off and wage-cuck at a 711 or some low-life indirect sales position. …Ha, and you think I like the “working-class?” Sounds like the slave mentality to me.

I’m a supreme gentlemen. You should be fucking grateful I find you attractive, even masturbating to you before bed. Every genuine guy does that. You have no fucking clue what you really want.

I am advocate of Asian-Aryanism. I really am. I like when guys have Asian girlfriends and nice Asian guys have white girls. However, there can be no alliance or collective with these new-cuck, bipolar closet-lesbian, Martian girls, with their fucking gross-ass, Call of Duty, Magic: The Gathering-playing Asshat, which we call her empowering “white boyfriend.” Fucking gross dude. This is the shit we are against.

Bitch, I tried to yellow-pill you, but you just don’t get it. You want to live in the white man’s world of “multicultralism and diversity.”

For fucks sake, I’m pretty sure having sex with Margret Cho is superior compared to your ungreatful pussy.

Most white guys, and black guys, fucking date-rape most Asian girls and have their bastard babies. All those mommies go into a fit and pretend it’s a new and stable family. Come on. You don’t have a say in that relationship.

How dare you disobey your strict, Confucius parents. Mom and Dad both want the best for you. Sure, they want you to marry in your own race, but if you really were healthy, you would go full on Imperium and choose the best white boy to go out with. Not that faggot you met in Photography class, lives in a dirt-shit apartment, has the cash, but fucking lies to you while you like to believe “he’s your guy.”

Fuck you, you little gook. Your fucking going out with a new-cuck and accepting the tragic fate which white nationalist call “oven worthy.”

And say back to me,“your such a stalker and a weirdo for saying all these things. Your a hater.”

…You just don’t fucking get it, do you? You hang out with my friends like it was one big narrative since our elementary school days. You take fucking selfies and claim everyone is your friend. When anyone wants to be open with you, you choose your friends to be open with.  I fucking apply to be your boyfriend, and I am still not good enough for you because I don’t like the same gay anime your watching.

Bitch, I lift weights and rock out to Xiu Xiu. I’m a Eurasian-American Hipster with huge pride and accomplishments you fucking wish you had. You should be asking for my trust-fund money, my degrees, and my social connections.

I will admit I have low self-confidence, but it doesn’t give you the fucking right to shit on me and say “seek therapeutical help.”

Your the one that sees me in the mall and runs away like a little insecure bitch. Cheating on me, hanging out with your wayyy cooler, now fucking ex-boyfriend, who plays Smash Bros and acts like a PC-little faggot.

Your the all the same. You think I’m some kind of stalker. I’m come to church with a nice plaid shirt, I shaved, yeah, and then you hide in the corner. Like your running away from me!

Do you have any morals?

You are all the same.

I was going to write something about “Middle-Class Asian-Aryans,” but all of them are non-redeemable and don’t deserve my support. All of them are race-mixing, low-energy fucking degenerates, ultimately controlled by the Jews who don’t care about you.

Those of you who find Asian-Aryanism beneficial are my true friends. Those of you who are the “new-cucks” need to get purge in the coming ethnostate race war.

Sorry for sounding like William L. Pierce, but this is the truth.

You little Middle-class Martian Midget Asian-American Girls fucking disgust me. Awkward handjobs, disgusting dog-slobbering blowjobs, flat-chested, insecure, full of daddy issues, …hell, I’m through with all of you. Your just like white girls. That’s what you really are. A bunch of bitchy white girls that are Asian.

None of you ever gave me a chance. Even when I come back to you, even when I sent out another text, you still think I’m some kind of stalker or a creep. Cry and tell this to your ugly-fucking beta boyfriend.

Fuck you bitch. If I hit a woman, it’s going to be you.

…Huh, as a post-script, this  sadomasochist race-play is turning me on. No wonder why most of you little gook girls like to be dominated by a white guy.

Whatever. True Asian-Aryans have beautiful and kind Asian women of the red sun. This is all about purging degenerates. No new-cucks allowed.

Thursday, May 4, 2017




The cocnept of the line. 


What are lines? What is the meter? The sylabal count? 


What is the sound of the words? Verse, how do you see it as an image? 


…see this collection of sentences?


I took the line breaks out! how can you break the line of the poem?


did you reaarange the poem in your own break?


Darkling I listen; and, for many a time

I have been half in love with easeful Death,

call’d him soft names in many a mused rhyme,

to take into the air my quiet breath;

now more than ever seems it rich dies,



…The poem is by Keats! Keats did something different. HE SPACED THE LINE BEFORE THE WORDS STARTED. You, made it like a hiaku, she, made it like a longer poem.


But the original poem, has spacing in the beginning of the poem. Keats messes with the concept of the line. 


Ode to a Nightengale by John Keats. 


Once you caught the rymth, 


…for you can pick it out by phase. 


iambic sylabals. Japanese. 




If “pain” dosent rymth, we should recognize that the syallbas match.


Lets look about another poem. Where the syllabus are diffenrt. 


Breaks can be hidden, or they can be open. Should the idea be open in a single phrase? Or, should the information be concealed, and be a cliff hanger? 


Shifting sand snow dunes




Shifting sand snow 




Spacing can make you feel a sense of meditation of “space” of thinking about the concept of fine art. 


Remember, poetry, either it can be  lyrics to music or fine art. When has potrey been used as a straight forward lanauge? 


An Octopus by Marianne Moore


Moore experts ideas from national park brochures. She quotes or “cuts up” and uses “poor man plagaism.” 


Iamges using word as fine art on a war. Imagine if her poem was printed on a piece of paper, and sold in a gallery. What does the viewer see? Art?



Imagine poetry with no breaks! Think of it, like a “wall of text.” IS it still art?


How do you break it? Do you leave it alone? Is it rambling of English? What is it? How do we contrast the image, prose, and sound? Does it have one thing and not the other? OR does it have everything? Who is defining poetry and what is going on? 


Beauty by B.H. Fairchild. 


Imagine his poetry in one big prose. A wall of text. What is it? A Disgusting comment. Or fine art? 


Five beats. 


What is Seamus Hanley’s translation of Beowulf is like? Does that ever break with the Anglo-Saxon langauge. 


hand and foot, Venturing closer,

his talon was raised to attack Beowulf

where he lay on the bed; he was beating in

with open claw when the alert hero’s

comeback and armlock forestalled him uttery.



How do we operate words? Does a poem have to make sense the way its broken up the way it is? OR is it totally separate? 


Do we oppose something upon the words, or do we chisel the words and find the aesthic groove? What kind of games can we play it? 


The poem… can it be the shape of something? A picture of something. Can the words make that picture? Arranging the letters in different and cool ways. 



Deep autumn and the mistake occures

the plum tree blossum, twevle blossums

on thre differnt branches,

which for us,


means nothing this coming spring

or perhaps none

on just those beaches on which just now


a grey-gold migratory bird

—still here?—crisping, 

multiplying the wrong air,

shifting branches with small hops,

then stilling—very

still—breathing into this oxygen

which also pockets 

my looking hard…



See how she broke the poem in her own way, from the original wall of text she had to comfort? 


Single phrases, routining phrases, single words, cliffhaning words. What should you do? 








Embodies by Jorie Graham


Long lines and then short ones. Why does she do it. She wants you to focus all your thoughts on one big line, but then glancfully, as your skimming through it, focus on the short lines.


Again, this is a battle between “Attentive” vs. “Passive” reading. 


Deconstruction = Passive

Academic and logical = Attentive



Sea Change by Jorie Graham - Poems.



When somebody speak poetry, treat the speaker as an intrsument. Is it good hear the person speaking the poem? This will bring the topic of “Poetry Slam.” 


How do you distinguish the words between the speaker and devoted of him or her? 


Does your perception change when you hear poetry by a grumpy old lady, vs a beautiful young girl? And a masculine sneaky man?


Think of poem books as musical compistions. Verse, thinking about poem books as coffee table comic books / fine art galleries. 


Avoid yourself from reading the poem like a intructive lanauge. Think of it as a flow.


Contrast it with E.E Cummings and Jorie Graham. Cummimngs is playing with grammar and punctuation. Graham is playing with how we are reading the text and compromising. 


Poets, unlike artist, can control your mind abusing and explotiing logical language.


…Now, can you latch on to the poetry? Should you understand it? Do you get the aesthics that is being used? Text is used as paint, not words. 



Moore’s very image and stylish good sound words. Looks good, sound good, feels good.