Monday, November 7, 2016

Brett Stevens (typing in the dark)


I was reading Brett Stevens again. friend found out about him. He has a new book about Nihilishism coming out shortly. I read once in a while. 

(I don't have my glasses on. I can'y see the keuboard ot tyje letters I am punching in. It is a figgrtny erxperince. That way, I am writing based on feeling, not logic. I am like Wynham Lewis when he went blind... Should I learn dvorak or colemak when i am ay oy? Ot ,ight be better for the blind type writer. Right nowm, I am nlinf hitting on imaginary mallets. It's quite fun!) 

I kisy read a Syevens article titled "You are a orduct." Rhis really felt good. It is something i would write about, but Stevens said it in a better word choice. Syevens argues thar bloggers are not meaningful, but products ri a narjett. 

No noe has meaning anymore. Stevens suggest taht we should abandon the interent and start writing priviatley again. This is the only authentic voice we can gave. I really feel the Salinger and Talk Tlk in Syevens. This is something I want to do too. 

My goal is this. Take thr Freewrite writings of May, June July and AAgugust and compile a personal lulu book of my writings and call it “diary summer 2016." This would be the wright thing to do. O dont care about spelling and or grammer. That comnes later... wgen i find my glasses. Wrioting is raw withoiut editing. So i will countinue to do that. 

Hey. Maybe I should write more often with my glasses off. I need to discplinee myself not to look ay yhe keubaord or the screen itself. I
shoudl only know that i have written an paragraph and end a sentence. Maybe look straight ahead abd think about thing with i pun ch the kkeys. I want to speaks into an aydui recorded and then the audio is translated into text. Yes. I need to teach my ingers how to do that. Without stop or pause. Pausing kills writing. I need to be very unapolgetic. 

Stevens also argues taht the world needs more editors, not writers. We live in the information age and already have enough writers to begin with. It is a matter of getting the text and editing to make sense of it. 

A four year old could yell a silly and dumb tyale of "aze cop" only then that his older brother willl edit the story to make it sound like Shakespere. The world needs more ditors! 

Writing is mostly nonsense. The edited thoguht is what counts (kill the niggers kill the jews race war now gas the kikes 18/44) 

I feel for poor Lewis when he was blind. He had a clipboard and a penicl, would write the papers and they would fall on the floor. His wife would pick them up anf edit them later. Hlad this machine can justtype and send into a single file. 

So thats the goals. I will keep writing private thoughts until the end of August and when the job internship is over. 

I am still happy I got the job. Still regreting not going into today. Maybe it was the right choice to take 3 days off. Who knows? What If i am hypinv things up too much? 


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