Friday, November 4, 2016

White women are the problem.


White women are the problem. 

Is that sexist? No. It's not. This is a criticism. 

The cliche is that straight, religious, white men are the problem. No. They got it all wrong. 

White women are the problem is because they are failing to reproduce with their signifcant other. This is a dilberate action. 

Ironically, it was thier white men that gave them the power to doubt them. 

All out of pursuit of "Intellectual beauty." I blame Percy shelley, John Stuart Mill, and Huge Heffer for these crimes. 

Dosen't that mean then white men are actually the problem? No. Not nessicary. It's a point a view. 

White women are not strong enough to see through the lies of their husbands. White women are natural cowards for power. I see it run through my own family. 

Other white families know what I am talking about. 

I think the selfishnis h really began around 1900 and is at it's climax today. So we have one hundred years of egotism and individualism. 

When we ask non-whites to be individuals, we are really asking them to be white. 

Individuals as in, individualism. As in, white peopleism. 

In no way do I mean the word "white" as in "facist." Your jewish professor would want you to think that way. 

I mean "white" as in, Pan-european people. The American people. Us. I, speaking a Pan-Eeuropean person. 

(Digression: Andrew Fraser, author of The WASP Question, wrote about how the Alt-right and the rising tide of new white nationalism, is really about self-idenitfing with being "White, Anglo-Saxon, Proteston." However, this is not a true idenity. Irish-American, German-American, French-American, are true idenities. A mish-mash idenity, like WASP, is a rootless and confused foundation. the Alt-right and White Nationalism must address and established a concrete idenity. Otherwise, the WASP issue is a new form of egalatarisim. There must be French, German, Irish as a creed). 


There is something about white idenity that makes as prone to 1. pathalogical alturism, 2. sympathy 3. emotion 4.intellectualism 5. arrogance 6. individualism, and a slew of other things poorly defined. 

These vaules all collide together and create the school of thought we know today. 

I really believe Marxism was something prone to white people. Something about it makes it so white. The idea that we can live a life based upon the "mind" and not by nature. We always wanted full control of our own lifves. 

But it is, this school, called "femnism" which is really perverted. It started out as women becoming good mothers. This is healthy, yes? Somehow, it became a religion to become Marxist. I really don't how it came to that conculsion, but what I can tell, that is a sign of cowardice. 

Feminism is not the problem, no. The problem is the people who make it happen. The drivers in the car. White women. 

Don't I sound like some kind of rightgous leftist?
White women need to know how to be good women.
This is advice. Not, "mansplaining."
(It is so easy for anyone to become a victum and the opponent, a opressor). 

The reason that the white population is falling is because white women are not reaching out enough for white men. Some are, I agree. The most normal white women will. That is a good thing. 

But is this innate charertistic of white women that fall short agiasnt the average white man. 

White women, like to believe they are princesses. They are looking for a prince charming in thier life to take them away, and pay them everything. A prince will buy them a house, a trip around the world, new clothes, and new friends to meet. 

And the n the divocre papers come. The man is left alone sad. The woman starts it all over again. 

We think we "grown up." Brain Aldiss once said that we are nothing more than kids dying each day. Adult are the dead corspe of children. To live everyday, thinking it is a progressive ladder till the top. In reality, we just learned how to speak, what not to do in society, and how to control our behvaior. We became victums of society. We should be like animals! 

White women don't like lower white men to apporach them. They find it offensive that there are "creeps" and nerds. 

How the hell am I suppose to be myself around a woman that will respect me? It's just not possible. 

The Manosphere is the answer agiasnt white women. The Manosphere is femnism for men. Strange. 

The Manosphere belives in something called "GAME." It is a philosphy and logic for dating other white women. White women, thye like X, Y and z. They prefer their man to be A, B, C. 

Dating, something which is so natural among animals, has became an intellectual "thinking about thinking" to earn sex and eventual wife. 

It is a warzone. 

Greg Johnson claims corrupts men. I agree too. White men should not follow GAME. If they really want white women, hoever, I would adovacate GAME. 

Who want's white women anyway? When white men can have all the non-white girls they want! 

Non-white girls are naturally intone with nature. They are like animals, ready to revieve a mating call by a confident man. 

White women call this behavior "sexist." Losers. 

White women are jealous of white men that date non-whites. They celebrate diversity and multicultrualism, but when they see their man dating alien... it must be "racist." 


The duty of white nationalism is to reproduce with other whites. How will this be possible, if white women are so prude agaisnt white men? 

It was the white man's fault for creating a creature that fits his liberal desires. However, the blame agaisnt ourselfs is not right. Most white men are white nationalist by heart. They just don't want to admit it. 

To earn a white girl, means to dress up in a suit and tie, work in a cublic  job, watch sports, don a dick-head haircuit, talk deeps, and look like a stupid fuck white male jsut like everyone else. 

White nationalism dosen't need the suburban football coach or the dumbass track and field jock. 

Unfortunaley, when looking for supporters, I guess these consumers would do. Well, I don't want to be assicated with other white men who are normies. 

Back to Andrew Fraser, he's right! I am Irish-French-Polish-QuterJew American! That is my idenity! 

If I had a choice, I am Irish American. The genes I have made that right. I can't argue agaisnt that. Talking abd writing is from my French side, playing board games and being lazy is the polish side, and me being a
crazy, deconstruction culture-destroying self is my jewish side. Can those things all work out? 

I tried white women, they are just fucking boring and hateful. I mean, they want sex all the time. Sex is OK. But I don't get love. I get this pushy, "I want to be a suburban mom but I want to act like a princess" behavior instead. 

Women are not the probelm. White women are. It's that simple. 



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