Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Glenn, that dickhead.



Just got back from a fancy Mexican resturant with brother. It cost $65.00. I paid for the tip of $6. I had a coke. Not like me. It was ok. Too much 

. I can feel the drug effect now. 

And then I bitched about Glenn and his shitty game stroe all the way back in the car while Drake was driving in Vally Forge park at sunset. 

Mad. Turns out Doomtown is done for. August 2014 - August 2016. A good two years. Makes me want to meditate on that thought. I kind of knew the game would not last long. Maybe Fantasy Flight will ressurect the game oon en 

ough. Maybe. I sold my collection for $40! I need to buy it back for $150! Arrrghhhh! I should store it in a safty chamber and never open them again 

. Yes. It might be worth it. I get ideas how I would make my own CCG and release it like how Doomtown did it. Awesome. I know it can work out. 

Also, this dumb Pokemon Go thing thats going on. I hate it. Never liked Po kemon. I think I want to write out a 2000 word hatred for the game. Sum it up like this: Millinials get froced with Japanese products from the future, believe white idenity is like the Japanese, now have access as adults to drive cars, choose to go places and social outings for a socially akwar d concept. Not social at all. Mentally retarded and an escape from realit y. I can think about it more. But anyway, I always hated pokemon. So what ? Fuck them. 

I boguht two records today from Shady Dog. 1. Newcleus - Jam on it, and Ki taro - Asia. Cost me $11.50. When I was shuffling around for recordes, th e manager brought over cheese and spinach square pizza. He said, "hey! you 

want to try a bite? It's really good! you won't regret it!" I came in fo r a slice and slowly ate the thing while I check the Alphabetical listing s. I ask the Jewish guy, "No David Bowie Low?" He said, "I saw it a F.Y.E , it's a reissue!" I then looked over for Depeche Mode. Nothing much. Some 

great reward is still there. Tons of erasure. I just won't but it for some great reward is still there. Tons of erasure. I just won't but it for some reason. The Robert Fripp records haven't moved either. I tried looking f or Talk Talk It's my Life, coulnd not find it. Even though the website ha d it listed. I was going to go for Radiohead's new album on white lp. Too expensive. $32. Nope. I remember finding a Nitzer Ebb record too. I didn' t want to try it either. And there was The clockwork Oranbge Soundtrack, Switched on Bach 2, and Lord of The Rings jazz band. I would get that recor d if there were any electronics on that. My choices were made up and I bo ught the records.

I thought about going back to Sam Ash and buying another midi controller. Let's see. I have to go feed Alice's fishes, maybe go to board game night tommorrow at West Chester, clean room... The table seemse to be getting b igger. I really need to clean. 

I am getting happy for the first time in a while. I am not focusing on college at all! I just have to go forward and be an ani mal ready to go out for buisness war. Enough discpline will turn me into a crime-breaking corporate CEO. Hell yeah! That's what I want to be! 

(wow, first time I check the special button and I reached 600 words again. like I am so natural to hit 600 everytime). 

Thinking of bad thoughts now. Let see. I'm in the car with Car. A funny It alo-disco tune comes on. I try to make the point that Italo is about melod y and less about drum machine. Kevin buts in and tries to shoot me down. I clearly repeat myself and explain the house music, a more underground and lower-class genre oif the time, relied on exploitation of the drum machi ne and was anti-musical. Italo disreagarded house and saw the drum machine and anti-music. That's it in a nutshell. We went quite for a bit, picked the hairs of my belly. Went into the Mexican restruant. 

I shaved my belly and pubic hairs. I feel better. And my dick feels bigge r. 

I talked to Kesly in a first time in a while. I think i will be meeting him again on August 19 or the 20th. Exciting. Lulu book will be done by th en. 

I need to make a song in reason where i automate the TB303 with my new midi controller and make some drum patterns. Also have to looking into a US B mic controller. I want to sing again. I hope I get the best out of my 3 0 day free trial of Reason. 

Need... To... clean... room... UGGHHH. 


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