Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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I turned off the black light now. Typing at 4 in the morning. Farting and cannot go nack to sleep. 

So, a lot jas jappen since thince. I don't know where to begin. I.. 

I feel writing in QWERTY is taKksd jj a yoll on my finbgers. I need to le arn colemak. 

Too tired to write and i can't see a word. I don't want to turn on the lig ht again... 

Ok, it's on again. This time I can't see the keys! And if the screen if o gg, I can't see tthe screeb! I am doomed either way. TYhat's why I wanted 

a night light or just learn colemak. ....Waiting on Colemak stickers too. 

I didn't eat much yesterday. Pasta for breakfast at 2, lunchable at 6, sh it too. I should eat fruit this morning. 

Collin want's me more over at his house at 12. Great. Not no sure If I do want to go. 

I had a dream about a messy room. Piss everywhere and dirt. Mad and scre aming. This is usually been happening in my sleep when I take a 10m Milla tonin. 

I had to wrtie because I thought about two things: 1. CCG defintions and 2 . The Ego Charachter and social narrative. I am coming very close to a ne w world view based around psycjology. As for CCGs, I have to write down m y board game / Netrunner career. 

Also, I should print out files abd put them o nthe usb stick. Just to be o n the safe side. 

Wow. I am finally touch tyoubg wutgiiyt care if nessubg yo wirds. Thanks Freewrite. Typing has became an uapoletic sport. 


Now to increase WCPM.
Too tired. Jave to go back to sleep. 00000 

Sent from my Freewrite 


-Today is my Dad's birthday and Carl Schmitts. I remeber last year the sam e thing occured and when I realized both my Dad and Carl Schmitt were born 

on July the 11th.

So... the itnernship. I did learn a lot. I can say that. And... So muc wh en on that, I lost my daily writing interest. I have to learn to get back 

to it. 

Also, I have been "unlearning" typing in QWERTY and noe trying to learn C OLEMAK. This is going really slow and actully distracting me. The more I learn Colemak, the less I write in QWERTY. Is this damaging to my writing 

Let me turn on COLEMAK on the Freewrite and see what I can write... today i write in colemak. my wordcount is slow. 

So yeah. That single sentence written above took me at least tow mintues in colemak. I am going in snails paste. Somehow, I have to discpline myse lf to learn colemak while at the same time, write a sentence or two in co lemak! THis is hard. Especially that I can just write things in QWERTY mus t faster and quicker. 

But why swtichy to COLEMAK if QWERTY does a fine job to begin with? 

First, after writing 6000 words about how to write a gamebook, I felt a st rain with my fingers or my wrist. I don't want this to countniue. I find i t quite akward too that the word "TYPEWRITER" is on the first line of the keyboard! As if, I am punching in keys I really shouldn't be learning to punch in the first place! I like looking down on the keys, yes, but, typin g should come so natural, that my fingers should not leave the home row an d be dsicpline to type like spider legs. 


I just thought about my book plan. Early May to Late August, I should comp ile my first Freewrite files, gamebook doc, and omegle sex roleplay, and 


ile my first Freewrite files, gamebook doc, and omegle sex roleplay, and compile it into a book. That would be the most perfect journal! That thoug ht just occured to me. Three weeks off the Freewrite and I feel like I ha ve shot. How will I be able to work a full-time job and still have an hou r in the night to write what I want? That must be accomplished. The Veriz on job was terrible. It felt like abuse. No matter. Keep looking straight 

ahead and let the past go (Joy Electric). 

My QWERTY hands are strange. I can look at the screen and know what words I am writing. But, my hands have strange movement. I never learned to "to uch type" under QWERTY. I don't want to start, because I would rather touc h type using COLEMAK. I still need to learn the words of Colemak... 

Yes. I have $1050 in the bank and waiting on an extra $100 from this one guy. My brother keeps pushing me to buy some stupid musical instrument. I thought about it. I really don't want to now. It's better just to save the 

moeny for later. I have power, but I like having that! Buisnesses don't care how people feel. In the end, they want my moeny to feel good about t he money they saved. Buisnesses exploit people's desires and get high off 

the money they make. The number 1 rule to any buisness, don't spend any m oney. Save it! And for the consumer, don't spend money! No transaction is ever "worth it." Only the electric and water bill, food, and homing is im portant. The rest makes life better. The best way to spend money is on th e improvements of one natural and healthy life. Not consuming. 

Everything is so topsy-turvey that people don't care. College is not even a safe transaction any more. Money spent is money lost. 

My $460 was worth it on this Freewrite. I really needed a typewriter. Bre aks everything from the millinial and computer establishment. I feel free 

from the "pyscho-socilaist" and "narrative" based life of the "similacrum ." 

This keyboard might as well a similacrum too. However, I am making sure I suffer some kind of pain while I'm on this. 

Let's see. I know what I have to do.
1. Clean downstairs corner. Get things off desk, move them upstairs in roo m.


3. Clean my upstairs book shelf. Move the science fiction books on the gro und and into the new books cubbies. Move outdated game boxes back into the 

4. File unused netrunne rcards back into the folder. Move Mineo Maya books 

off table and into book cubby.
5. Make sure nothing is on the ground in my room! 

I have been son lazy because I quite enjoy the surroundings of the thigns on my table. But being clean gives a new surrouding. 

Also, I have to get the printed out word discpline paper and move it upsta irs. I have to look at that again to get inspired. 

I only have two arts and crafts over the summer. Writing on this Freewrit e, and making music with the TR-8 and two TB-3s. I have made a couple of tracks online at www.soundcloud.com/kingtrode. 

Yet, when August comes, I will have to move the drum machine and synths ba ckl into the boxes in the closet of my room. I can see it. And eventurall y... sell them? Not sure. I like them a lot. But music really is a "renta l" thing. I only buy things to rent them and give them away to other peopl e in use of them. That's sounds like a significant life for the machines. 

I thought about buying a new computer. Not sure what I should do with it n ow. Make more music? Stupid. Play games? Maybe. 

Everyday, I've been seeing King Of Fighters 14 clips anbd I am getting mo re excited to go out and play the game. If only I got to see Penn every w eek. Or some kind of fighting game community. Some kind of King of Fighter s group. Arrrgghhh. New at least two friends... Kesley and Penn... to pla y the new Kof with. Come back! That scene at Montco was great! I miss it everyuday! Fighting games as a hobby is amazing. I wish I just had weekly 

acess to it. 

And then there is Netrunner. I took a break from it recently. I jsut bough t the last five packs of the Mumbad cycle. Glad it's complete. 12 more fu ture packs of Netrunner to go before it "cycles" out. That's when my Netrunner collection is complete. I might go see MAtt today and go play a game 

. ...If anyone shows up. And I have to make two decks! 

And then there is trips to the beach. I thank Hagey Bus tours. I feel so r elieved about it. Trips to the beach are amazing and refreshing. I'm not so sure the right words for that would be. But, I got money. So, a nice tr ip to the beach is fantastic. 

...Hungry. Will eat. Having thoughts about driving to Shady Dog Records an d pciking up Radioheads new album on vinyl. No. Spenindg money. Need food at the momenet... 


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