Friday, November 4, 2016

The Alt-Right is Wrong.


There is something wrong with The Alternative Right and White Nationalism in 2016. 

I dedicated my senior project for the Alt-right, so I should at least care about where it is going in the next five years. 

I'm afraid to write this, but, The Alt-right is becoming the new cultural Marxism. 

It's hard to blieve this. It's true. 

The first right-wing metapolitic was American "Conservatism." Thats William F. Buckley Jr. and his National Review publication. Conservatism was the 1950s. It worked well for about ten years. About 40 years later, we get cultural Marxism, which would be an innate Marxist and left-wing morality. The reason why this is failing, is because CM, and political-correctness, is the system. Americans are tired of playing a game they don't want to be referees for. It is why The Alternative Right, something that is so opposite and radical (a deep breath of fresh air) will replace it. 

However, ideology is like the seasons. Oswald Spengler explained it seasons. Life is seperated in four quaters and seasons. We are learning during the spring, the summer we have fun, autamn we start society, and winter we reflect. Marxism is reaching the dead of winter. Marxism had it's bright start, it's communist society, it's run of academia, and now it's end. Marxism is grandpa on the front porch, watching cars go by. 

The Alternative Right is in the summer. It is sexually awakened looking for a lover. Soon, when it finds the lover, it will settle down. Even Preisdent Obama, at Rutgers University, said that Rutgers will not be stopped by PC mayhem. As if, every American knows CM is a noose around their neck. Obama want's something to be done. 

When The Alt-Right grows up, they will all have the responbilite to take of their children. The golden age, which is now, is a dance. 

I feel like I don't belong on the dance floor. 

Our rewards for being "Alt-Right" is acting normal. Normal? I never was "normal." An interest in Nazism is not normal. It's intellectual. 

Are early-twenty millinials that interested in nationalism? Or, is it like being a juggalo? A costume for your favoirte rock group. 


This is how the new left won. It stormed the universites until marxism became morality. The Alt-right is storming popular culture, until everyone is an apologetic white nationalist. 

The Alt-right is like a pop-up ad. Should we click on it and accept the offer? Isn't there a way to cancel the upper-right hand corner and exit out? 

Media is like this too. Some much innocent people falling into guilt. When was a choice ever authentic? 

The Alt-right plan is to prozeltise people. That's it. 

On The Stark Truth, Alex Von Goldstein argued that Pepe the frog was the Alt-right meme. Pepe is anti-establishement. Normies will try and like Pepe. But Pepe will become Donald Trump. Pepe is a vechical that corrupts normies. Everyone will be normal and racist at the same time. 

I liked the Alt-right because I had an interest in the political right. I
am fascianted with Mussolini's fascism and the movements it has spawned. Today, everyone is interested in facism because our system condemns it. Back in the 90's, no one could talk about the far-right. 

The first thing that will happen if the Alt-right wins the culture war, is that white women will be wooed over. Women are sign of victory. Men start the movement, women follow. 

I'm afraid I am going to meet a white girl my age who pretends to be on the Alt-rgiht and has intrested in Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, and every Alt-right fad on Youtube. She is going to act pretencious and condemn those who disagree with her (the politically-correct, ironically). 

What makes this girl differnt from all the other white girls we have to face today? 

The Alt-right would woo over Third-wave Femnism into Alt-right Femnism. Nothing is accomplished. Just the culture has been won over. 

I liked the Alt-right because it sought to change the ethics of our soicety. To change ethics, according to the Alt-right now, is to replace the culture with theirs. 

I always wished for the big tit, blonde, dutch german girl serving me beer one night. You could talk to her about anything, and the only thing shes wants in the world is tto have kids and be a good mother. Perfect. 


Nope. The alt-right are a bunch of prentious college millinials who strive for "intellectual beuaty." The same mistakes that Percy Shelley, John Stuart Mill, and Marx made. A pathetic D-cup girl, that talks like a spinster library, and hates a majority of men but the men "who get her." 

I feel sorry for anyone who jerks off to that that every night before bed. This is why most white guys become gay. Not because "they were born that way," but because they hate white girls. 

I always wanted white Americans to become like the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Koreans. Not like them, no. No. I'm not talking about their anime either. If only we were an organic people that had a 90% white country, and catered politics and interest to ourselfs. Less violence. More security. high trust. 

The Alt-right dreams of this. But in return, they can't make this happen. So they dance in the post-modern shithole and agree with everything. The Alt- right wants tatoo sleeved girls and their hardcore punk. Pathetic. 

I always thought of myself as an Asian Studies student. Asian society has the best wisdom the West can learn from. We are lost in our own sin and constantly see the world through our own perverted lens. Asian studies helps clean the mind and realize their is a better world to live outside European consciouness. 

Nothing wrong with "european conmsciouness." But at this state of affairs, we need help from our brothers from the other side of the world. 

I am slowly drifting away from the alt-right because it is ironic and pretencious. Anyone can be apart of "the movement." Therefor, the real far- right movement has been dying all along. 

Slavjo Zizek was once an anti-communist. Then, he became a communist. Most say that this is a joke. That in reality, Zizek is not a communist, but is putting on joke. The only true communist is someone who pretends he is a communist. 

The Alt-right say they are "nazies" But really, there are no such thing as nazies anymroe and they would like to cahnge the conception of ta nazi by taking the name. 

But the poltical left and the right, are both dying. What is left, is remains of the utpoians systems, and both thoughts are fighting agiasnt each other. Ideology has forgoteen that it belongs to one people. 

White people made this. The left and right are the same thing. 

This is a petty conflict between what is just. At the moment, the left runs the insitution and the right is the underground. The left has failed because it has nothing to offer and the right has failed is because it mimics the left. This makes ense becuase, after all, the left made up the term the right and the right became aware of itself! 

I don't want to be apart of a pretenscious "youth" scene. Even the word "youth" as a toltarian twang to it. There is nothing natural about being ideological. "natural" as in ordinary. 

I am looking for religion and self-improvement. I don't want to be the black fish trying to eat the tail of the white fish. 

The alt-right is trying hard to become a normie party. The alt-right parties I have attended, everyone is at least scarred and damaged in a certain way. 

The Alt-right will fail once it becomes popular. 

Greg Johson wanted one thing with the Alt-right. "Everyone can do what they want, so as long white extinction is off the menu." I agree. However, "everyone can do what they want," as in, decadent culture? 

The 14/88 crowd is mad at the Alt-rgiht for good reasons. 

A healthy race is also a healthy society. Is it even possible for us, as a white race, to prompot the conservation of our race, and do all this crazy stuff we want too? 

The currents system is hurting a weaknees in us. Something is acting against us. Our own desires is working agianst us. We can't eat our cake and have
it too. 

I have lost hope in the Alt-right because it is decadent. We are have we there. We need to more innocent like than guilty. We can't act like the enemy to win him. 

white people can be themselfes without popular culture, ideology, or materalism. 

We need religion. 


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