Wednesday, April 19, 2017




Find your poetry magazines in the basement.


The words you choose. 


Write a poem about the following objects:


Four points (this)

Fire, Water, Wind, Earth.

Every stab it’s worth. 


Silver and unique (this)

Use to get the treat

Check to see if the meat

Is pink,

Hear, take a seat. 


The fork. 

An instrument 

That we invent


Most used as a boon

The poor little spoon. 



What are the different approches you have seen?


Using metaphors. One surrounds the objects, related around it. A relic of those moments, than trying to articulate what it looks like.



Fork by Charles Simic 


Read this poem is about a fork. Compare it to yours own observation. 


…What are the words that stick out at you?


“Cannibal.” “bleakness.” “Right out of hell.”


Strong words, allow the emotions, to gain more meaning, by contrast. The fork is bleak.


These are techniques you can apply to be a better artist. 


Word scientist word juggling. 




“What are some approches to write about a box?” 


Can you write a shorter poem about a box. More vivid and buzzing about the poem. Appearance, sensory, arousing… how can words do that as a reader to you? 


The poet reader is different from the average reader. THe poet reader is a viewer of fine art. He treats text as looking at fine art. 


What are different apporches might make it less about the box and more about aesthetics? 


A poem that will make a box that is present to use but leaves us with a specific feeling. What is that feeling you wish to convey to the observer? 


Try and feel the box. 



Shark tooth ribbon 

Compass of the north

Lavendar rug

Pointing to the south


That’s the secret.

Not what we known, 

But the esoteric images

Best bet, a treasure lays


Hidden in an ocean

Far off, 

On an island

With lot’s of sharks

And huts made of bark


The box is a key,

Of buried treasure 

Own by a lost Space cadet.



What are the images that you used?


What is the difference between adjatives and uses them in the world? 



An assorted collection of scabs picked off,

Smashed with a stick till the skin was soft,

Which his client drinker, and then fatally coughed. 

(dusty cup?)


Now, pick a poem from one of these books, choose / steal the words. And use them in a poem you made. Choose words. Cut and paste. 




seventy million



The city like a stone

dancer’s blood.



Life is not just sand and sun

for the crocdiles



a shadow stream.


(The penguin book of modern Urdu poetry. Selected and translated by Mahmoud Jama)


The Dancer’s blood

Soaked naked in the mud 

Majuranja smoke

The city is a stone


Our sins are condone

Life is not just sand and sun

Sex and games are always fun

For the crocodile,

Lives in a shadow stream. 






sky —











The crodile god

That killed seventy-million

As the hindu gods embraced, a lily

From the sky, 

down onto a toxic stream


The sea of lost souls.

Vanauble to those who

drink the water, as they will get sick

Of soar throat.


The inurasha of four marble 

Bonging after one another.


Do not disobey

The crocodile’s leisure

…Ribirth and resseurction.



The word selection created it’s own shape. Did someone use it in a word that you never used it before? 



John Hogson: Upon reading love letters


…You should also look into lounge twisters and incorpparate them into your own poems. 


Dylan Thomas - Poem on his birthday 




Poetry: Either clear, or is it dense… all words with meaning buried under it? 


The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe. Hidden meanings, words used out of context, narrative like a barque fantasy, but means something else. 


Lisa Garley - Box of Blue Horses


She used the same method… she couldn’t write anything… and she saw a box with blue horses on it… and heres the poem!


How simple poem design can be. The differnce between poetry written on the spot vs. poetry written as a collection of words that sound simulating and collecting. 



Samus Healy - Badgers 



Do drugs and read Finnigan’s Wake. 



Poets like talking about words and getting high off words. Like smells, tastes, seeing, hearing, it takes a certain perversion to be a poet. 



What is the feelings that the poet is trying to get across for the observer? Will the obersver actually “read” the text? Or is the text just pretty and aesthically pleasing? 



You next assignment: Use a notepad, or your phone, and record in your memo… a word you like. Collect these words. As your collecting these words, put them together to make a poem. 


Buy a small notebook. Use your phone. If you like the word “meandering.” Record it… and put it in a favorite word dictionary… or make a verse with it. 


(save your word bank file. send it through email.)



Wednesday, April 12, 2017






Sunset falls

A thosand windows

A building collaspe


Frog on a lillypad

Looks at a pond

Echos with wrinkles


The sky is blue

Tints to an orange

Fades away another day


Twenty windows

Look down upon

Two couples walking


Cars drive by

While people walk

In a new direction 


Three color markers


Boards of Canada


Tomorrow I will do something

And then 

go back to bed


The littlest number

From A to Z

I saw drones


Five fingers type

Words with pictures

Meaningless and Useless


The dog barks

At his owner

To go home


I forgot your name

Life is unfair

Nothing is real


Raindrops fall

on a red wheel barrel

That I didn’t write


Tomorrow’s Harvest

Is where 

The dead will reach



The Friendly Stranger

He said.  



Kobayashi Issei (Haiku writer)




The brown little dog. 

Three cats in a window.

-Are held togther 

-Pack together

-Wait for their owner

-Inside for the winter

-Waiting for the spring. 

Three cats

Brown dog

Waiting for spring



Poetry = Greek word that means “Making.”


The space between things, that you are making, makes a new lines, and concept. A new line with a picture. Another line with a new picture. New pictures following each other after one another. 



A Rooster Hen

Is envy with green 


Three concepts that follow on after another. 

Blinding rays

Warm breeze

Loud cars


——> Three images. A site. A feeling. And a noise. 


Observations. Of the echo system. Shifting through the echo system. 



Is bury, bury

Dead to me.


-Ron Sullivan 


Da Da 

Da Da 

Da Da Da


Also, take note of how the poem could also sound good as well. Swinburne. Shirley Shooks Swinful Sins. 


The way the speaker who is speaking the poem is also a musical instrument. The words that the speaker is speaking, is not a logical or systemic way of lanagage. 


If the poet speaks/sings, “go die,” he is not telling you to “go die,” as to kill oneself. He is rather expressing an emotion like to “go die.” 


The Death Ray 

Shoots through 

The breeze of Mars

Past Jetson cars


====> Rhyming is a techinuqe that can make the poem sound better. It’s not an applied rule. It’s a technique YOU MAY add your poem. 


When listening, focus on the way the poem is present. Then, reflect back how you feel when you heard. This is called “aesthetics.”


Listen to Ron Sullivan’s Xing. 


…You may want to look at a ryhming dictionary. 


…Play with words. That’s all your doing. It’s a game. A game because you are bored with the text. 



one cocoon

in the stone Buddha’s 




Ezra Pound


In a Station of the Metro

THe apparition of these faces in the crowd;

Petals on a wet, black bough.


(Americanized Poem)


The difference between those two lines. 



Darker Than Black

Something to Do 

Have a Black Celebration


I’m Waiting

For the night to fall

to makes things bearable


Motorcycles fall

Turning inside 

An infinite gash. 


(moving objects, instilled objects, ups and down tehcniques).



For three comics

I could be saving money. 


Green clouds

Around the bus

Going nowhere


I fall down endlessly

Down a red tube

And into a mircowave


Crying sorrows

Bleak well water 

Porno video 






For every time

You said the word “Microbe”

I deserve a quater 


60 second wipeout

The world ends 

Make my bed


Elliot Rogers 

LA Dogers 

Hob Goblin 


I ride down

Four trees

A big swastika 


…What is the discplene of poetry? What makes it aesthic? What makes it ugly?





In Kyoto,

hearing the cuckoo,

I long for Kyoto.


A complicated emotion to a simple experince. 

Keats - On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer. 


An expensive copy of a book they liked. 


A poem about their experince. 


Keats didn’t like Shelley.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Alphasmart Neo2 Test

Hello. So this is my first piece of writing with the AlphASMART Neo2. I dedicate this piece for Rabbit. Rabbit was intersetered in picking up the 3000. I will give my input on my first impressions writing. 


I am sitting in my living room looking at my puppy. She is eating scrambled eggs that my brother cooked for her. I am not sure whether I should look down on the LCD screen or should type looking forward. 


Testing… Testing out the the spacing. 






I don’t have the driver installed. It’s way too old for that kind of stuff. This machine is about 10 years old for the price of $22. 


I am quite comfratble using the Astrohaus FReewrite. But i might take this machine up as the homework killer and portable typewrite. I use my phone for internet surfing, and home computer for shitposting and watching videoss. THis machine is the  writing process. 


I have to learn more about that else this machine can do… I forgot that this machine has arrow keys.


Spell check? I won’t bother. The on/off button works fine. This Neo 2 came with a carrying bag. If the device is left on, or the power button is paused to too much, corrution can occur. Wait for the file to load and delete it. That’s what happened when i got this device. IT’s all fixed now. 


Let’s see… No use for the printer button. That is totally obsolete. The “find” button might be useful, to check for instances of repeietvie words. 


The “Home” button takes the cursor to the top of the page. The “End” button takes the cursor down to the end of the page. Way more useful then using the arrow cursors. “Applets” is not really useful. Maybe for a apps program. 


…Let me check the back of the device…


Hold on…


…”Neo automatically saves your text when your write things.” Ok. That’s good.


…Just watched an Alphasmart video on the topic of it’s function. The other function I find interesting is ctrl+O which is opening files. This device can save extra files for later… Not sure if i will use it for any beneficial purpose. 


…Now the last thing I have to find out if there is such a thing called a “word count.” I do bleive there is a “characther” out. This is important, since I want to focus on writing a least 2000 but nor more than 2500 words for a file (who knows?)


…Let me check on that.


…Crtl+W is the most important command. The word count. 430 words right now. 


Alright, so I think I got everythng covered on the Neo 2. 


This is a good device to get Rabbit, I can see it surpassing the Astrohaus Freewrite Already. Now I have to check file transfer speed. I have to plug in a USB cable and let it export the file into a textpad. 


Unlike the Freewrite, I press a button and it’s there. 


This thing might be a better choice than a freewrite. I can tell. 


This device will save you $450 bucks.