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Sunset falls

A thosand windows

A building collaspe


Frog on a lillypad

Looks at a pond

Echos with wrinkles


The sky is blue

Tints to an orange

Fades away another day


Twenty windows

Look down upon

Two couples walking


Cars drive by

While people walk

In a new direction 


Three color markers


Boards of Canada


Tomorrow I will do something

And then 

go back to bed


The littlest number

From A to Z

I saw drones


Five fingers type

Words with pictures

Meaningless and Useless


The dog barks

At his owner

To go home


I forgot your name

Life is unfair

Nothing is real


Raindrops fall

on a red wheel barrel

That I didn’t write


Tomorrow’s Harvest

Is where 

The dead will reach



The Friendly Stranger

He said.  



Kobayashi Issei (Haiku writer)




The brown little dog. 

Three cats in a window.

-Are held togther 

-Pack together

-Wait for their owner

-Inside for the winter

-Waiting for the spring. 

Three cats

Brown dog

Waiting for spring



Poetry = Greek word that means “Making.”


The space between things, that you are making, makes a new lines, and concept. A new line with a picture. Another line with a new picture. New pictures following each other after one another. 



A Rooster Hen

Is envy with green 


Three concepts that follow on after another. 

Blinding rays

Warm breeze

Loud cars


——> Three images. A site. A feeling. And a noise. 


Observations. Of the echo system. Shifting through the echo system. 



Is bury, bury

Dead to me.


-Ron Sullivan 


Da Da 

Da Da 

Da Da Da


Also, take note of how the poem could also sound good as well. Swinburne. Shirley Shooks Swinful Sins. 


The way the speaker who is speaking the poem is also a musical instrument. The words that the speaker is speaking, is not a logical or systemic way of lanagage. 


If the poet speaks/sings, “go die,” he is not telling you to “go die,” as to kill oneself. He is rather expressing an emotion like to “go die.” 


The Death Ray 

Shoots through 

The breeze of Mars

Past Jetson cars


====> Rhyming is a techinuqe that can make the poem sound better. It’s not an applied rule. It’s a technique YOU MAY add your poem. 


When listening, focus on the way the poem is present. Then, reflect back how you feel when you heard. This is called “aesthetics.”


Listen to Ron Sullivan’s Xing. 


…You may want to look at a ryhming dictionary. 


…Play with words. That’s all your doing. It’s a game. A game because you are bored with the text. 



one cocoon

in the stone Buddha’s 




Ezra Pound


In a Station of the Metro

THe apparition of these faces in the crowd;

Petals on a wet, black bough.


(Americanized Poem)


The difference between those two lines. 



Darker Than Black

Something to Do 

Have a Black Celebration


I’m Waiting

For the night to fall

to makes things bearable


Motorcycles fall

Turning inside 

An infinite gash. 


(moving objects, instilled objects, ups and down tehcniques).



For three comics

I could be saving money. 


Green clouds

Around the bus

Going nowhere


I fall down endlessly

Down a red tube

And into a mircowave


Crying sorrows

Bleak well water 

Porno video 






For every time

You said the word “Microbe”

I deserve a quater 


60 second wipeout

The world ends 

Make my bed


Elliot Rogers 

LA Dogers 

Hob Goblin 


I ride down

Four trees

A big swastika 


…What is the discplene of poetry? What makes it aesthic? What makes it ugly?





In Kyoto,

hearing the cuckoo,

I long for Kyoto.


A complicated emotion to a simple experince. 

Keats - On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer. 


An expensive copy of a book they liked. 


A poem about their experince. 


Keats didn’t like Shelley.


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