Thursday, April 6, 2017

Alphasmart Neo2 Test

Hello. So this is my first piece of writing with the AlphASMART Neo2. I dedicate this piece for Rabbit. Rabbit was intersetered in picking up the 3000. I will give my input on my first impressions writing. 


I am sitting in my living room looking at my puppy. She is eating scrambled eggs that my brother cooked for her. I am not sure whether I should look down on the LCD screen or should type looking forward. 


Testing… Testing out the the spacing. 






I don’t have the driver installed. It’s way too old for that kind of stuff. This machine is about 10 years old for the price of $22. 


I am quite comfratble using the Astrohaus FReewrite. But i might take this machine up as the homework killer and portable typewrite. I use my phone for internet surfing, and home computer for shitposting and watching videoss. THis machine is the  writing process. 


I have to learn more about that else this machine can do… I forgot that this machine has arrow keys.


Spell check? I won’t bother. The on/off button works fine. This Neo 2 came with a carrying bag. If the device is left on, or the power button is paused to too much, corrution can occur. Wait for the file to load and delete it. That’s what happened when i got this device. IT’s all fixed now. 


Let’s see… No use for the printer button. That is totally obsolete. The “find” button might be useful, to check for instances of repeietvie words. 


The “Home” button takes the cursor to the top of the page. The “End” button takes the cursor down to the end of the page. Way more useful then using the arrow cursors. “Applets” is not really useful. Maybe for a apps program. 


…Let me check the back of the device…


Hold on…


…”Neo automatically saves your text when your write things.” Ok. That’s good.


…Just watched an Alphasmart video on the topic of it’s function. The other function I find interesting is ctrl+O which is opening files. This device can save extra files for later… Not sure if i will use it for any beneficial purpose. 


…Now the last thing I have to find out if there is such a thing called a “word count.” I do bleive there is a “characther” out. This is important, since I want to focus on writing a least 2000 but nor more than 2500 words for a file (who knows?)


…Let me check on that.


…Crtl+W is the most important command. The word count. 430 words right now. 


Alright, so I think I got everythng covered on the Neo 2. 


This is a good device to get Rabbit, I can see it surpassing the Astrohaus Freewrite Already. Now I have to check file transfer speed. I have to plug in a USB cable and let it export the file into a textpad. 


Unlike the Freewrite, I press a button and it’s there. 


This thing might be a better choice than a freewrite. I can tell. 


This device will save you $450 bucks. 



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