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Hellfire Temple Draft.



You are in front of the Lengendary Temple. It is a big, Aztec-like, building. Trianglar in shape. The entrance you see in front of you is dark. You light on your tourch. As you enter the temple, the jungle ambience becomes silent. All you can hear is the sound of your footsteps.


You light your tourch in front of the wall. An ancient drawling shows that of stick figures throwing spears at a large square pig. 


There is an intersection between the wall.

Should you go left? - 2

Or should you go right? - 3



The left path leads you in front of an indoor lake. A lake inside a temple! There is dripping sounds coming from the cieling. The water is brown. It dosen't look like anything is living in it, or is even healthy. There is a sidewalk path next to wall. You sidestep across as you balance your torch. The lakes essence is mesmorizing. It feels like you could fall into the lake and drown. It is a scary thought. 


Ahead, you can see a glaring yellow light at the end. It must be an exit. 


However, there is also a pebble besides you. You have thoughts to throw it in.

Should you throw the pebble into the lake? - 4

Or ignore it, and countinue towards the light? - 5



Nothing written.



You throw the pebble into the brown water. 

The pebble dives into the water with a large "blup" sound. The lake is indeed deep. It echos across. The lake must strech a long distant ahead. The dripping of water countinues. Nothing appears the be living in the lake. Only you exist hear with your torch. You torch could possibly fall into the water. 


You quickly sidestep and reach for the yellow light ahead. 

Turn to - 5



Slowly balancing the torch and side-stepping against the wall, you reach the end. The glowing light is quite large. Observing it, the light is coming from a relic shaped as a bug, The shiny glow is emitting from it's back. It's six legs clinch to the wall. The thing is not alive. Right beside the bug, a hollow corridor streches. Pitch black. Good thing you have a lit torch lit. The bug's light looks pretty handy.

Should you further examine the bug? - 6

Or should you walk down the long, dark corridor ahead of you? - 7



You put down your torch and try to take the bug. It comes of the wall. The bug is quite light in size. You notice that at it's mouth, a red glare emits. It is a very strange relic. It could be worth money. But it's not that important. You may put the bug in your bag or leave it where it is. 

Countinue down the dark corridor.  - 7



The dark corridor your walking down is far in distance. It is a straight path forward away from the lake. The sound of your footsteps echo. 


You see a wall up ahead. Lighting the torch up against the wall, another temple drawing is apparent. Stick figures with squares. A foreign langauge reads across. It's neither Egyptain or any familar langauge of South America. You feel the wall. Dust covers your hand. 


There is another intersection.

Should you go left? - 8

Or should you go right? - 9



As you walk towards the left, pebbles fall from above. You look up. A loud shifting noise can be heard. Something large is in this temple. You sense some kind of danger up ahead. You walk faster than before. 


A sharp turn countinues to the left. You light the torch along the wall. More esoteric langauge and sqaures appear. Nothing makes sense.


As you reach the end, the corridor turns to the right. How long will this endless hall go on for? 


At a distance, you can see outside light. You rush towards it. 


Vines and leafs block the way. You tangle your way through the debris. 


Try and cut some of the vines? - 10

Use the torch to set the vines on fire? - 12

Or push your way through? - 11



As you walk towards the right, pebbles fall from above. You look up. A loud shifting noise can be heard. Something large is in this temple. You sense some kind of danger up ahead. You walk faster than before. 


A sharp turn countinues to the right. Ahead, you can see some kind of statue. You walk towards it.


It looks like some kind of golem creature. In the center, is a shining diamond. Behind the golem, is another path. You have curosity for this thing. 

Should you examine the diamond? - 29

Or ignore and continue?  - 30



Reaching out for your hatchet, you cut through the vines. You want to use your torch, but you decide to wave it violently, and put out fire against the wall. There is sufficent light ahead to see where your going. 


The vines are thick. "Whish" movements with your hands cuts them. A little force is needed. 


Pulling the dead plants aside, you can see some kind of monument ahead. It is outside. The sun's light is shining. 

Countinue towards the monument. - 13



You use your might and force to grapple the vines and push them aside. Some have thorns, others just fragile. The vines hurt your hands. LOSE 3 LIFE. 


Your hard work pays off. Scarped and dirty, you finally reach outside. The sun is bright. From the distance, some kind of outside monument stands alone.

Head towards the monument. - 13



Waving the torch, you use the fire against the vines. They start to burn. You use much fire as you could. The fire gets incresingly bigger. You push your way through, but get burnt from the fire. You have made the situation a little more difficult. LOSE 3 LIFE. 


You use some of your canteen water to put the fire out. The fire is not effective enough to start blazing. A right amount did the job to kill the useless plant life.


Ahead, you can see some kind of large, outside monument.

Push towards the monument. - 13



You are outside. Abandon buildings hover around you. In front of you is a large, diety figure, sitting alone. It looks like Buddah, but nothing like Vishun. Niether Christian or Islamic. The figure is praying above. Wings attached to it's back. Eyes on it's stomach. Could it be an ancient God admired by the old temple people? 


Looking around, behind the diety, you see some stone hedges. A howler monkey can be heard. Life exist over hear. There is another building in front of you. And to the right, some kind of house.

Head towards the stone hedges? - 14

Go to the building behind the stone diety? - 15

Or head over towards the house? - 16



You walk towards the stone hedges. Chirping of cicadas can be heard. 


The hedges circle around you. Four big hedges with strange language written on each on. A stone path countinues towards inside of the temple again. The aura around you is suspcious. 

Should you examine the first hedge? - 17

The second hedge? - 18

The third hedge? - 19

The fourth hedge? - 20

Follow the path, and head inside the temple again? - 21

Or go back to the stone diety? - 13



You head for the building behind the stone deity. The buildng is a large. It an eroding, phallic building reaching for the sky. There is a door in front of the building. Maybe there is something living hear. 


You walk towards the door. 

Knock on the door? - 28

Or go around the building towards the stone hedges? - 14



You head towards the house. 


The house is the shape a moneky's head. The opening is the mouth. Light is inside the house. You decide to walk in.


Walking in the room, exoitc pots are on display both to the left and right. You look at the pots. One pot has curvey lines, another zig-zags. The other two pot has spots on it, and one with stripes going up. 


Crumbles of stone fall from the ceiling. Something is moving. 


Then, the door outside shuts down from above! You are in a trap!


You are now stuck inside the monkey house. You go up to the door and try to push it. The barrier is too heavy. 


However, there is a new path in front of you. It looks like your traped inside.

Head towards new path.  - 22



You examine the first hedge stone.


Written on it shows a sheep-like creature. It is red. Three lines are etched under. 

You step back. - 14



You examine the second hedge stone.


Written on it shows a dog-like creature. It is blue. One line is etched under. 

You step back. - 14



You examine the third hedge stone.


Written on it shows a dragon-like creature. It is green. Four lines are etched under. 

You step back. - 14



You examine the forth hedge stone.


Written on it shows a ape-like creature. It is yellow. Three lines are etched under. 

You step back. - 14



You pass the stone hedges and head for the path that leads inside the temple. You can see light at the end. There is no need to use the torch (you may put it out if you have one lit). 


As you walk down, the outside ambience dies out. Your are inside the silent temple again. 


You reach a large room with glaring sunlight from an open patch from the cieling. Th sun provides light in the dark temple. 


In the center of the room, you see four pillars. You walk up against a pillar and feel one. The pillar goes down. Surprised, you touch it again. The pillar goes up. 


There is another path to the right. 

You countinue along. - 23



You leave the pot room. The long corridor streches to a new room. You are anxious. Hopefully, the falling barrier was just a concidence. Right? You see light coming from the end. 

Keep following the path. - 30



The path in front of you is pitch black. You have second thoughts to touch the pillars. Should you mess around with any of the pillars before you go? 


You may write a note. Describe witch of the four pillars you want to press. Either 1, 2, 3, 4, 1 and 2, 3 and 4, All, or any combnation, etc. Keep this note for later.  




You light your torch, and head down the dark path. - 24



The path is dark and silent. You hear a flutter noise. Possibly bats are somewhere. You light your torch above. Nothing. You walk further down constantly inspecting with the torch. 


There is an intersection. 


Go left? - 25

Or go right? - 26



You head left. 


In front of you, the flame of your torch light up a dead end. Above, a group of bats are sleeping. 


One is awake! He sees you and flys down. Fight the bat!






LIFE: 14


If victory, - 27



You head down the dark corridor. Hopefully, you will not wake any bats. 


You come across a door. This door has a face on it. Two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a red diamond in the center of it's head. You push to door open. 





You killed the bat. Scared, you quickly head the other way.

Head towards the right. - 26



You knock on the door. It is quiet. No one answers. You decide to open the door. 


Inside, there is a staircase the leads upstairs, and a viasable kitchen. Things look old and abandon. 

Walk upstairs? - 34

Or head for the kitchen? - 35



You decide to take the diamond and look at it. It is shiny, probaly a precious medal. You carest admire the diamond. 


All of a sudden, the golem shifts it's head! It is staring at you. I's left arm slowly is moving towards you. You back off. The golem's legs break out of it's sleep. The golem shakes itself. It is walking towards you! It's arms want the diamond back. You are scared. 

Give the golem the diamond? - 31

Or fight the golem? - 32



You are in a giant red room. It is big like an audotorium. The thought of such of room is puzzling. Who uses this room? The floor and ceiling are made of ruby. 


Thing in the center.


Check thing?


There is two paths. Which way?



You quickly pass the diamond into the golem's hand. It grabs it tightly. However, the golem lifts its arms up, and shakes them violently. He is still reaching for you!

Nervous, there is one thing to do. - 32



You draw out your machete. You start a fight!






LIFE: 17



If victory,  - 33



The golem falls to the ground. It's head tilts to the side. No life is through his body anymore. You swat the body a couple of times to make sure it is dead. You grab the diamond out of his head. Looking at it, you decide to keep the diamond in your bag. It's worth the fight. Shook up, you wipe of your body. You run out of the room into the next. 

Head for the path. - 30



You walk up the long, curving stairs. 


You have reached a room with a carpet and latern. Someone must be living hear. Overhead, you can see an open door. It look's like someone is in there. 


Roll a die.

3-6, Tiptoe near the door and spy. - 36

1-2, Make noise as your walking. - 37



You are inside the kitchen. Everything is made of stone. The brown table in front you has scattered papers. The langauge is unknow. The charachters look like a bunch of scribbles. 


There is a metal sheild in front of you. It is somewhat big. Looking at it, from the botton and top, it looks like it can be used for something. It might be worth money. You may take the sheild. If you do, add +2 block to your skill. 


Nothing much is in the kitchen. Ahead from the window, you can see the stone hedges. At the moment, they look more intresting than this abandon building. 

Head outside towards the stone hedges. - 14



You fall onto the floor with a loud bum p. “Who was that?”, a voice from the other room cries?


Som eone is in that room . You hear footsteps com ing your way.

Should you stay where you are? - 38

Or charge at the person? - 39



You quietly walk over to the other room . You see a green-skinned wizard brewing a position in

his caldron. Should you m ake noise? Or attack?



The person walks towards you. It is a green reptile wearing a wizard’s coat. “Who are you?”

He says. You explain your story to him . The creature turns out to be friendly. “I am Gardu,

keeper of this building. I have no idea what is inside Hellfire Tem ple. I am only doing

research for m y own experim ents. If you plan on going on through the tem ple. Please, take

this arm or with you. It does not fit m e. Hopefully you can put good use to it” You obtain the

arm or. Add +1 to all of your stats. You wish Gardu farewell, you exist his tower and head

towards the stone runes.

stone hedg - 14



You charge directly at the voice. You push him onto the ground. “Alakazam !” The creature

scream s! You get burnt by a fire spell. Lose 4 life points. The green looking crature goes

back into his lab, steals som e special am or thing, and cast onto his spell. He dissapears

without a trace. Getting up, you walk into his labatory. Obviously, this is som e kind of

wizard’s keep. Nothing special is useful. You alm ost had him too. Outside the window, you see

the stone hedges. You take out your m achete and prepare for anything worse to com e. You walk

down the stairs safely and get otuside the building. Head towards the stone headges.

stone hedge - 14




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