Thursday, January 12, 2017

teenagers who attend american college



There are three types of American teenagers that attend college.


First, there is this type that believes that he or she has no control over the situation and enviorment they are in. They pretend that college is an experince and feel they have no control attending the school or working thier major. Often the parents will send them out of the house and give them money to support to live out 4 years of thier lifes, only to get a degree in the arts or something else useless. These people are often big tit blondes, worthless jocks, and lower-class barbarians. 


Second, there is the weak type that bleives college is a "transcendetal" and life-changing experince. They see the insitution as a means to live out first time experince and truely act like a so-called "adult." They cherish experinces that are idylic and often have peer pressure from other social groups. Nerds, feminist, philosphers, agitators, and upper-class snobs will fall in this catergory. 


And thirdly, there is this type that understands college as a hollow money-making insitutions. Therefor, it is best to get out as quick as possible and get a degree in something worthwhile. These teenagers have demanding parents and have no control the situation. Unlike the first catergory, they are determined to get the best grades, the best scholorships, and any method they will get to be the best in what they earn. They will avoid making friends and focus on work, as if they are working wihtout getting the pay. These are the Chinese, forgien-exchange students, working-class regreters, anti-social types, and the "work culture" individual. 


Now, imagine all three groups in one big stupid insituion all at once. This will result in total failure. The campus with 20,000 students is indeed chaotic. How is the insitution suppose to look out for everyone of these types? Easy. Insitualize certain catergories. There is a Bell Curve and there is a socio-economical classes. Money pats the culture and the culture is exploited. There is no true authentic experince in America. 


The greatest awakening any student can see after the ages of 18-22, four to five years spent in an lying insitutional, is that col,lege itself was a scam. This scam made the consumer blind in order to take out money from the innoncent pokets. the first harm of innoncence comes from the money spent to lvie out the greatest moment in someones idyllic youth of 18-22. The system promotes a crash-and-burn idology. Most students come out of 4 years learning absolultey no trades, only ideology. Don't blame the insituion. The insitution was only there to make money and to exploit the foolish. Buisness 101. I am lucky to type these out on a Freewrite and have the enternal ablitity to finally write my thoughts down. This is real education and liberation. It was right in front of me this whole time. I only needed the discpline and time to commit to typing on keys. And now, I can write what ever thought I want wihtout the need of professor looking over me and correcting WHAT I SHOULD SAY to a politcally-correct mass that will not understand me. Worthless wisdom and a waste of my time. 


Who should we trust? The 22 year old with a BA in English that graduating from a private school and is now working for a phone company full time and is luckiy hanging on to a new found girlfriend to be evnetually wed and buy a house in Pennsylvania? 


Or what about that 22 year old that got out of militarty, fucked 7 girls since, maybe shot someone in war, knows how to work a gun, gets up in the morning, and is jacked and has both beauty and health?


The weakingly just wants to take the military kid and take him down to the inferior, bourgois, weak nature of the suburban kid. There is not equality. The military kid has better wisdom, advice, experince, and has gain more knowledge through the military than a cold money making insituion has. Think about it. Staying in McDonalds for 4-5 years of ones life, or going outside and working the world to ones advantage? 


This disctomony is important. However, the strong man is as well exploited by the elite. the strong man ends up as a worthless jock. Why can't the strong man synergize the talents learned in college and put them into practice? This is a rare find indeed. 


I think about my own life. I feel as though I am worthless myself. I am cold, bitter, and cruel than I was when I was 18. When I was 18, I felt I had power. And all of a sudden, I lost that power.  ...I feel like I am in jail. I feel I have no will.


Those who have will are the winners. The parents must allow it, the insituion must allow it, the money must pay for it. It in return creates a cocky, selfish, arrogant being. Is it worth it? Yes. That life is worth it. 


It's why equality won't work. When I meet a stranger, the stranger must comdem those who are weak. Only the cocky, the selfish, and the arrogant survive. The weak wants to take these vaules down to his level. Unfroutnaley, everyone knobs the head and says bullies will be stopped. Only then, the primal world reappears again in all forms of social life.


The cliche one hears: "We are only humans." "Are humans naturally good?" "Humanity is flawed." "The law is only guidelines and people are people." "All flaws happen because we are human."




It's a whole culture condeming BEING human. When the reality is that humans are the opposite of what we say. We really don't understand ourselfs. Its why we need relgion. Ahtesit, maybe even satanist, try and take in the aspect of humanity. Only then to condem it and say it's evil. A sad, silly event of religious vaules. 


Nationalism, White Nationalism, Ehtnonationalism, is the most closet religion that comes towards a society where humanity is right. All actions jsutified without liberal nonsense. No more dishonesty and indoors jokes. Nationalism is unapologetically honest. The honet religion. 


Has college teach me this? No. I had to learn this for myself. The insituion has no power over me. I am only an animal that has learned an advanced langauge. I don;t know my own biological surroudnings or inner nature. I am not sure of my own breathing. I only improve through my own spirtual growth. I want to become that writer and musician, thatartist too. I will have a name for it as well.

The USA release of Yokai Watch TCG is coming out August 1st at Walmart. I am afraid it looks totally differnt from the Mayalasian version. I hope it is not that differnt or stupid. I see only numbers written on the cards. I also bought a rare, hologrpahic Jibanyan card for $9.99 on ebay too. Maybe that will grow in money too. 


I spent $10.50 on the worse Cheese steak I ever had. This will out the Pheonixville fiar. Mom dragged me out to go see my brother. i felt worhtless, like always. Next time I should not go. Good thing it was mom's money and not mine. 



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