Thursday, November 3, 2016

(((repeat again)))



I woke up at 10:45. I dreamt about driving the wrong way and some pissed off guy on a bike gave me the finger. I almost ran over a fat kid. I thought I could of gone to jail. 


The place looked a lot like the valley forge shopping center, trader joes and the big Staples. 


The dream was a mash of feelings. It's not coming back to me. Too tired. Want to masturbate again, but have nothing to do it to or have nor purpose. I just like to admire my penis. 




Midnight journal! Right before I go to bed! Hope this works out too. 


Tired, but can't fall asleep. I hear trains crashing to slow down. Can't really see anything with my glasses on. I will wriye anyway. Got my back hunched on the chair looking over the glowing screen. The crickets are nice to hear. 


Today, I wrote some thoughts and wrote / printed out a table of word count and publishing type. I'm curious. I want to create a daily writing habit this summer until late August. Mu Shakespeare class got cancelled. Will have to do it in the fall, worse of it, independent study. O hp[e everything is ok. My internship would then happen in the spring. Maybe all of it can happen at once. I just want to be done college. It's not my fault that I can't find the right classes offering. Everyone is jerking off in the summer. I would rather not think of my scaring experience at COLLEGEut my mind keeps lingering back to it. I don't know what it means anymore. 


The key are really nice on this machine. Almost like plastic. This really helps with my ADHD. 


I Can't Think. Will go to bed until I get back up. DVORAK or COLEMAK should be on this keyboard. I would like to try it. .


Gotta get a USB stick tomorrow. 


...If my mind is not echoing, there is nothing to write about it. This is my skinner-box. Press it on, to satisfy my desire to record. A habit I am trying to grow. 






First dream, I was at this big EDM club. Everyone was dancing in an outside stadium. A lot of energy and strange faces. This girl group came out. A beautiful ganguro Japanese girl came out (dark skin, blonde hair). She wore a skirt and a sparkle sliver dress. Singing of some sort, she climb this very high diving board. She then did some jumps, and dived into the swimming pool. As she dove, her skirt was shown, you could see her naked butt. Diving in the pool, with a big splash, she stood with her back against everyone, turn her head, and crossed her fingers, as "peace." A signal of her inviting sexuality.


Soon after, so fake documentary came on. My voice was appreciating her beauty. Japanese that speaks good English. She was talking something about gamebooks. Old symbols in past, from Egyptian times, had similar symbols about turning the page and life stats. Her argument showed pictures and new versions aside. It was strange. But I was more focused on her beauty than what she had to say.


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