Monday, November 7, 2016

Muslims Blow Up Shit


I was thinking about Athletic people this morning. 

And then the TV said 50 people died in the most horrfic terrosit attack the united states has ever seen. 

A Muslim walks in a shoots 100+ gay people. Really funny stuff. I was laughing when I first saw the headline. 

An instant win for Donald Trump. Yes! 

Now, the strange part is about a muslim killing gays. Could this mean that Twinks for Trump will become a thing? Will there be right-wing gays for the first time in forever? 

I waited with Dad for Baraq Obongo's speech t 1:30. He didn't show. So he came on at 2. Meanwhile, I was trying to make a drum and bass beat on the Roland TR-8 (808 kit too). 

Gorka, "Defating ISIS" journalist, said Obongo would not talk about the real issues and would only dodge. He was right. 

Obongo said something about their being too much guns, and victimization of gays. 

The death list came later. Turns out, the list is full of hedonist Puerto Ricans. Nope, no Freds from Scoody-Doo. THAT is your gay audeince! 

"Well, it JUST SO HAPPENS these "gays" are Puerto Ricans! Anything can be gay!" 

I think Chuck Pulhnick said it perfectly about his own career. "Journalist only care where I puted my dick in last." 

Soon after, National Socialist queers came on the TV. They waved militant flags of rainbow and their joyful queer (and white) advocates slammed their stump speech. I took a picture behind the queer, of a waving Israel flag! 

(((guess who is behind all this?))) 

This is going to be an intresting year. I hope another massacre happens soon. It's becoming meaningful. White society thought that Columbine was the worse thing that could ever happen to their post-modern, liberal society. And then one after another, thier system is getting worse and worse. 

If only this Omar kid was white! Yes. This would be such a meaningful day in histroy. Racist fascist are real! And they want to tear down our communist society! All the french postmodernist and Jewish frankforters were right! All this leads to the gates of Aushwitz! Oh vey! 

He wasn't. He never will be. Dylan Roof was expectation. He did it with at least a thought out manifesto. Something I could agree upon (meta fourth wall breaking trigger decontruction trigger warning!). 

What will this mean about this pathetic fraud of "gay idenity?" My uncle considers himself "gay," even though he married later. It's like, being gay is like taking pride in being plutonic, bourgeois, and passive-agressive. It's a materialsitic form of white nationalism. Sad really. I always knew the "gay idenity" thing was a fraud. No such thing. It's the bourgeois runnign amuck. "Gay idenity" didn't appear until the 1960's. And it was thought of being soooooo coool. When will Americans realize this is a defect in our own way of thinking? When will someone call out gays for faking it all? 

Life is a parodoy. Weatherman fake being "gay" to get the job. It's an easy way of somethign they are on the left. 

Yeah, thanks left! (lana) You really change American life in 50 years! You were all able to get into positions of power and somehow change science into philosphy and work into lesiure. As if, your life plan was to destroy nature and life live to it's fullest. 

I can't believe what Obongo said durning his speech. "They were only living their lives." 

"Lives?" Please. Puetro Rican hedonist preying upon the innocent? The possibly of whites too? Disgusting. 

No one wants to self improve anymore. The easy way out is decadent. 

It's not fun to be decadent anymore is because everyone is being decadent! I thought being "decadent" was going to a beach, fucking girls, and having hobbies. Not living life in lower class bumfuck Florida, picking up weak people, listing to shitty music, and having no future plans. "Decadent" to me sounds like only the billionaires could do it, not weak man. 

Weak man will never become like rich man. It's jsut is. 

Americans have been repressed of their nationalism. No one is allowed to be a nazi anymore. Nationalism is a healthy way of living life. All animals are nationalist. We were once nationalsit based on race. Now us white have to be nationalist for hobbies and usless things! 

I remember when it was LGBQ. Lesibian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, stick-up-the-ass kind. Now its LGBT. Transgender! When did they get in? I know for a fact some gays really hate Transgengers like thier favorite conservative white male. How are Transgender gay? It's egalatarism is too equal. 

Diversity and Multicultralsim causes tension and conflcit! -Jared Taylor. 

Rosie O'Donnel and Whoopi Goldberg will hate each other forever. "I am a lesibian! You can't say that!" "I am black! You can't say that either!" 

And "interectionalism" is suppose to cure this? It sounds like a monopolization of buisnesses. Just like how capitalism works! 

Did any of these morons read Gramsci, or Adorno, or Focult, or Derrida, or Lacan, or any European idiot? 

Sound too me these so-called "intellects" I just mentioned are rather bourgeois. They claim to be on the left, but they did it out of upper-class security. Just so they won't have any opponents. 

This is what runied the left. The left died. It thought it would be resurrected itself through culture. It did. Mission accomplish? No. No one wants to be called a true leftist. The left lost it's way in the forest. 

I am slowly crawling to a position what would be called an "alt-left" position. The alt-right it good, but the left cannot be forever defeated. It needs a re-insitutionalization. The left is apart of the right as the right is apart of the left. The left needs medical attention. I am writing something what would be called an alt-left declartaion or manifesto. I thought long and hard about the real benfits of the left. 

Imagine a left without jews, equality, theroy, philosphy, or liberals! Yes! It's a dream come true! It would be like Zen Buddahism for white people! 

In the middle of writing that... 

I should look out for the TR-606 epansion coming out next week. June 17th. Also should get those beach tickets. I really need the money. I sold Big O volumes 1 and 2 for $71. 

Also, should write about Atheletes as Barbarian-liberals. That thoght raced through my mind after Dragon Quest 8 on PS2 session. In the basement. No lights on too.

I had pickles, pinapples, and frozen chicken for lunch. 

No much more I can say. Dave is annoying. Please stop calling. I don't want to go see your crazy liberal dad or play CCGS with you. 

…going to flirt text with Sophie (asian). She understands. So close, but far away. 


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