Monday, November 7, 2016

More Thoughts on "Alt-Left."


The declaration for the insitute for the alternative left. It is:


The French Revoultion was a misunderstood mistake. Communism was a regin of terror.The New Left made the left worse. The left created both itself and the right. There would be no “right” without a left. The Alt-left wants to start from year-zero and reintroduce what it means to be “left.” No violence or reveoultion. 

The “left” is an aspect of European man that wants Friends, Family, and Freedom. To live by the mind and to size every oppurtunity in life without limitation. to become a god. However, must work to get there, no free rides. All humans have the potential to live by the mind (no egalatarism, just the same potetnial to get there). To live a great life is to be fufilled. To think outside the thought of oneself and control. To become “free.” 

Also, write about “the perverted color of red” and send it to left politicall incoreect. They m...

(((where is the rest???)))



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