Monday, November 7, 2016

Work Sucks (wish a hot girl was sucking me)



The TR-606 expansion for the Roland TR-8 finally came out! I made a song with it. 

The half-blind black girl obsessed with Ash Crimson and Patalliro favorite me on my soundcloud and she likes “go fuck youself.” She commented on it twice. 

I should buy the beach tickets tonight. Alice might be availbe next week. I should buy 2, and if she dosen’t show, I will return the other ticket. 

I am starting work this monday and meeting my mentor, Shawn, tommorrow. He said he wants to give me stuff so I can catch up early before monday. Hopefully its not written homework. I am thinking it is just reading stuff. Good to know. 

I listen to Guy again last night. letsago YTMND site about “heffer’s mom” is always funny. He played a Guy song. I know Teddy Reily is in Guy. So I heard the first two tracks on the album. I want it on LP now... 

“Teddy’s Jam” is classic. Very nostalgic and quirky Fairlight Computing going on. That song has been stuck in my head all day. A good thing. I hear it in the morning. I hear it walking the dog, hear it eating dinner (Panera Bread. I had Steak and Cheese Panini thing) and hear it right now. A good tune. Will forget in a few days. Maybe. 

So I was thinking about the whole Brett Stevens thing. About how “blogging” and the interent does not lead to self-improvement, but arrogant egotism and hedonist nihilism. Bad things. The “Mineo Maya Fanclub” was launched. And I haven’t posted a new article in a week. Even though, I could get any daily piece I written and share it with the public. No. I feel like it’s an invasion of privacy. I really do now. The perspection of writing changes when you realize someone else is reading your work. Sallinger is right. I should stop thinkg about that. 

I feel like a much better person writing my thoughts in privacy. However, at the end of August, and the beggining of September, I need to compile all of my Freewrite pieces and create a single Lulu book. 

Purchased two copies. Keep one on my bookshelf, they other hidden away in my closet. It’s like I written it with pen and paper in a journal. No need to re-edit or anything. The written word is true. 

If I wanted to get better at writing, I chose an already existing piece, re-write it, and publishs it as an updated, better thing. No of my previosu thoughts change. Only langauge. 

I want to write about anything. It will be a private, limited to two copies, Samizdat. It’s like the whole Talk Talk, Aphex Twin, Sallinger privacy thing. That seems to be really authentic. I can already feel a self-improvemnt within myself. Knowing that my own writing is improving that I know I have made the correct edits and word choice. ...And typing speed! Knowing how much my Word Per Minute (WPM) thhing is going. And word count. Everything is word count! Not page count. Idiot teachers saying it’s worth “pages.” Idiotic. Word Count! Word count is everything!! 

Also, I have been playing with Softube Modular. Fun Eurorack Reason Synth. I hope they aadd more to it. If only I had a mac processor and a touch screen to go with it (or borrow a copy). That reminds me, need to downlaod Heartbeat demo and try out those modules too. 

What am I going to buy with my first paycheck? A suit and tie? Sounds about right. And finally that PS4? Yes. Don’t start psending so fast. Need to spend it wisely. 




Low pulse rate. 4AM. Three hour nap. Woke up. Mu head is sore from new pillow. Dosen’t work. I really think I need to speen 100 on the super kind. The turth is, that would work. 

I wrote too much when I was gone from this. I wrote walking, then I wrote in the pool, and a gain before bed 4 hours ago. I read Araon Cleary again. I am afraid to pick up books becuase of the wisdom I will take from it and think about in a whole week. Yet, I do feel a kinf od birvanna when the text agrees with my own solupist point of view. As if, I really don’t need to write in the first place, when current day test is there to back me on it. I feel relived. I am not the only one with thoughts like I have. Now, why dosen’t everyone else think like me too? A quest i countinue. 

Also, was bumming about my unfinished gamebook I started back in mid April. Two months later, I did write a bit in section B on this freewrite. I can copy and past the content into the gamebook program. Only on winds, only if I press certain buttons on the start up on my mac, and the program cost m e $ 60 for the year! Really re-considering. Could of bought a norm al chose your own adventure book. I bought it really for the web based building blocks and then the number generator. Thats what I need. Otherise, copy the numbers 2-399 on a text file, randonly select a number, delete it, and add it to the next entry. This is after when all the paths of have been written. 

I’m a genius. $60 saved. I should export the text and save it for later. Good idea. I will go back to once in a while. Hellfire Temple. I just got an idea about a teasing monkey section. It’s going to be really intresting once Alice reads my story. 2 hours max or less? Very small. I could write two adventures and put them in one book. Or three. 

A day without writing is such a waste. Why can’t I just go up to the typewriter, turn it on, and start writing? 

Also, why in the world do I need a $1000 computer right now? And with the whole music making process with the TR-8 and two TB-3s? That’s successful. 

I never picked up Dragon Quest 8 for the playsation after I traded in the pink DS with DQ9. Something about 9 is not right. 

Am I lazy? A parasite? A attention-deficent disordeite? Spoiled and careless? Escaping? Or is the internet way too powerful as a souce of media? 

And also, maybe these hobbies are a reflection, a surrogate, if i stayted a week, on say, a beautiful island, like Jamica, or bny the Jersy Shore. MEaning my “time off” is not being properly enjoyed and I have way too much time off creating depression. It’s why I pick up the sport of writing daily. 

So I want go fucking crazy. At least I have made a healthy contribution to my self. I already feel a certain spirtual growth. 

Now I all have to do is to shoot up a school and my writings would be shared nationwide. (sarcaism ) 

Elliot Rogers had a lot to say for a 23 year old. Some good wisdom and writing. Biggie and Tupac were both only 24 and 25. They can be labeled as “school shooters” too. I can’t belive how young they all are. 


Lifing weights always solves that problem. I feel better already. Strive towards greatness! 

...I want to fuck Joshie (josh) in the ass. Give me the date night, the condom, the night, I will cuddle him so hard and put it up there. I would try it anyway. I want to see him giggle and cry for me. 

Only problem is he would never leave me. Uggghhh. Isn’t it? 

Birds are chirping outside. I hear one already. I should lay back down. I have to to meet Shawn in the morning at 11 at Starbucks. 




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