Monday, December 19, 2016

Work sucks



I can't believe that one autistic idiot working for his company is 24 years old, going to get married, has a "audio enginerring" "degree" (not bahceor' s or asscioaates) and was originally from California.


This is your life. And you chose to be a phone guy surfing west Philadelpiha? Your worse than Will Smith! And I bet this idiot does it for 57 hours too and likes it. 

That is your destiny. That is one destiny I would personally not accept. 

I like job shifting. That suits me the best. 

I will just have to go find another job that will use me. Number one thing about getting hired is... employment is for those who don't want to to do the job! Best kept secret. Employment never gaurentee it would be safe. I t's just open is because... NO ONE WANTS TO DO IT. Possibly the position is inhumane or even worse. 

Then, why the facade that work promise flowers, unicorns, girls and adeve nture? I guess that's the attraction and the lie. The only people who lov e thier job is those that suffered these previous positions and "worked" ( code for lie-cheat-steal-kill-rape) to the top and become America's 10% e lites. 

Really? Once you reach that top, making 90 to 100 thousand a year, we end up reverting back to being kids. teenagers. Is that why America is obsessed with youth? Freedom from the responsibities, the duties, the guilt of work? So idiotic but true. Why can't we like those things? 

The lady in the blue dress, I remember, (((that idiot))) told me IS the 5% of America! Intresting. What does she even do? 

Nothing. Being yourself. Elites push their lives on to the unfortunate one s that make their own lifves possible. Strange. Why does the working class suffer so much to make the dainty, innocnet elite class so... innocent? 

The elites want nothing more but a house, a pool, three kids, a dog and ca t, cars and an income, to pay for the perverted hobbies they like to do. B each this summer, vacation for the kid this fall, happy celelbration this christmas on our yaot boat this winter. 

Strange life. America helps enables this. I love America... but. 

The elite calsses eventually become beogeoius, depraved, and decadent. Wo rse. Their vaulves and spread on to others. They run the game. And the on ly way to compete with them is to fight back with money. America gives us the chance to be Gods. But their are many gods, and gods fight each other. In America, we are above the law of world, and eventually we are bored . 

We are miserable because we are free. 


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