Monday, December 19, 2016

Lisa Shin fan


Life is really bad when there is no internet connected to the house. Absouley zero internet starting this Monday and the tech guy is suppose to solve the problem this Saturday. I am going to the beach by myself. I will sunscreen myself and maybe bring a chair. Will have the backpack on me all day. Hopefully will not get burnt. This will be my last gooday on the beach. Mom want's to go to Lancaster for Grandma's 87th birthday. Another full day. She's half dead now. And I am not so sure if she is alive. She made some wrong choices in her life and will countinue to do so. That is her faith. Nothing and worthless. 

Downloaded some more Reason rack extensions (luckly while the internet DID work around noon). Five canaidates: AS-16 Sequncer, Ivoks, ReDominator, Glitch, and Tick-tick. Selling my second TB-3 to get the money, maybe bfor an interface and a mic if the touch and sample thing dosen't work. I really need the internet back on so I can look up Youtube videos to know how to do it. 

And then there is Doom 4, which is finally donwloaded thanks to Drake's house. Verizon is better! Work taught me one thing, and that is Verizon is t he better deal. 

I was over Quigly's house tonight with Ryan. His friend is autistic and lazy. Red hair, glasses, weed smoker, DJ, music maker, real name Al. He did play some really intresting records... I chose by the way: 

Mr. Fingers - Can you feel it? Instu mix Frankie Knuckles - Baby wants to ride Neu!
Nina Hagen - Fearless 

Kraftwerk - Tour de France 

This records I am fimiliar. I forgot how much I love Nina Hagen. KMFDM era, alien like voice, Rebirth hyper industrial 1999. Technology goes by so fast. 

Watch a little bit of the Reublican National Convention at his house. Saw this cute Asian walk on stage. Lisa Shin. Korean-American, politicain for New Mexico. "I would date her." I said. TV went off. Black friend came in. Liked what I was watching. Said he is voting Clinton because Sanders said so. 

More Qiugly DJ night. 

Two cheeseburgers, fries, chicken and suace, four birthcake cookies (chips ahoy), chip sandwhich (cookie chip), black berries... water... 

I feel it coming. Clenching my butt so the poop won't fall out of my anus. I like the feeling as my two buttcheeks clench. It feels good. Good like Sonic & Knuckles for Sega Genesis. Very early memories. Things are memorized everyday at the age of 14. Ten years ago... wow. That's when life really started. But before 14... everything is a no styalgic blurr. Some memories hear and there. Idk. 

Getting upset at Banjo Kazooie. Just remembered. Now I can beat the whole game while listening to Depeche Mode Violator by the beach in three days. 


The poop was finally released from my anus. It slided into the toilet wat er. Looked at it, whiped my butt with toilet paper, and flushed it. Washe d hands. 

90% of people look at their own shit, after they taken a shit. - 

Glad I am back ony my typewriter. I am afraid to get back on it if I am g one from it. Strange. When I start typing, all those horros go away, and
I countinue from where I left off in thought. 


I want to sell my Game of THrone cards now. I grew out of it. I don't wan t to see the cards ever again. I am not longer in that state of mind. (I should move those game boxes in the basement too. Tired of looking at them 


). How can I remember, now it's almost been a year, since Glen was being a jerk too me? It left that much a mark on me, that card games, in genrea l, is a backwoods are worthless tradition that dosen't need me. I am too s trong and healthy for them I realize. I have moved on. That was the past. 

I sold my Doomtown cards. And now, AEG pulled the plug on it. I started m y own Doomtown club back in 2014 when I was 23. Ended when I was 24. No o ne came, jsut one guy. I did my best. Doomtown failed when I stopped play ing. Thrones will stopp too. Fantasy Flight just got everyone that played first edition thrones onto new edition. New eidtion was made beacuse of th e wild success of Thrones HBO series. It's that worhtless. No new players, 

no changes. Fantasy Flight dosen't spend money on advertisers and expects 

people to make blind buys and perverted devotions. Nerds. That's what the y all are. The scene is not growing, it's shrinking. Cards grow, but peopl e stay and find their niche. Fantasy flight is offering too many games wi th too many niches. It won't do. It's simply a fashion statement. Everythi ng is now like Legend of the five rings. A cult card game with a niche ad ueince, but totally not like Magic. So boring and useless. Weak people. 

I think I have reached a sweetspot with cards existing in Netrunner. I th ink I like... Let me do the math. 112 Core, 120x5=600, 220 Expansion. 332 ... 932 cards? 900 cards? Is that the sweetspot pool? I like doing math. S o let me see now. 

Lets say Core offers 120 original cards. And then expansions are 55 origin al cards too. So if the game were to get rid of cycles and offer just 55 card expansions. That would be. 50-50-50-50-50-50-50-50-50-50-50-50-50-50-50. 

15 expansions? Three a year? 5 years or sooner? 750+120=880/ Sounds about right as the sweetspot. Stop the game after the 15th expansions. Cheap and 

affordable card game. aboout 400-500 dollars. This is the future of coll ectible card games. Amazing. I would like to take of this design and star t my own CCG. I should examine all the other CCGS offered too and compare them with this slaes design. Examine, compare and contrast, card pools and 

avialbility. Most CCGs were made for money. I am making them out of util ity and design. 

See there? I go talking about board and card games because I love them so much. I don;'t think the normal world understand my love for card games. T he board game scene will never understand. . 


...Time to charge this guy. 

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