Thursday, December 29, 2016

a new cat


He is playing Depeche Mode wihtout my will. No. It's t oo much and almost embarassing. I better watch what I tell Dave or he is going to mimick it. I wish he wouldn't do that. I feel like I underestim ate my power when I am near him. I don't want him to like everything I like. I jsut tell him about the things I like, and then he plays cop y cat. I feel bad sometimes, for the wrong actions I did, Like spit in hi s face or get mad at him, while he will drastically change the next time. 

I wish he wouldn't do that. I don't get attached to things he likes. But I am on to music, that is an influence in my family. So I stick w ith it. I don't listen to anything he plays. I learned funny jokes And popular commentary. Gangster Popeye and Mamin Baby. Good source of information. But I am not a replicat of all his moods. 

Selling my sexond Roland TB-3 and A Game of Thrones Cards. I need the mon ey to buy a hybrid microphone/interface to record vocals, sing, in Reason. 

Either I get Line 6 Sonic VX or Apogee One Mac. Apogee looks like the be tter canidate. I have to confirm that it works with Reason or any other Da w to record vocals. After I buy that, I can finally make the music I want 

to make. I am getting less and less interested in hardware and that is a good thing. 

In other news, No Colemak typing. Sorry colemak. I have been typing again I have invented my own typing style through QWERTY. I know I should lear n touch typing in the future. That would make sense. But so hard to go slo 

w while typing. I feel this way has a better curve to it (my original, lo oking ath the keys while my hand covers the right side of the keys and the 

left types the delicate words. My fingers are like spider legs touching little buttons). 


I am going to the beach tommorrow ALONE for the first time. My dad ppreach ed to me about bus stop pedophilia. What out for older pedos. I will be ok . I will not get obducted. This keyboard will keep the infomration in hea r that I DID NOT GET OBUCTED and it was aconicende if I did. Which I don' t want to get kidnnaped or die. The family will find out about my notes s oon enought. Enough dooming pesimissm. I will not die. I will enjoy myself 

tommorrow on the beach. Now, I have only 5 hours to go to sleep starting at 1. I am typing after midnight. 

while lifting weights, I thought about the Sammer Jam 10 thing I will be going to too. I hope I do see Kesly there and for that day. And I hope a normal ps4 pad will do. I am not buying a stick. I made up my mind. I don 't even have access to other people who play KOF on a daily basis. In fac t, do I even want to assciate with those kind of people? I have assiciate d with Netrunners and board gamers for some time. It was fun. Not my life though. I should ground myself back to music. I gave 6 years of my life to 

games. Maybe even 10, if I started at 15 with Doom the board game. Odd. 

Now I am playing Doom4 on ps4. Amazing. And the game is almost like Doom 3 all over again. Maybe I will grow out of Doom too. 

I have grown out of Doomtown too. The game ended when I stopped. 

(when I always press Special, I end up always at 600 words. 600 is so com mon for me. What I am really trying to aim for everyday is 1000-1200. Tha t is a good amount. Write that everyday for month, 30 days or so, and that 's 30,000 words! enought to fill a novel! Think of a single chapther as be ing 1000 words each. And make it 30-40 chapthers. That sounds like a good novel to me. This novel I am writing about is my personal summer. Trainin g too to think about it. Eventually, I will get into the mood and write a 

fictional prose or research/academica project. I will be doing papers al l over again in the fall. My last semester. So lets make it my Swan Song) . 

I need a bos to ship out that Thrones binder in. Book cubbies are find. I 

moved down those game boxes finally. I need to move that seagull and pict 

moved down those game boxes finally. I need to move that seagull and pict ure of the beach. Funny, I am going to the beach tommorrow. So no need for pictures. Also I need a new Chinese cat to get me through the fall semes ter. Two years ago it was Pink for love. I got Alice. Second it was for E 

ducation. This is my last semester. What should my next one be? Money? Bu isness? Fortune? I have to go to the mall and get a new cat. 


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