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The strucalist teneded to argue that there is NO innate meaning within the text. 

There is some wisdom to this. 

At my education at undergrad college, I have realized in these "survey" classes, they ask the students "what did you see in the text?" Total baby shit. 

This constant and daily musing made me realize that text: novels, books, newspapers, anything written in physical form, is an illusion. That, the text, is rather, a rulebook or guideline to a game. A rulebook or guidelines. 

The text is not meaningful. It does not take over out lifves. We take over it and create meaning from it. In return, we feel it has a sacred power over us. 

Books, call it, "third-party bibles" if you will. Wrong way to think abou t text. The text is a rulebook or guidelines. 

If I have really read the text, I would have taken things that meant some thing for me. And me only. There is no objective reality. 

The way I read Dune by Frank Herbert is differnt the way you have read it . 

Novels are rulebooks and guidelines. 

Readers "deconstruct" the text and take what they want to justify the perv ersions that they have. Again, text has no innate meaning. 

It is art on a wall. The text is. 

People have read the text wrong. Lilly, that dumb bitch in school read it wrong. They treat the text as good as the bible. A "third party bible." A facade and a perversion to make sense of their active and offensive personallity. They are reading themselfs. 

The world and the west, in all honestly, is primal and natural. But, the bourgeois classes and elites are in denial of this behvaior and wish to control it or alter it and maybe even add in some religion to it. They say race dosen't exist and sex is great. But really, race is real and sex is not that idyllic. People are primal and the working classes live by this truth. Eventually, the higher up classes are over thrown by the primal class. We are animals. That is our nature. 

Accordingly so, this illusion about reality exist over academia and modern life. We live in a Soma state. We belive our lifes are meaning through "pyscosocial" narratives, careers, and selfishnis. Everything around use m akes our life meaningful, but in return, are not so meaningful. Everything it a sales pitch, a paywall, a trick to decive our interest and culture. 

We are a consumer culture. 

The text has became "second person". It dosent matter. What matters is if the text matters to YOU. The text, according to academia, is as well rulebooks and guidelines. Professors surf the text to find sources and quotes and again, recite them in thier own written text laangue, to be published in another guidelin/rulebook to be yet again, cited. Professors treat the world of academia like that of a car salesman, a stock-person, a manager, and any other job creating and selling products. The text is the commidity which the use and create new text to sell back again. It is the product. 

To the student, the text is a rulebook and guideline to prepare them for the "as-if" job to become a sales manager. It's less about meaning. Often, the student will make the mistake that the text is a third-party bible, or a scared piece of text that has something to do with hierachy meaning of intellect cultuire and history. In reality, it is just text that is often used in the guidebook/rulebook circle. Again, the text is a guideline and rulebook to a game people want to play. 

Shakesperare? No differnt from the operation manual of your newly bought video game system. 

Plato? A grocery lsit to the food you need to buy. 

Any other victorian writer: your montly bill send it to pay for the house you got.

Why then, would these names would be sacred anyway? Because people read the text like that of sincericty, objective science, and of a sacred relgious bible. Names like Shakepseare and Plato, the ancient tradition of Western Civilization. The world is primal. This is why they are defended. However, wisdom and cheerful quotes are nothing more than text without meaning. Guidelines and rulebooks to play the academica professional and to defend one self in the wild. To play a game. 

There is no rules to the game of survivial and the primal world. There is however, relgious books. But non-relgious text, like Shakepsere and Plato are rulebooks and guidleines too. 

To have any interest in "meaningful" text, is a selfish facade. In the end, we are confirming words on a canvas that relate to our personality, confrim personal belifes and opinions, and worship false gods that help make our personalities. 

False gods, by the way, are like the poltergiest. Ghost. They don't exist . They never existed in our lifetime. Yet, the ghost exist, and the text haunts us. And we want to belive the holy ghost is with us. Tomology tends to belive the holy ghost is in ALL text. True. 

That is, when are we going to belive that Jesus, Shakespere, and Palto are not real? They were dreams that existed many years ago that don't exist in our own current space and time. In fact, do we even know if time existed years ago? Do we have time correct? Or is that a dream too? 

Literary figures are figments of our imagination. They are not real, even how hard we would like to belive they are real, we never walked by their side. 

We should walk and talk with the people in this room. And read the text t hat is being created now. Not a billion years ago. In the end, we only re cieve the wisdom from these ancient text. But once again, ancient text we re written by people who existed only 500 years ago. Everything is facade . Translators, editors, a tradionalist are not the original, authentic voice of the ancient old text-writer. 

Homework is a guideline and rulebook to greater and more primalnature to sruvive and be a leader a world runed by animals with adavance langauge and concepts. 

That is, Us. 

The text won't save you, it won't help you, it won't help current political situtaitons, reality dosent exist and is a figment of your imagiantion. 

It's the reason why liberalism, communism, and the new left in genral, failed to understand. 

Once this is understood, I think we can all be "red-pilled" and break from the matrix. 

After all, I am a student in a room with a bunch of spoiled brat girls who are reading things out of mental masturbation. Just compare and contrast this to anyone living in Allgengy, Philadelphia. 

Nothing is being learned. We are actors on a stage. We are trying to play a game we don't understand. But of course, the text is there to help us play the game. 

...If you are dexlysic, you are alreadiny ahead of the game. Because you can't read the text, you can only act out as a game player and only guess. Letters and words meaning nothing. Only things that make us happy. Communication helps conform us. Might as well lie the whole situation and pretend you read and quote. 


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