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Radix essay


The following is an essay submitted for the Radix journal "Why I'm an Identitarian” 2015 contest. This was written as a fictional essay under the name Steve Pronko. It did not won, for obviously reasons. There is half-truths in this and somethings just made up. I do like it. Steve is kind of like an alte-ego or some kind of fictional charaacther I can write about.



Why I'm an Identitarian.



“I have great respent for the East Asian races. Even if we were to go extinct they could carry something on. They are by nature very racist and could be great allies of the White race. I am not opposed at all to allies with the Northeast Asian races.” -Dylann Roof


“If I had a son, he would look like Dylann Roof.” -Dr. Greg Johnson


“Summer bled of Eden

Easter's heir uncrowns

Another destiny lies leeched 

Upon the ground

…Everybody needs someone to live by…

Rage on omnipotent.” -Talk Talk, Eden.



Who am I? I come from a family with old money. My grandfather was an alcoholic and so is my father. We have a nice house in the bourgeois suburbs. I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs, I don’t plan on it.

In elementary, I was labeled “retarded” and kept away from kids at recess. This is typical of public school, after all. I was kicked out of the wrestling team for punching kid who called me gay. Eventually, I was kicked out of high school because a gang of blacks heckled me and I fought back in self-defense. It’s considered a “hate-crime” to do that. I was briefly sent to a special school. My parents then found an expensive private high school and saved me. Both the boys and girls in this school wore uniforms and were separated. I got the diploma. Now I’m in college. 

I have dark feelings of repressed revenge and sexual masochism about high school. I want to hurt rich boys who ignored me and rape blonde girls who refused to acknowledge me. I really wanted to shoot up my school. Unfortunately, I said it on Twitter and went to court for it. I got off the case and plead that it was out of “pure ignorance.” 

I kissed a few guys out of kindness. The only boyfriend I had was a cute Thai kid. We started out as friends, then it turned to hugs, and then it became a pleasure to drive him home from classes. It went downhill after I kissed him. He didn’t want to see me again. 

I only had sex once. It changed my sexuality for good. The fist time I masturbated was in the 6th grade and I thought about a cute Chinese girl that sat next to me. My first girlfriend was Chinese. The first time I ever kissed a girl was outside a movie theater. She was apparently Chinese too. And the first time I had sex was with a cute, nerdy Chinese girl at her dorm room. My current girlfriend is Chinese. I plan on proposing to her. You see, I unfortunately never have had a proper relationship with a White girl. 

Some would say I am experiencing an existential crisis. Why would I prefer Chinese women over my own kin? I have tried to find honesty in White women. They say they are beautiful, caring, and sexy. I hope white nationalist don’t find White women attractive because of this. The truth is that White women are, in today’s standards, naturally bourgeois and spoiled. It took me some time to understand this truth. It becomes obvious once you see it. White women should learn from Chinese women. White men know this too. It’s why White culture is being surrogated in the wombs of the Chinese. 

There is a common belief that Whites who date “Asians” are apart of one universal family. However, Whites who date Japanese hate Whites who date Chinese. I experience this myself in the Asian Studies division. Compare and contrast a college-age Chinese-American club to a Japanese-American club. It’s really a rivalry of Whites who prefer the company of Chinese verse the Whites who prefer the company of Chinese. The “Asian” terminology is flawed. Expect the formation of two parties of Pan-European Chinese and Japanese in the future. According to liberals, they will always be called “Multiracial.” But according to White Nationalist, they will always be called a mistake. Will European brotherhood accept their biracial step-brothers? Unfortunately, the popular answer is no. 

My love for Identitarianism is not based upon arrogance. It’s about something more deep than that. If I could put it in a single sentence, it’s a theory about denying modernity and fighting for what is good and innocent. It’s also an “underground” thing too. Ironically, I only call myself a white nationalist just to piss people off. Much of the scene is filled with misfits and punks. White nationalism is the only authentic ideology for hipsters. Yet, their is this orthodoxy found on online comment boards. The typical and hilarious principles believed in the white nationalist  scene are as followed:


-Excessive ethnocentric egotism is good.


-Whites must aggressively fight for an “Ethnostate” of some kind.


-Any system is good so as long White people are behind it.


-Sexual desire should be exclusive for the White woman.


-Having “hybrid” children is amoral.


-Your Jewish if you provide anything unorthodox to the movement. 


Again, ask a white nationalist what he desires sexually and he will most likely argue for his beautiful, caring, sexy White woman. When tempted to fall for a foreign beauty, he will stubbornly deny his sexuality. White nationalist care too much for ideology and become absolute prudes.

Being an Identitarian means fighting for your identity. My identity belongs to no one but mine. No one can tell you not to be an Identitarian. Those who enforce the law are submissive. White nationalism relies on wolves and sheep. An Identitarian already has his destiny planned out.

I will propose a controversial statement. I identify with everything that causes pain. There are five things that cannot be talked about in modernity. These things are about race, sexuality, IQ, class, and violence. Consider these classic conundrums: 


-Why can’t we call black people niggers anymore?


-Why can’t we have sexual desires for children? 


-Why can’t mentally retarded people have the opportunity to become The President? 


-Why does Molly get to study Japanese in Tokyo and Monica at her community college in Kansas? 


-Why can’t I have the right to kill somebody and get away with it? 


This list is considered “immoral” and forbidden by thought. Someone will get offended. It causes a sort of pain. It’s evil, they say. 

Well, white nationalism is associated with all of the above. Anything to do with the political Right has been pushed down so far, no sympathy for the movement can occur. Ever since 1789, we have divided our family to be either associated with the Left or the Right. The Left represents egalitarianism, that all human beings are the same. The Right represents inegalitarianism, or that human beings are apart of nature. It was the Left that started The French Revolution and it is the Right that has been struggling since. 

A majority of White people believe in egalitarianism. This is sometimes called “Progress.” It is supposedly consider to be a good. But to be associated with the old world, or the Right, is evil. Only criminals would be able to exploit race, sexuality, IQ, class and violence. You might be one of these freaks:


-Are you a racist skinhead? 


-Are you a pedophile?


-Are you mad scientist based on objective truth? 


-Are you a corrupt politician? 


-Or are you a cold-blood serial killer? 


All these things are now associated with the Right.  


White nationalist try so hard to be good. In other words, they try so hard not to be Jewish! Let’s face it though, Western Civilization has strong ties with Judeo-Christian values. White nationalist believe they are normal, but normal people want white nationalist to be evil. It would further make sense that the biggest divide in the white nationalist movement is between the feelings of good and evil. Should white nationalist be good citizens and praise American Renaissance or should they be evil Nazis that post offensive comments on The Daily Stormer

I have good news. The postmodern age is still preaching without any meaning. The swastika is becoming ironic. The only obstacle now is morality. It’s a dirty pleasure to be associated with the Right because it’s both good and evil at the same time. Maybe some of us read both American Renaissance and The Daily Stormer. It’s a theory about denying modernity and fighting for what is good and innocent.

The word “identitarian”is politically-correct. It’s not rude like “white nationalist.” I however enjoy my career as a though-criminal. I don’t have to serve some kind of greater good for the white race. I can love my Chinese girl and support the cause for my own people. I don’t care what anyone has to say about my own errors. All I have to do is be myself. It’s everything who I am. I wish to strive for a good innocent life for my family and children. There is nothing more better than to live a life of honestly, courage, integrity, and love. Freedom is a false concept. Modernity is against nature. We are animals ready to resist it. I breath, therefor, I am. It’s why I am an Identitarian.


Does it sound exciting to become an Identitarian now? I will conclude with a semi-offensive Adolf Hitler inspired speech…


Identitarian! Listen! Read Yukio Mishima, Peter Sotos, Jim Goad, Colin Wilson, Bill Hopkins, Jonathan Bowden, Knut Hamsum, Sade and Céline!


Embrace race, sexuality, intelligence, class, and violence!


Start an enlightenment for criminals in a world of hypocrisy!


Avoid deconstructionism, any mainstream movie, and cultural rotting influences! It’s about saving innocence, not harming it.!


Embrace the feeling of anger, of gore, of ultimate experiences that civilization is corrupting you of! Let it out!


Embrace both submission and power!


Become the new barbarian! 


…I took off my shoes before I entered the room to write this. 


-S.P. Jul/Aug 2015


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