Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Grammer Nazies


OCD is pretty bad to have. 

Really, it is. Imagine if you had to put everything in the correct order. You would get offended if things didn't go you way. 

Is it bad to have? Yes. 

I'm surprised. Is this disorder rather a form of autism? Hence, retarded? I think it should be. OCD is mental retardation. 

OCD is also practical. Scientist, Historians, Mathmatician, *cough cought, Computers, work with patterns. Constant patterns. If one pattern is not right, everything is wrong. It's not an excuse to make mistakes, and for that matter, be human. 

Imagien being a bar. You put your beer to the left side. Someone with OCD is sitting to the left of you, with beer on their right side. "Excuse me, I prefer to have beer right hear. Your invading my privacy." Really a nerd that dosen't have social skills (not getting sex either). 

There's more to it! 

Spelling. Out of all the things in the world, spelling seems to be the top priority with most OCD nerds. How can you examine your own langague? How do you even "spell-check" speaking? Someone goes ahead a says "naysaw" when the OCD idiot corrects and says "N.A.S.A." Some have called this person the "Grammer Nazi." 

The Grammer Nazi fails to understand the most basic princible of life. Human language is a langauge, not a science. I have never heard of a Japanese spell-checking their peers, or a Zulu checking his peers, or a Hindi checking his, and everything but the English langague cares less about "spell-checking." Spell-checking is an assult on langauge. It pretends it's helping, but rather pretrudes. I know what "good" teacher and "bad" teacher means. 

Let me digress hear. 

It is good to have the correct spelling when publishing any written work. Not to be "professional" or "smart." No. OCD people miss the point. It's because other people will cite the work. The written word is interpered in many ways. The Bible could say "all men are created equal." But others will denonce and says the written word really means is that Jews were created equal. The text is open because it is in print. Any printed word could mean anything. It's just symbols after all. 

You, the reader, have understood that is a diary entry. You know words are spelt wrong. Does that mean I, the writer, is ignorant how to spell to word, or, am I typing really fast and care less what the keys I punch have to say? 

Use some social skill dude. You fucking Grammer Nazi. 

If you were good at all, you would correct everything for my own benefit. I know I want my written words to be cleary understood. 

I really did publish the word as "papple" not "apple." You should use your social skills and realize I typed it the wrong way. But my intention should be "apple." Please help me and re-correct the word in your own draft. 

But this is an original manuscript! How dare you mess with my original text!? I didn't mean "papple" as apple, I meant to say Papple the 4th, great philospher on some bumfuck internet forum. 

This is where things get annoying. 

Is it possible to avoid someone with OCD? Yes. Call it out on them. The art of writing is not some grand art to wordsmith as you go. No. Dumbfucks believe in that shit. Like if writing is like being some kind of innocent piano prodigy. I feel sorry for anyone who thinks like this. 

C'mon dude, you watched that TV. Everything you know is made up from some fictional role model. You have no freedom. 

OCD is for mentally retarded people. Some people, who are not know as mentally retarded, have OCD. 

Like a majority of American women. 

Always but in, think they know best for their diaper chaning son. "Kiss me goodbye." "Watch you manners." "Don't use foul langauge." Stupid nonsense shit. She thinks she is doing it for your good, when most of the time, she is not your mother. She dosen't have a fucking clue how words are written. 

I should be greatful that I have a digital typewriter like this. I can write without distraction and write whatever I feel like. The "gobble-dee gook" my brother calls it. But my "gooble-dee gook" is my own word. 

Imagine If I died the next died and you hacked into my files. 


Well looks like you have to read all of my written words. Who's gonna fucking spell-check now? 

It must mean I'm some kind mentally retarded, illterate, fool myself. Stop reading now, if you can't another typo. 

I really do believe the artist is above everyone else. Some really "get- it," others dance in their own shit and pass it as "art." 

One day, they will make a machine that can physically write down words, like I had a pencil, while I type everything out. That way, you can look at the text as art, better yet, langague! Speaking has no words. Stop fucking spell-checking. 

Has it came to you that the fact all written journals, prior to 1960, were hand written? Now, in the context of today, all journals and diaries and written with a keyboard. This is no movement of the hand. Things have gotten more scientific. More OCD advocates. 

I write my journal with the Freewrite. Everyfinger dances in rythmn against each key. I playing a video game. And the controls to this game is the English Alphabet. I am only pressing the words that can cread words, and then make setences. I am writing while playing a game. I am using my own langague. This Freewrite makes things easier. 

Have you ever tried to write something? Or did you have to wordsmith each word you wrote down. You fucking retard. 

I really hate people with OCD. I have to deal with them. And have to tell them the same philosphy about writing over and over again. They just don't go it. I'm not sure if you "get-it" either (only true artist due). 

If this is not your thing, stoip reading. You can find wisdom somewhere else. Those who "get-it" see the wisdom already. 

Just so you know, I know one stupid bitch in my English class who does to me daily. She's going nowhere in life, I know that. 

Less OCD People, more artist. That all I ask. you "get-it?" 



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