Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Green Room


Trevor Lynch impression...

Late one afternoon, I saw the Green Room. It weas a typical horror film about 6 teenagers who play in a punk band and get trapt in a Neo-Nazi Skinhead venue. They play an utter bad rendetion of "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" and the skinhead cult locks them, without apparnet reason in the "green room." As with all teen drama horror films, drama assures, blood and gore stays traditional, and everyone dies but the nice guy and his hot newly met girlfriend. 

I really did'nt know what this movie was really about. In fact, I was told by my goofy brother that this movie was about Jean-Lu Piccard and his group of skinheads fighting a group of punkers. This obviously sounds like a comedy action film. Worse, my brother brought his so-called punker friend to watch the film too. No one was in theater. It was just like the time I saw the meloncoly film, Hemingway in Cuba, an indie film just like this one. 

I have to say, by all true standards, I could not find anything "indie" about the green room. It is another pulp horror film. The only conculsion I have thought of is the fact the film has assciations with punk music. Is that the true spirits of indie films? Stuff White People Like? I think so. Even if it is another horror film, supposedly the difference is that it is a horror film with punk music and culture in it. The punk theme has nothing sp[ecial to offer in the film. It's really about these evil skinheads. 

You see, these group of young hedonistic teenagers could of avoided all of this, if they havent booked a show at this skinhead venue. And worse, telling them to fuck off. The skinheads are the real victums of this movie, not the innoncent anti-racist punks. 

It is the oriental nature of the skinheads to kill people they don't like. They shave their heads and wear boots like a cult. And they listen to god awful evil, racist music. The head hancho is some bald kind that passes as Breaking Bad, and is nothing like William L. Pierce or Ben Klassen (It's Patrick Steward). He tells his minions to go and toutrue these poor punk kids and eventually kil lthem if they escape. He is like an inhuman monster. A natural cliche to irrational nature of horror films. I don't think Dr. Pierce was ever like Dr.No. Resistane Records was an epxeriment for him to proceltize the working-class American skinheads onto his side. He was really acting like a liberal and telling the barbarian they are good (this is what ever post-enlightment professor does nowadays). For this bald badly Pierce knock-off, he is totally evil. Evil. 


There was some aspects of the mi-son-secne I like in the film. In fact, the film was based too much around dialog and horror shocks. I love seeing the classic "anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white" stickers everywhere. As if, The Alternative Right has really struck a nerve with this liberal director and the "tsk-tsk" shaming is in full effect. A statment could never be so true. And, that one part where Patrick Steward gives the one second in command skinhead his red braces. Obviously, everyone knows you get red braces when you killed someone for his race (best cliche). Other than pitbulls and the music, the director's knowledge in skinhead culture was lacking. It was just the same old Hollywood Nazi skinhead, the 14-88 scene, things saw in the movies. This is not a ring-wing film, but a left-wing one. 

My brother only liked the film because of the skinhead aesthetic. But, this is not the authentic kind. It is liberal shaming. How can an actual
skinhead or Alt-righter really enjoy a film that paints the movement in bad light? It's just not possible. The Peeping Tom apperciation won't do. Having swastikas in a film won't get our ideas across. 

Now, the film starts with these left-wing teenagers saleeping in their roadie bus in a cornfield. The green haired teen needs gasoline to start
the car. The free boy and girl finds a car and hijacks the gasoline with a pipe and steals some gas. How cool of a lifestyle is that? Later, they get an awesome college radio interview, answering, "which band would you want
to have listening on a desert island?" (Unfortuanley, none of them said Korn or Limp Bizkit). This is unfortunely, the ultimate theme to the film, I
will get to that later. After playing a gig at a "normal" venue, there poser mohawk punk agent books them for a gig at the skinhead place, telling them "to play thier earlier stuff" and they are "ultra-right." This was the only part in the film that had mention a left-wing / right-wing dictomony
in the whole film (honestly, this is ultimatley anvoidable to any cultural group of white people. this something anyone must answer in order to
mature). Well, they walk in the racist club out in the middle of nowhere, and realize the stench of racism in the air. They decide to bravely play a cool and edgy cover of The Dead Kennedy's Nazi Punks Fuck Off. This was a sign of their high minded morality, as all the skins booed them off. Moreever, this was proabley the reasons why the nazi cult locks them up in the green room in the first happens. 

And thats jsut what hjappens. 


The plot gets really confusing afterwards. Some dead skin girl is on the floor too. Did the other skinhead guy killed her? Whatever happened, it's another high-mindedness why skinheads are so evil, they kill each other! 

Now they are locked in the a room, and the 6 teenagers just want to go home. I bel;ive one of them, the red haired girl, says shes jewish. How overpowering. One skin has a gun, and is ready to shoot them all without reasoning. 

Skipping ahead, they get into a fight. Lights go out. The dumb kid falls for Patrick Stewards trust, and his arm is slashed in half by some red lace thugs. One punk chokes the fat skin, and the misunderstood girl slices his stomach open. They all try to go out, the stupid green haired kid gets mauled by a cute pitbull. They back in the room, only to go out again, and the jewess gets shot in the leg, and mauled by the cute doggy again. Some shootouts later, the half-arm punk and skin girl fall for each other. Obviously, tow heads are better than one, and they work together to get out of this hellhole. Eventually, they get to Patrick Steward, trying to cover up the whole thing (becasue, you know, Nazies are evil). Some Western style shootup happens and is the most anti-climatic scne in the entire film. The half-arm and skin girl, wait for the policed, called in by the second in command skinhead because he realized everythin he is doing is wrong. 

This is where the movie is bad. The half-arm punk realizes "I know what band I want to play on a desert island." Only then for his girlfriend to tell him to shut-up. Credits roll. 

When I was 17, my favorite bands were Skrewdriver, No Remorse, Brutal Attack, pretty much everything offered on Micetrap Records. I was in love with this stuff because I wanted to know more about the subject. No once did I become apart of Patrick Stewards army of cultist. The music was not hypnotising at all. It was made up of disgruntled thugs who cxared deeply about the people they loved. I mean, aside from the drugs and lower-class culture, Neo-Nazi punk music is a scene to be truley to be alive in. And somehow, If I was on a desert island, listening to No Remorse's Nigger Lover, I would become a violent cultist? 

By the way, Patrick Stward said nigga in the film, it was pretty funny, just wish he would of said nigger instead. 

The film is flawed because it turns out to be both Stuff White People Like (punk music/culture) and preachy shaming, within the context of a mainstream horro film. Seriously, this film should not be called "indie." If I wasn't indie, I want all black people to go see this movie and a filled theater. That is something I would prefer. But the reason why it really is indie is because white liberals in their gated communtiies, come out to their lower- class movie thgeater and see the film. At the end, when credits roll, clapping like golfers. Well, noone was there because the truth is, no liberal lives out in bumfucksville. 

At the end of the film, I always talk how I felt about the whole
expericne. As usual, with a party of 3, someone is not in-group and tension occures. My brother liked the film only for the skinhead aesthetic (boring). His dopey friend, I remember him saying "Well finally I can see a movie
for our demographics. A horro movie for punks." And the cringe-worthy, "The Nazies are my enemy so I kind of like the idea this horror film." Mind that my brother's friend is actually reatrded. It seems like what everyone wants is a film about themselfes. They might as well produce "indie" films about animated punk family cartoons, and punk romance comedeys, and punk dramas, and more punk horros while there at it. Everything relates to idenity politics. Whites have divided themselfes through materisltic culture and can't seem to go over and realize everything is about themeselfs. It why no blacks would ever show up to an indie film, because the word "indie" and
the theme is implicitly white, and therefor racist. The fellow black person just wants an ethnostate. 

I want an ethnostate too. But I can't stand an ethnostate with whites glolfiy an materaistic cultre with no meaning today. They are hanging onto their race, not the music. Green Room is only implicity white on the fact of punk culture and music, but refuses to acknowledge the turn of Nazi punk. It's like World War 2 all over again. This is the reoccuring theme with libeal movies. A bunch of West-Coast White Nationalism, and nothing much much to offer but running away from the real problems ahead. 

I'm getting sick of these "indie" movies. It might be the only way for liberal whites to express themselfs, but the nazi cliche has to go. Another special snowflake film in the IFC Channel gutter box. 

The only band I want to listen on a desert island is KMFDM. They might claimed to be left-wing, but their music is innovative and charming. Same with Depeche Mode, the best of our chartersitics is hidden behind the text. 


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