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There are four factors that cause mental trama, dignosis, disorders, and insnaity.

"primal world, failure of infulence, confusion about idenity, pyhsical abuse."

1. "Confusion about self-idenity."

Imagaine you want to be an intellectual writer. However, you live in Camden New Jersey. A majoirty is black and illiterate. You are the only one. You are a Tiger. Your rfamily, friends, and strangers are not the intellectus you see yourself as. You are in your own little world and confused about the nature of your own reality.

2. "Impossible to exert infulence and choice."

Imagine you want to see a friend but he lives 20 miles away. You need a car, but don't have one. Or you could ride your bike. Which will take a little bit longer. You want to go to the beach for vacation, but have no money. You want to go to a good college, but don't have the money or transportation either. You want to perform music in front of an uadience, but have no way of getting there. There is an impossiblity, or even failure to conduct perssonal choice and infulence which makes the indiviudal more in control of ones life. Parents might get in the way and say no, or even gaurdians, friends, or even greater forces run by the governement. For example, everytime GenCon or Amren happens, I wish I was there, since the age of 21. I never went. Now I am reaching 25. I watch time fly by while I cannot do anything to go and attend Amren. (most people lie and say they went).

3. "Pysyical Abuse than correct reward."

Imagine, I cried because I lost a friend and I told this to my dad. Instead, dad punches me or tells me to shut up. This in return creates confusion about feelings and emotional outcomes. The correct response would to accomodate me and would need a hug to show a sign of affection. Any emotion could trigger the reward system into something greatly perverted. This might be the cause for sadomascism, insanity, and sexual fetishes. Anger is rewarded as good and being good, which is natural for the animal, is condemmed. Harry Haslow has done similar experiments with monkeys. A monkey that stays in in the dark for a year is scarred for the rest of it's life. This is agaisnt nautre.

"Primal world truths conflict with materialistic vaules."

The natural order of the world, like IQ, Race, sexaulity, the strong and the weak, are often lied to in our advance and intelelctual human world. Animal behavior, like pissing and shitting, having babies, getting sick, is told as a condtion and something eyveryone has to go through rather than being a truth to the ugly reality as us being animals. We are more like walking monkeys, or bigfotos, with advance langauge and rtheroic. Langague is actually a tool for us to speak noises like the mewling of animals. Langauge is therefor tnot authentic. In a sitiation, a kid might ask "where do babies coem frome?" The parents make a petty lie, don't bother, and then maybe in the same day, the kid is exposed to sex in the same room or is raped by someone else. Also, religious parents could shame their kids, making them ignorant of sex, and by the age of 24, never had sex and devoided of sexaulity. Unnautral. Antoher example inculdes the racial egaltarians lie, that all races are the same. When in face, in public school, all races self-segerate with kids they want to be with. Also, someone might be blind, is retarded, or has a blood disorder, and face is burnt, anything that defines that is differnt from the shape of an a human being and becomes something differnt. The priomal world is often ignored in the materlaistic human world. Reality is the primal world, hence why science is so dominate. Apart of growing up requiire the knowledge of the primal world. If someone was lied to abnout the primal world for an eniter young life, then confusion is create and there is not grounded reality. MArtin Heideggar's philosphy tries and makes the average, bourgoios man back to the primaitive state of an animal. The reality of the world is at the materialsitc person. 1950's white america compared to agitated 1960's baby boomers who hate their parents.


These four factors have cause great distrubances in the human condtion. A healthy human being can overcome these four factors. Or, hace received THE CORRECT REWARDS from these factors instead. Such like, exerting infulence, being around similar like minded people, receiving the correct treatment for emotion responses, and learning the facts of life, like race differnces, sex, how primal people really are, rehtroic, petty lies, and animal behavior.

oddly enough, however, Tiffinay Trump and Chelease Clinton would represent the perfect human beings. Only rich liberal elites CAN AFFORD to be healthy andf perfect. It goes with out saying, the strong survive and the weak perish. Or the weak are exploited by the strong and the weak exist to make the strong bed strong.

Classical pyscohology, by Willheim Wunt, is about old school fascisn. The Aryan man. Lifting weights, having sex, eating healthy, wearing powerful clothes, grooming ones hair, speaking politely and being in control, is demanding human facotrs of health. This however, means that White Nationalism is the besy system to have. Everyone should strive for greatness and not wekaness. The weak should strive to be strong. Weaknees should be condemed.

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