Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nic Endo is not true Japanese and is therefor not a true punk (the jew, the black, and her)




The green moon arose from the horn of the mountain. The sky turned a bright white. Five little beetles dance in circle around the decayed corpse. The flesh was inverted, already chewed, still virgin skin. Great Lady reaped it’s last soul. The Beetles were to eat the last of the body’s flesh. For the obedience of Great Lady, this was the only way of life. 

The Beetle opened up its mouth and out came his long tongue - a Lamprey. The Lamprey began on the back of the skull, twisted it’s body around so it could crutch and break the skull. It sticked, never move. The Godess arose from the sediment layer. Blonde hair that reached to her feet and out of her anus. She stood 20 feet tall, as big as the mountain. A diamond shaped head, eclipsed against the white sky and the green moon, into a void less face with no eyes but a mouth and a nose. The beetles each opened the back of their thorax, out with long red sticks. A hum. A drone that made the green light brighter between her eyes that faced the decayed corpse. She spoke quickly in echos: 

“I love you. I love the life you have lived. I love you as a person. I love the choices you made and the struggle you been through. All your dreams never came true, but I believe in you.”

The red sticks swayed back and forth, like an endless run of dominos, a whirlpool around the corpse.

“I love the way you look. I love the food you ate. I love how much anxiety you carried, and how much you never let go. This is what I love, you. I love all the pain you have felt, and the existence you live now. Welcome home, Axel.”

Axel is the god of decay. Today he has finally died. Before, he was nothing but clay. Clay as in a human being. He has survived the trial and finally has decayed. Beatrice had fallen in love for the first time. 









How important is zero in our hindu arabic numeration system? where did it come from and what was its usefulness?


Zero is the number that means no quantity. It was first introduced in the Mayan number system, as 0. Zero is used as a marker in the number placement. With zero, we can know how many numbers exist in the tens, hundreds, millions and etc place. It can mean nothing, but it can also mean many. 




Out here in the wasteland is boring, incredibly boring. Me and Galileo had are share. Resting under some wore out thing of the past , “New Album Out Now! 3-12-2030.” The key to the past is the present. I wish I knew what it was like, but I’m not Shiro, so I wouldn’t understand anyway. Can’t believe old Galileo makes it this far. Last time he broke down and had to push him to keep up. Poor thing, he gets this far, he deserves better. Lampreys long ago use to live in the water. This wasteland doesn’t even have a proper Oasis. Well, none actually. Water is a rare thing too. The only “Oasis” to find out here is a Kenshin nest, don’t want to mess with those fuckers. My rifle has about two clips left. Galileo is resting on his side. Me too. Nothing is out here, not even good women. Just Kenshin nuts. Not even Kenshin women (surprised if they have any). The Sun is setting. I don’t there will be any harm under this old poster. A thing of the past indeed. What was it like to be Shiro? I kind of wish I was one, kind of wish I had life easier. Wish life wasn’t like this. 

Tomorrow we head south. Hopefully get to Akuma-machi by noon. I have enough Pokki to make it. If anything is in are way, like Kenshin, I’ll be ready. Those metal head maniacs won’t make me bow down to their so-called lord. Feels bad to shoot’em. I remember I shot one of them today. Sad really. He was coming out me full charge. Drops like a broken toy. Almost like a toy with all that junk on their bodies. Have to find a place to sleep in tomorrow and provisions. What the Shiro did to the old way of living, made life worse. It’s a struggle for us down here, but they don’t feel it. But If I was Shiro, I would hide away from harm too. Maybe one day I will see them. 





Got to Akuma-machi on time. The sun sets again! Staying in at a inn called Yuki. A nice Stewardess guide me to my room and offered Pokki. Nice, what I needed anyway. Haven’t seen a women in forever. She’s Chinese. A beautiful race of people indeed. One that I am not apart of. I bet some pay high for a Chinese doxy. Better than of Japanese. Years ago it was only the Chinese. Funny how things age. 

I shot a couple of Kenshin on my way. They were sitting around eating, probably each other. The youngest one shrieked a shrill noise. Distress call. I shot him down right in the head. Half of his head blew off and guts flew. …Or was it just the toys? The other guy came on Galileo, like an undead Ultraman (no pun intended, it WAS Ultraman!). Knocked out his plastic eyes with the butt of my gun. Galileo knocked the rest out like baseballs Poor Kenshin, both a nuisance and a joy. A joy to exterminate them. 

I have Ultraman’s mask right besides me. Kept it as a souvenir. It I put it on, sooner or later I will be one of them, masturbating to lolicon and eating Pokki. …well, not that much. Galileo will rest tomorrow. I’m going about town. I wish I had a place like this. Beautiful pink and red symbols of the past. Just like the Stewardess. I love the round bed, kind of like out of a Chanbara film. Their is so much to describe of it. I want the Stewardess to sleep with me!! I wish I was Chinese. Ha! Not Shiro! Going to find books tomorrow too. Maybe an actual place like this to crash. …Maybe this place!





The ocean laid flat as a closed window, ready to be opened by the incoming drake fleet. The Varr San Ironclad was about to face it’s dangerous destiny. Five dwarfs rushed from the ship’s quarterdeck and into battle. Hell storm, the Ironclad’s weapons, weighed a massive heap of the ship. A producing face of that of a dragon erected itself down and towards the horizon. Fire and Brimstone could set ablaze a whole fleet into hell. Chief Smarkle roared over quarters to Admiral Hinkledorf, “Doomreavers ahead!” “Bring them the storm!” cried back Hinkledorf. 

Ripples from Varr San raced towards that of the drake fleet’s. The impending collision against two deadly forces. The sky turned from grey to black. The Doomreavers were shaped of thorny black spines. 





Super Boston Terrier.


James Harton and his dog Leroy strolled down Henderson and onto Mayberry street. The sun magnified the heat onto poor Leroy. 


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