Wednesday, October 26, 2016


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like Sex Roleplay.

You: F

Stranger: Hi, M19.

You: Awesome!

You: How are you? :)

Stranger: I'm fine and horny:) how about you? ^^

You: Great!

You: What are you doing up at this late hour?

You: Huh?

Stranger: Well, wanted to do some roleplay after a long time, mainly because I just couldn't sleep and didn't know what else to do:D how about you?

You: Aww yeah!

You: What's your name sweetie?

Stranger: Chris, how about yours?

You: Ying, but I prefer Zoe :)

Stranger: Damn I'm repeating myself so much?:D

Stranger: Great name btw!

You: haha thank!

You: So what do you do late this hour?

You: Chromecast and cuddle?

You: lol

Stranger: I think cuddle lol

You: What? No Netflix? haha

You: I fucking love spongebob. Wearing pink spongebob pajamas now

Stranger: Wow, that actually sounds hot

You: Haha, i know you you would say that! :)

You: I think you would be more into my black hair

Stranger: Aw yea? How would you like if I just grabbed it and pulled your head to mine so I could longly kiss you? :*

You: hahaha. your are the romantic?

You: :)

Stranger: Dunno about that

You: or you just saying that?

Stranger: Just saying

You: cool jazz

You: what else would you do? ;)

Stranger: Definitelly would take your clothes off :P

You: haha! your so eager!

You: it's so hot in hear!

You: idk if it's the city outside or if the room is too small

Stranger: Hehe.. I just got a hard on from you:P definitelly would love to put my cockhead on your pussy and just play there a little bit..

You: haha, yeah, i got no panties on!

You: i haven't seen it before,

You: you kiss and say stuff, but let me really see it!

You: are white dude's cocks really that big ;)

Stranger: Depends :P I have about 7 inches btw :*

You: get out. :p

You: Why are you after me then?

Stranger: Its already out baby

You: whhhaaaaattt

You: LOL

You: ahhhhhh

You: it's so pink XD

You: it's a stick! hahahaha

Stranger: Well.. thats a reaction, lol

Stranger: Wanna touch it? :P

You: omg lol hahaha

You: get it aways XD

You: wow

You: what are you doing! get in bed!

You: Your just standing there

Stranger: Mmm.. as you wish baby:P

You: hahah

You: it's like an animal dick

You: aha!

You: trying to put it on my leg?

Stranger: Ahh.. you talking about my cock like this makes me sooo horny to be honest..

Stranger: Here you go :*

You: haha

You: it tickles when you brush it o me

Stranger: It tickles my cockhead too lol

You: guys always say that about their cock

You: hahalol

Stranger: Ah

Stranger: You mean it like this XD

You: yeah, no shit, my pussy is hard too!

You: hahaha :)

You: omg shhhhhhh

Stranger: Mmmm.. lemme touch it with my fingers :P

You: my roommate is in the other room!

You: i don't want to hear her fucking my boyfriend at this hour haha

Stranger: Awh okay haha

You: shhh

You: haha

You: ok

You: lights out

You: kiss me :)

You: under the sheets

Stranger: Mmm :*

You: :>

You: :)

You: you like when i touch it?

You: <3

Stranger: Yea, baby.. feels soo good..

Stranger: :3

You: i bet you never had a girl on your cock before! haha!

You: cutie!

You: kiss

You: and your balls!

Stranger: :**

You: haha

You: like when i tat them like this?

You: haha

Stranger: Awww god hell yea hah

You: ha balls are so strange

You: or like

You: what if i slap them

You: you will get hurt! XD

Stranger: Ohh cmon

You: haha :)

You: ok

Stranger: You cant even realise how much it hurts :D

You: yeah

You: im turing red from this excitment

You: ok

Stranger: Aww sweet!

You: turn me over

You: just let me face the wall

You: to the right

Stranger: Mmm, yea..

You: ok so

You: just pull down my pants

You: and you know

You: just like

You: put your stick around it ;)

You: do it soft

Stranger: Sure baby :P

You: can't do rough tonight!

Stranger: Anything you say :*

You: haha

Stranger: I mean everything hah

You: your hand is so sticky!

You: and warm

You: on my butt

Stranger: Mmm.. what happens if I slap it a little? :P

You: haha

You: ouch

Stranger: Mmm..

You: omg

You: your strong!

Stranger: Wasnt everything I got baby :P how about this... mmm..

You: I know you love chinese ass!

You: OH

You: ahhhh XD

Stranger: I love this ass of yours baby:P

You: put your arms around mine

You: yeah

Stranger: alright

You: haha my long hair is touching your cock

You: i can feel it. so strange

Stranger: awhh

You: yeah

You: chris

You: yes

You: keep goin

Stranger: mmm, yess,..

You: baby

You: i feel it

You: so good

You: yes

You: baby

Stranger: I love that baby:*

You: i love you

You: yess

You: :)

You: haha

You: im getting wet

Stranger: mm.. my cock is rock hard all the time :3

You: yeah

You: haha

You: feels like im outside

You: feels like a monster on me

Stranger: can I play with your tits a little, baby?:* come here..

Stranger: mmm..

You: what? haha

You: You like flat chest?

You: ahhhh

You: i love you so much

Stranger: yeaa.. the nipples..

You: your crazy!

Stranger: let me just suck on them a little..

Stranger: mmm... :33

You: ahhhh

You: now your being pervery

You: oooo

You: such a cute beast you are

You: <3

You: kiss

Stranger: mmm, yea :**

You: kiss me

Stranger: :** mm

You: long kiss

You: taste me

You: wrap your hand around my head

You: :)

Stranger: yes, baby :* lemme put my tongue into your mouth..

You: your kisses

Stranger: sp I can play with yours..

Stranger: mmm :*

You: are so sloppy :p

You: kiss

You: i love you

You: your such a nice guy

Stranger: i love you too, baby:*

You: :))

You: cum on my leg

Stranger: awwww

You: jerk t

You: it

Stranger: you're this perverted? <3

You: its so powerful!

You: quick

You: your not wearing a condom!

Stranger: mmmm.. gonna cum really soon.. ahhh..

You: your an animal!

You: honey

Stranger: here.. on your leg... ahhh!

You: OO

Stranger: im cumming...


You: haha

You: lol

You: wow

You: hahaa

You: it's like your peeing

You: with white goop

You: lol

Stranger: awhh.. yeahh

You: omg

You: let me kiss it!

You: <3

Stranger: ahhh, yes baby.. I'm loving these kind of kisses :33

You: nice man

You: this is mine <3

You: your gonna look out for me

Stranger: all yours :*

You: take a pic of my leg

You: don't show it to anyone!

You: hold on

Stranger: yes, baby, I promise

You: another pic

You: like me get one with your cock

Stranger: mmm..

Stranger: here..

You: cock selfie!

You: omg lol

Stranger: awhh haha

You: kiss

You: suck

You: awww :)

Stranger: you cant actually imagine how much im enjoying this.. :**

You: i love your white cock <3

You: so glad i met you

You: foreplay me

You: come hear

You: kiss me more :)

You: i love you baby

Stranger: mmm... :** kiss

You: mmm

You: i love you

Stranger: i love you too :3 mm.. my cock is all rock hard again from you.. mm

You: your so soft <3

You: yeah

You: sweating

You: :)

You: oh it's so hot out

Stranger: yea..

You: what time is it?

Stranger: don't even know anymore baby

You: haha

You: bend over

Stranger: mm, yea?

You: what is it

Stranger: i dont know baby.. really..

You: yeah fuck it

You: :)

You: mmm

You: let me lay on your chest

You: close the window, city too noisey

Stranger: alright.. come on my chest baby :*

You: :)

You: kiss

You: yeah

Stranger: awhh your tits.. mmm

You: hehehehehe

You: you can cum twice?

You: ;)

Stranger: for you? of course baby :**

You: hehe

You: i feel so safe

Stranger: mmm.. as you should when you are this close to me :*

You: :)

You: i love you whisper

You: :)

Stranger: mmm.. how about whispering into your ear how much i love you ? <3

You: :)

You: haha

You: i feel so slow now

You: and tired

You: your such a great guy

Stranger: ahh, thanks baby :3

You: :3 you too

You: :)

You: what's happening tommorrow?

You: my left leg is so stick ha

You: sticky

Stranger: haha, put it here so i can make it even stickier with my cockhead with precum :**

Stranger: ahh..

You: haha

You: get it away! :)

Stranger: mmkay baby

You: mom is coming over tommorrow

You: you got to look good!

Stranger: ohh alright

You: no jock shit like you like to do :P

You: or any of that "bro" stuff

Stranger: ahh cmon haha

You: i just you to leave a good impression on her

You: i want to be with you :)

Stranger: so do i baby

Stranger: alright

Stranger: will do

Stranger: for you :*

You: :)

You: Your so sweet

You: You know...

You: we are totally gonna have 4 kids! lol

Stranger: ahh you want 4

Stranger: wow

You: haha

You: we can do it!

Stranger: sure thing:*

You: two sons, two daugthers?

You: or all sons or girls?

Stranger: dunno, i think two and two sounds the best

Stranger: what do you think?

You: hopefully so :)

You: Zoe, Chris Jr.... I love "Alice" great name

Stranger: mmm, sounds great baby!

You: Baozhai!

You: moms name

You: just call her "betty" haha

You: :)

Stranger: mm, okay baby :)

You: well, there's tommorrow!

You: let me lay on you

Stranger: yup

You: go to sleep dear ;)

Stranger: mmm... wanted to cum for you for the second time but okay baby ^^ whatever you want :3

You: ahhhhhaahah

You: cut it out

You: !

You: :)

You: let me kiss it goodnight

You: kiss

You: already too soft

Stranger: mm yea

You: ill suck it like ramen noodles lol

You: your a fucking stud

Stranger: awwww baby

Stranger: cmon you know how this turns me on

You: guy's dicks are so strange

Stranger: why do you think so baby?

You: little red tip and everything

You: i laugh when i see yours!

Stranger: well the tip is the most sensitive part.. ahhh cmon!

Stranger: haha

You: :)

You: aha

You: goo to sleep dear

You: Goodnight Chris <3

Stranger: Goodnight Zoe <3

You: ;) <3

Stranger: btw wanna do the morning or you are leaving?

You: wut?

Stranger: well

Stranger: we just went to sleep in the roleplay right?

You: go to bed dear haha


You: or kik me

Stranger: I already am in the bed :D okay but i prefer skype if you have it

Stranger: whats your kik?

You: Umm, I got to go babe. Whatever. 

You have disconnected.

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