Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Long Live Snapchat!


People are naturally weak. Unlike their ancestors, who hunted animals and fought over food, people "survive" with 9 to 5 jobs, trapted in their cubicles. The check pays enough for electricity and materialistic things. Unnessary. Real-life adventures inculde "getting into college" and "having sex." These are consider life changing, once in a lifetime, amazing expiernces. 

How low people have become. 

Oddly enough, I'm not sure I should use the Astrohaus Freewrite forum for my own use. If their's nothing to write about, I might as well type it out. It's all about the post count in the end. That's a good user! So, I went ahead and wrote a topic, "New Screensavers?" It's obvious that Astrohaus will update the screen savers with new authors. Right now, there is only Asimov, Christie, and Poe. 

Now, some idiot cat-lady by the name "aura pixies" (something escapist) budge in and wrote about how there needs to be more non-white authors and how great of a "queer" writer she is. 

Weak people in effect. 

First, Asimov is a Jew. Christie is a woman, and I'm not so sure what Poe did on the cat lady's birthday party. Has she ever read about Poe's philosphy? Well, with weak people, everythin takes place in the "mind." Weak people follow other sheep. They take all the current insitutions as a good. Ironically, they wish the insitutions to be more good to them. The insitution is nothing more than a globalist, capitalist system. All they care is for a mindless consumer, and it's tricky seller (who was once a deluded consumer, now a deluded salesman!). It's a big jerk circle. 

Second, she is a "queer" who needs a "voice." This really sounds like Ethno-nationalism. 

If so, I would like a voice for White Nationalism (if I go ahead and play the game). But of course, her cause is differnt because she is not the majority. That makes her reasoning special. Another irony, is that, she relies on White men to make sure she had her own little state. We get to pay for it, and she can do what she wants. It's like a spoiled brat and her atomized dad. A recepit for diaster. If there was no white men, there would no be queer state. Yet, she wants no white men to begin with. She want's "women of color." It's why I replied back, "...Savitri Devi?" A woman of color, and a Neo-Nazi. Isn't that queer enough? Nope. That's "racist." That gets to the whole point that this Ethno-Nationalism is Leninist self- dtermination. Or in other words, "Cultural Marxism," or something sinister made by the Left intellgensia. 

I don't think I have to state a third resaon. Made be, naturally, every single cat lady is passive-agressive. A diesase the all white liberals tend to have. But I know other passive-agressive types: Suburban moms, Graduate students, Bumfuck nurses, Teachers, pretty much those who feel "entitled" or who are liberal. The only people who do feel passive- agressive are my own people. I'm so sure what the evoultionary streagy was intended to do. I only know my own kind likes to think everyone is white like us. Inculding the cat lady who can't write on her Freewrite because a Jewish science-fiction writer offends her "mojo" to write about how bad The White Patriarchy is. I don't blame cat ladies, I blame weakness. She is a naturally weak person looking to cower under something. 

It's so easy for white girls to cower as well. It's easier for them to be "feminist" because they can be victums to. This weak society is mentallaly retard. It rewards the victum, the inner weakness, than the strong. Other than that, maybe it's something deep with in our consciousness as a people and we are falling prey to alien forces, as Jared Taylor would say. 

To win today, to climb the ladder, is to admit to somekind of weakness in one's self. Imagine, a fat black girl calls a white girl racist and sexist. White girl replies, "you don't know what it's like to be trans and lesibian." Passive-agressive is produced by weak people. Someone is enablling the masses to be weak. I assume the verdict is the New Left school of thought (not Conservatism, they failed to them). Well, Frankenstein is alive and will bite them in the ass. It really is rather a reflection of the privitized, atomized, indivulized, upper-class con man. His original intention was just to have a safe, white gated coummunity with tons of materlaistic stuff. In return, his weakness and cowardice made everyone a pushy "queer" to climb the professional queer ladder. That's of course how you get a job. I do belive a majority of people are faking it. I can be gay too. I act lik it and become it. I just never put my dick in a man's ass. Showing the intention is much easier than becoming it. Another sign of weakness. 

Everything is in "the mind" with the weak. The mind won't help you find animals to kill or women to fuck. It's natural for anyone to act weak. 

I expect to bump into more cat ladies in the future. 

A meditation in advance: 

Cat ladies are normal people. They are not eccentrics or real queers, they are normal people. That's what this Leftist society wants. 

Cat ladies are incohrent. Their mind is based upon thier own ego. Selfishness. The desire to consume than to buy. Everything around them is a toy in their playroom. "If it existed to offend me, it should not exist." 

Cat ladies are boring. Thier written langauge is about how "opressed" they are and why they are differnt. "I am a black queer and this is what I have to say." Nothing logical. No proof of evidence. Things are "racist" because "I saw it." A lanague game (I just read Sam Delany's Racism in Scince- Fiction. He did not mention on incident of so called racism. He claim he sees it). 

And finally, Cat ladies are agitators. They are not in it for the greater good. They want to tear everything down because they are weak. They don't have what the powerful has. Cat ladies are jeaolous. They are offeneded to the thought that they are not in the discourse. They refuse to listen to certain information becasue they don't get it. They listen to their Deconstruction fathers and go upon buring things to the ground. There is no moral, revoutionaly reason for "Black Lifes Matter." They are Nationalist doing what they do best. Naturally segreating in a diverse area (Diversity is source of conflict). Hopefully, history will not be written that way. Maybe history will finally favor the White Nationalist. 

"I was wrong and you were right!" They all say. Everyone wants to say. The weak like it when we talk like this. Nothing much happened after when Aura Pixie wrote her comment. Some other person posted some author of "color." 

The Freewrite, the very tool I am typing on. Is the ultimate bourgois tool. I write houw I feel. I confirm personal beliefs nad opions. I am you and you are me. I am Issac Asimov and Poe. I am famous writer no one is reading. I am watching myself like a YouTube celebrity. Writing, ironically, is obsolete. Why write anyway? Writing confirms an old traditional loved by the turn of the centurary baby-boomers. Writing is a pretensious habit with nothing to offer in the market. It is a secret  angauge held by those who can read it. The written book will not last forever. It is already no longer. 

Long live Snapchat! Long live the new media other than the written word. 

This is not satire. Stop trying to deconstrcut what you just read. I am watching you and you are watching me. This has no poltical agenda that will suit your lifestyle. 


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