Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Beth Tezuka I cum on her chest


Wow! I recieved my first anthology of journal/diary notes of Summer 2016! Awesome! I am really excited (playing Depeche Mode's In Your Room radio mix while I type).

I have to prepare to compile "Swan Songs" in December 2016. This will be my second piece written for it. The first, written a few days ago. This time I will compile with the Dropbox to txt approach. I will NOT add PDFs to the file folder. I will add the TXT files instead. I am also thinking about writing on the side "Shades of Ami" about being 22 on that single semester on CENSORED campus, something about a serial killer killing everyone and having sex with strangers, and maybe even something about my YTMND career. Too much to focus on. Not sure if I such make an extra folder for TXT files to enter File B. I will be already busy, starting in three weeks, to attend a final semester at CENSORED. I don't feel like writing a memoir about that situation. I am already writing what comes by anyway. My focus will be on the college papers. I think I will compile them into Swan songs too. And maybe bits and parts of the serial killer/ami novel too. I am almost done. I wrote poorly bakc then. Still trying to learn to comprehend setneces and touch typing while I do this. If only I had the means and access to constantly write my thoughts on canvas sooner... Now I do. I can finally shake my fist at the world to show them all!

Now, my next acitivty, will be finishing typing my "micro magic" project. I have made multiple versions of Magic Old School LCG. I think I am coming to a conculsion. Non-profit, card sharing from "Make Playing Cards" dot com. 200 cards on the size of mini brown and white cards with JUST THE TEXT. amazing. I think I got it.

Also, learning more about Baidou and Althusser. Althusser lived a sad life. His insanity must be learned about. As for Baidou, he is half-right. Communism will nto rule the world, but Nationalism!

Ok... on to my next project. I feel like fucking Nate or some imaginanry anime girlfriend right now. Somewhat horny, but not to lazy to do it. I just lifted weights anyway. Now on to it...!

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