Monday, June 6, 2016

The need for a revolution against nepotism

Why start a revolution if people are happy with what they got? 

There is'nt any proper reason to complain. Everyone has their own private world and no one cares about the bigger picture. 

In fact, it is a liberal ethic to become more "aware" or "wiser." 

Also, why start a revolution if nepotism is the center of the American economy? 

The American Dream is dead not because of an unfair ruling system, but because it denies a certain reality of nature. 

Your profession is determined by how many friends you have. 

It's doesn’t take a rocket science to know this. 

Tell anyone this truth and they go berserk. 

Why would the American system lie to anyone that it is only connections that makes a good life? 

That means, public and higher education was a waste of time. Working a day job is a waste of time. Consuming other products has not benefit. And creating art and investing in hobbies in the most ultimate waste of time. 

We been lied to. 

Why would they lie? Because our elites have a foundation in liberalism and the post-enlightment. 

"Education," comes before nepotism. Even though, it is nepotism that is the basis of the Left trinity. 

Friends, Family, Freedom. 

Friends. Everyone has them. Some friends are serial killers, movie directors, and prostitutes. Expect to be like them. 

Family justifies your existence. The family created the law the connection of strangers. Family is stable to a healthy, happy life. It is the family that gives us meaning. 

Freedom, is what we all dream of. If only we did not have to hunt and kill for food. If only we did not have to struggle to woo over a lover. If only we did not have to physically fight to get a point across. Freedom means to do what we desire. Everyone has a different meaning of freedom. But all freedom can agree upon that is it law and the rules that stops freedom. Freedom allows people to become gods. 

...ironically, some freedom harms other people's freedom (some animals are more equal than others). 

America is based upon a private, liberal, free life. But freedom cannot be consumed alone. People need Friends and Family. It is family that gives people friends and freedom. It is friends that make family and freedom. Desire is the ultimate rule. 

It turns out, only winners can obtain friends, family, freedom. The lower classes, give them their own friends, family, and freedom. Everyone is in their own bubble minding their own business. That's American life. 

My life if therefor justified. Accordingly, I don't have to do anything else! I already have the family to back me up, some useless friends that have their own perversion, and the freedom of consuming. This is American life. I'm sure my friend Nate, his family all graduated from Ivy league schools, Nate's friends are jewish liberals, and the freedom he/she has is being a dickgirl. This trinity can only be afforded by the higher classes. I have to do what's best and aim for middle-class things. 

Life is utterly boring. 

Revolution is needed because this life is not natural. Animals are free everyday. We have to "work" for our freedoms. But the truth is, no one really works to get anything. Everyone fucks their friends and find their faith. We are more animal than we deny to be. 

Revolution is needed because we are not honest. We lie to get ahead. We get caught up in our own intellectual language and confuse the normal human. Liberals corrupt humans into liberals. If we were honest, we would have a system that caters to our own family's interest. Strangers run the system. 

And revolution is needed because there is too many people, too much mass- production, too much technology, and destruction of the earth. The Western World is consuming the earth until it has lived each 90 years life completely. No one gives a damn after death. The religion is hedonist nihilism. No one cares anymore. 

There is also a wrong type or Revolution. I am not a leftist or liberal. A "revolution" is often fantasied by the left. They want to "liberate" barbarians into liberals. They want everyone speak their own rhetoric. This life is boring and inhumane. They are Buddhist trying to break out of the wheel of reincarnation. A revolution can not have agitation. A revolution is natural, just like the four seasons. A revolution is religious. 

The left is the true poison of humanity. It infected the West and now the rest. 

When will the left realize their agenda is nothing more than the intellectual interest of Pan-european people world wide? 

There needs to a nationalist revolution. A natural revolution from the so-called "right." This is not a proper term. Otherwise, the left must recreate itself and learn of it's error. 

I propose an "alt-left." 

A left that denies The french revolution, Communism, and The Frankfort school and after. 

It will be based on a better obtainment of friends, family and freedom. It will be a racially aware left. No equality or universalism! 

And no nepotism! Everyone is your friend according to your family! See the left/right broken logic there? Blasphemous.

Good fences make good neighbors.

No strangers will try and dictate my life. 

I am an ordinary person that fears god. I want to live like an animal. No liberals will put me in a zoo. They are denying the jungle they belong too. 

That will start a revolution. And the end to private and perverted America life. 

…Fuck High School and the religion it has created! 

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