Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Left Wants Laziness

Is the Left the lazy party? 

You could argue, that what the political left wants, is complete liberation of all hierarchical order. "liberation" as in, the right of free will and freedom. Nature is no longer in control of us. When someone gets a hold of complete freedom, they become lazy. There is no goals in life. Everyday adventures include going to shopping malls and consuming things. Food, which was once used only for nutrient, is now ranked if it is "tasty" or not. If we had free will, we would choose our own lives. WE would chose the lovers we have, the schools we go to, the jobs we have, and the places we live. In America, we can have this complete freedom. 

So as long if you have the money. 

The "American Dream" is well known to be dead. However, Americans seem to what to resurrect the ideal. Concepts like, American Exceptionalism, appears. If John Smith makes 100,000 a year, so should Jack Smith who makes 70,000. Even though, both sums of money are good enough, yes? 

Well, John gets to go to the Fiji islands and Jack can go to California beach or Jamaica. Why can't Jack be like John? This is the frivolous nature of American Exceptionalism. It's the Dream resurrected. 

The Left wants absolute freedom. Can money afford it? Yes. That is why capitalism is enforced. Ironically, the left wants communism or some kind of democratic socialism instead. If only the money was disturbed to everyone, and both Jack and John make an average of 80,000 year. Therefor, there would be no complaints and everyone is a significant other. 

The problem will come again, that one group of friends doesn’t like the other. Each clique is unique just like an individual. Isn't that itself a hierarchy? 

The left is always agitating. It can never obtain a society of freedom, even when the world has been won. Man wants to shape nature into himself. He wants to become god (“she" only wants to be a mother). 

The left is always lazy and spoiled. Since their is no higher aim in life, but to agitate and "deconstruct" the existing world, the left can only enjoy leisure through being lazy. 

Can a leftist still enjoy video games, TV, food, culture, language, exercise, sports, competition, without the need of agitation? Or is agitation apart of being an honest leftist? 

Without agitation, the left will "deconstruct" itself. Criticize one another. "Pop Will Eat Itself." 

If they did not agitate, the left would be full of prudish, suburban moms, who want a good neighbor community. 

I think the left has achieve it's goals. Its more like #2. #1 is about being bored. 

The left haste being authentic. Constantly they will condemn the behavior of the barbarian. Insults against their opponents include "racist" and "nerd who lives in their moms basement." The left is hostile towards nature and ordinary life. 

Ironically, it might be true, that the left is itself bored with their own life. The left is living an inauthentic existence by advocating free will against human nature. 

Maybe the left agitate is because it doesn’t understand their own existence. It refuse toe acknowledge that life is like being a McDonalds burger flipper for 50 years out in Nebraska. The left thought they could "liberate" these patty flippers and turn them into gods. 

Imagine. A Shakespeare on every block, a Milton on every corner, and a Joyce in every bar. 

This is the folly of the left. All for "human equality" and... "love." 

White people are naturally intelligent and pathological altruistic. Our own intelligent language and science stumbles our abstract thoughts. We think it's best that everyone in the world lives like us. That way, there would be no war, poverty, famine, or conflict. We would all be like Klingons talking like Plato. 

However, this is what we do naturally as a race. We tend to get "ethnocentric" and ignore other races. 

Being ethnocentric is natural. All animals do this. But the left sees "Eurocentrism" as a hinder towards the cause of freedom. Nationalist, like myself, see this as a good thing. 

If only we lived a life where everyone race could have their own country each with a hegemonic population like themselves. This is self- determination and freedom of association. Life is a struggle. 

As technology progresses, the higher race will try and cooperate with the less significant races. The higher race will enforce an ideology. All for "the greater good." 

I believe the good life is living like animals. I am a firm believer in Buddhism and Asian religion. Human beings are deeply religious. To live a good life means to live the ordinary life. Language is a burden to our minds. 

...Yet language has created spaceships, books, cars, computers... things that improve our own lives. 

We must be careful with technology. Slowly, technology is consuming us. Not consuming it. 

The left has nothing to fight for. It has won the cultural war. There is no good reason to self-identify with the left. It was merely a term invented during the french revolution by them. The right, on the other hand, is the natural world. The left categorized them as evil. The left brought the right into the world. 

Since then, the right has became aware of itself. It's mandatory to do this. 

So as long there is a "left-wing, right-wing" divide, the left will always win. They made up this game. They are the good guys. And the right, the bad guys. There is no equal spectrum between the two. There is only categorizations by normal people. Self-Identifications with these labels only increases the left's agitation. 

Sometimes, it's best to go out in the wild and proudly consider oneself a "white nationalist." Just like the Christian, they won their religion over judaism. 

This is about living a normal and fulfilling life. 

The left wants a life based upon feeling. They sit down on the couch and become lazy everyday. 

They are miserable because they are free. 

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