Saturday, May 20, 2017

Old Asian-Aryan About Page

I know what you're thinking. This “Asian-Aryan” thing sounds “degenerate,” “cuck-like,” or “Jewish,” and that the promotion of racial mixing is what the alt-right is against!

First, I do not advocate racial-mixing. I advocate “Asian-Aryanism.”

If the alt-right is to succeed, then everyone, and I mean every homogeneous race on this planet, needs to have some sense of self-determination and racial awareness for a greater good. That sounds great, doesn’t it?

Therefore, Asian-Aryanism acts like an alt-right scene for Asian-Americans. An anti-sexist, anti-nihilistic, anti-hedonist, Men-Going-Their-Own-Way determined to achieve an Asian wife, a professional job, and three Hapa children. This is for every Asian living in America, for every Asian-loving White person, and… for every half White/Asian child who…

Stop right there!

“Hapas?” …Hafus?

“No, no, no, no! You said you were against racial mixing! They don’t have a proper racial background! These bastard mutts and their sinful parents! How selfish of you! Either they choose their White side or there Asian side!”

Umm… Ok… but don’t they still have “degenerate” genes even if they chose a side? They are neither pure White or Asian. So why push it under the rug?

I think the best solution… for your own European Imperium or imagined Ethnostates, is to simply put all those dirty “race traitors” into multiple cities each the size of Wilmington. Call it an independent state.

Please, whatever you do, don’t go on a “day of the rope” scenario and kill all the pretty Asian wives of the already handsome and athletic young white men who are married to them.

Yes, you heard right, White males / Asian female… and Asian males / White female married couples with Hapa children, are allowed in the Asian-Aryan country. They must show the utter most devotion to a pan-Western-Confucius/Shinto culture of racial devotion to the new great race. That simple. Let it be known that to live as an Asian-Aryan, one must become an “Asian-Aryan.”

What’s that?

First, those people you call “weebs” are just misguided White Americans that need a healthy diet and daily exercise in their life. We want our men to have the bodies like Adonis. And for the women? They are already beautiful and caring to begin with. You may call our women “fish-like,” “insects,” or “gook-faced,” but you just don’t understand.

“Asian-Aryanism” is a prideful term, not a degenerate one.

“Enough science-fiction! Why are you even advocating such a stupid and troll-like philosophy? Can’t we all do normie things and not think about such postmodern problems?”

I have been getting tons of hate mail from the far-right, the far-left, normies, and disgruntled Hapas. I don’t need to argue with Asian women that are married to White men. All they have to do is self-realized what they have done.

You know, the far-right will say I’m “Jewish” and will want to throw me in the oven.  And then the far-left will say I am “insensitive” and not treating people as universal.

Guys, use your mind for once. This is not about you.

Asian-Aryanism is so controversial, that both far ends of the Western political spectrum, hate what I have to say. I believe, however, that both political sides know that Asian-Aryanism is righteous and true.

“What the hell is Aryanism? You sound like a Nazi! Better yet, that’s an oxymoron. Aryans are NOT Asian!”

Ok, “Asian-Aryanism” is a whimsical term. And it has certainly got your attention. But in the context of “Aryanism,” what “perfect” race are we talking about?

Once again, I don’t have to advocate racial mixing… Because it is already happening in most major, liberal metropolitan cities in America!

What is that perfect “Asian-Aryan” race I am talking about?

White boyfriends take their Asian girlfriends to punk rock shows, art galleries, nerd conventions, and vegan restaurants. Have you seen that before?

And later in life, the children of those WMAFs are sent to Chinatown or mainline elementary schools. Always in a hip, urban, suburban, stuff-white-people-like, approved location. Namely, Trader Joe’s and Starbucks are incubating the new race of people.

And just remember this, they can’t be “white” now! I would call them Asian-Aryan!

However, do point this truth out to any normie with an Asian girlfriend or wife. We like to call them a “new-cuck.” You get something like this:

“Oh no! This has nothing to do with me discriminating and choosing an Asian wife! I love her! And that was a spiritual and universal choice! I would of chose anyone! But I choose her! Race doesn’t matter to me! Why do you care what she is?”

Yeah right.

White man, you made your choice.

“New-cucks” are real. They are worse than just a “cuck.” Not only do they race-mix, but they deny their future destiny and race. Sadly pretending everything is universal. And then they go ahead and practice Asian culture and say it has nothing to do with that. This is exactly new-cuck behavior.

A race mixing White man or women who refuses to put their racial consciousness first, is an opponent of mine.

I am actually a European advocate. I want to preserve both the European and Asian races. Without them, without Mom and Dad supporting us, we would not have this beautiful culture called Asian-Aryanism.

I am not anti-white, and I hate Noel Ignatiev. I do not want to abolish the White race. I know “Jennifer Suzuki,” the pen name of some erotic-writing troll, would like to see Asian-Aryanism coined as the new White people. Maybe that will happen if the new-cucks win this war. But I would like to see in the future separate and conserved people. However, Asian-Aryanism is happening and is not dying down.

We are Angry Hapas, Asian-Americans, isolated White nerds and WMAF/AMWF couples, who just don’t give a fuck anymore and want to yellow-pill the Western world.

You heard right, I would like to yellow-pill you.

Trust me, Asian-Aryanism is a friend of all forms of nationalism and a friend of all far-left, edgy street culture. We are avant-garde and normative at the same time.

If you have an Asian girlfriend or boyfriend, take pride in that. Chances are, you might as well have kids someday! But make sure they are on the White side of things.

Am I confusing you now?

Look, make sure they argue and defend a state which puts both their own White/Asian interest first! We live in a society that denies White racial consciousness to White people and to every single half-White person.

Now are Asian-Aryans the new White or Asian people? No. You could “whitewash” Asians, and then they become “white.” And for the opposite case, you could send a Hapa to go study in Northeast Asia so that they become more “asian.” But whatever happens in the future, your Hapa children will develop a symbiotic destiny with other like minded Asian-Aryans.

“Whitewashed” or “Asianized,” the crossroads are leading to one destination.

Trust me, this has so much to do with White culture as it has to do with Asian culture. It’s why these duel personalities will eventually become apart of a single “Aryan” identity.

… Sorry, I am not advocating for other non-whites, like Blacks and Mexicans, to racially mix into Asian-Aryanism. Asian-Aryanism is a unique religion exclusively for the relationship between White and Asian people. I really don’t care about “muh freedomz.”

God bless whatever you do. But Black Male / Asian Female coupling isn’t a thing. And don’t try and call it “Afro-Asian-Aryanism,” because what I am doing isn’t a joke either. We are against the multicultural and diverse paradigm.

If you would like to associate with a darker and black race of Asian-American people, then make up your own institutions and find your own idols. Start with Billy Blanks and Jero. Look up Ganguro and Gyaru fashion (I love that stuff). Become self-determined!

I will support you and be an ally, but I will defend my Asian-Aryan people first. Don’t race-mix because you want a utopian, universal, brown-skin, “cafe-ole” society. I will then become your enemy.

I am against what Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi once said about an “Asian-Negroid race,” oddly being formed to make a civilized Ancient Egyptian one. Nope. I don’t like that one bit. I get where he is coming from, but he is wrong on several points.

Coudenhove-Kalergi knew there was going to be an Asian-Aryan race. I know that feel bro. However, such a hypocrite he was, to support universal race-mixing in the underclasses, and the preservation of a single racial (((elite))) class at the top. I am not Black, and I have none of those racial traditions and background.

I don’t want my future children and grandchildren to look like Whoopi Goldberg or Aubrey Drake Graham. I want them to look like aesthetically pleasing, healthy, Asian-Aryan anime characters. To say Whites and Asians should mix with with African genes is quite offensive and destructive to what both Western and Eastern societies have built.

No, I am not advocating what Coudenhove-Kalergi has said before. He is totally misguided and was confused on his own racial identity. I am rather criticizing and fixing his utopia.  He himself was, by birth, an “Asian-Aryan.” And he could of been one! However, he has failed to see his potential as an Asian-Aryan and then forced a multicultural and Jewish elite, one-world government ideology instead.

The multicultural paradigm ironically has created a large influx numbers of WMAF coupling and offspring than ever before. In the diversity market, White men will choose Asian women over everyone else. The truth is harsh. This is another reason why the single-race utopia will not work. White men don’t want other non-white women, unless they follow their code of attraction. That is, the tradition of Western Civilization.

Asian women automatically win in this discourse. The ideology of Multiculturalism will be around so as long as White men truly get what they want from the globalized world, and that is the “model minority” of Asian women and their culture.

Watch R.A. The Rugged Man debate Jared Taylor on the Gavin McInnes show. Who are the two major races that are creating racism? “Asians and Whites,” The Rugged Man says. Those are the two new racist. Together as one.

When that ideology of “diversity” and multiculturalism is truly gone, Asian-Aryanism will replace it. Imagine all these new-cucks, with their Asian wives and half children, praising themselves in the future rainbow nation…

“We now live in a multicultural society! Everyone is racially mixed and we are free of racism!”

… Not!

Those fools! Whites and Asians are the only ones that have mixed, and now they are a new race of people that is ultimately perfected! That old paradigm was just a bridge for the East and West to perfect one another in a chaotic world!

Again, I am against multiculturalism and diversity. Asian-Aryanism is a “Plan B” philosophy if White Nationalism loses against white genocide.

The word “Aryan” is certainly whimsical. I am not referring to a group of “Asian Neo-Nazi” roleplay and cosplaying found on some image board. This is real what I am talking about. You might think “Asian-Aryan” is an inappropriate term, since why call normal people Nazis?

I am talking about a group of radical people that exist today and need to yellow-pill the Western world in order to self-actualized new-cucks into Asian-Aryans.

Why is Asian-Aryanism happening? Well, again, who wants to date a fat White, Amy Schumer-looking, blue-haired feminist? That of course, is a unique byproduct of the culture and nature of White women. And I will promise you, you will not find that in Asian girls (they have something called “yellow feminism” by the way, and that’s just a love for White men).

Asian-Aryanism is mainly a group of guys on the left-wing faction of the alt-right with Asian girlfriends. Some of us are ex-MGTOW who realized that not all women are bad, and only Asian women are the redeemable angels.

This is who I am. I am an Asian-Aryan. As well with every other yellow-pilled WMAF/AMWF couples and Hapas. We grew out of this “weeb” phase and now we are adults approaching reality.

We all make choices and stick by them.

We have all have duties, responsibilities, and growing up to do.

I will continue to spread the Asian-Aryan ideology over on my YouTube channel and beyond. Feel free to criticize what I am doing.

The future will be one day belong to everyone who wants self-determination and racial awareness. And that also belongs to every racially mixed group of people. Asian-Aryanism has so much potential.

Now, do you have an Asian girlfriend/boyfriend or ever wanted one? Do you like Asian culture and the West? I think you should join the movement!

Please check out my YouTube channel for the latest in Asian-Aryan activity!

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