Monday, May 15, 2017

Middle-Class Midget Martian Asian Girls

I through with them completely.

When I was a teenager, I would bawl my eyes out, go down on my knees, and begged to be a good friend of these types of closet-lesbian Asian girls.

I’m a man now. I don’t bow down to racially-confused dwarfs.

But a few years ago, when I was in band, and on the cross-country team, and when I looked like some dumb prop from Degrassi, I loved these Martian-looking Asian girls.

What’s not to love? At first sight, they come off as a candidate for a honest housewife.


They are ugly, little, insignificant, tom-boy acting, 5-foot, kindergarten, Americanized, fucking GOOKS with glasses.

“Oh well… Beauty is the the eye of the beholder!”

As Jonathan Bowden once said about the “pagan ethics,” to paraphrase, “The smarter you are, the more beautiful you are, the more stronger you, compared to the inverse, that is, the more dumber you are, the more uglier you are, and the more weaker you are!”

And oh my! How ugly these girls really are both the inside and outside!

I use to text these girls daily like an honest boyfriend constantly would. I hoped they could still love me for who I was. I wish they would text me in my time of need. …Not to call myself pathetic, but I was fooled. These girls are fucking manipulators.

These ponytail coddlers act like their polar opposite, the typical bimbo cheerleader. These middle-class martians play mind games, act upon body signals, and are into meta abstractions upon dating. They layer themselves with this nice facade of being caring and loving. …Don’t fall for it.

These types of Asian girls (I don’t even want to call them “Asian,” since they are byproducts of “Asians in America”) act like they got a pair of fucking tits to judge people with!

The more uglier you are, the more stupider you are!

The best girl I ever out with, and lost connections with, loved me for who I was. This girl cared about me AND HAD A NICE PAIR OF TITS. Chinese, of course! She was beautiful, and I owned her. We were both beautiful, honest, and intelligent beings that gravitated towards one another.

And then when you start to think that you have a better chance with a gook-ugly girl, you might think to yourself, that you have an advantage because you got the money, and you look like a remarkable, healthy, white Aryan. Any little gook girl would want to be with an Aryan prince, right?


Ugly girls like ugly guys. They have zero experience and uphold NO social values when it comes to be treated with respect or chivalrous care. These little fuckers think it’s “sexist” when you hit them up!

I tried dating this one Korean SJW girl… I really did! She was nice and everything. The thought about her makes me pissed-off now. With my goggles taken off, I just see a little middle-class martian that has no right to be around me. She won’t even respect me for being a good guy. Why? Well, because I don’t apply for her “preferences” that she might have. To her, I’m a “creeper” and a “stalker” (with a fucking lean body and strong arms, really?), and that I “say mean things.”

If he texts you, you better fucking text back, or we will cry and get nervous if you don’t. Don’t leave us hanging on a cliff! We are not out to kill you. Any guy texting you wants to start a relationship. Is it a “yes” or “no” to you? If “no,” please, give me some time. We really love you. But seriously, you don’t even know your own fucking self. Any man, and I mean ANY man, can play “game” on you and “wife” you up. Was it your choice in the matter? No. It wasn’t. It was you being a fucking bitch and making men-woman relationships even worse. Thanks for promoting feminism and the manosphere game culture, fucking little gook girl.

Most of these video-game playing nerd girls hypocritically have ugly-ass white boyfriends. They don’t even have a college degree or a trust-fund. They work their ass off and wage-cuck at a 711 or some low-life indirect sales position. …Ha, and you think I like the “working-class?” Sounds like the slave mentality to me.

I’m a supreme gentlemen. You should be fucking grateful I find you attractive, even masturbating to you before bed. Every genuine guy does that. You have no fucking clue what you really want.

I am advocate of Asian-Aryanism. I really am. I like when guys have Asian girlfriends and nice Asian guys have white girls. However, there can be no alliance or collective with these new-cuck, bipolar closet-lesbian, Martian girls, with their fucking gross-ass, Call of Duty, Magic: The Gathering-playing Asshat, which we call her empowering “white boyfriend.” Fucking gross dude. This is the shit we are against.

Bitch, I tried to yellow-pill you, but you just don’t get it. You want to live in the white man’s world of “multicultralism and diversity.”

For fucks sake, I’m pretty sure having sex with Margret Cho is superior compared to your ungreatful pussy.

Most white guys, and black guys, fucking date-rape most Asian girls and have their bastard babies. All those mommies go into a fit and pretend it’s a new and stable family. Come on. You don’t have a say in that relationship.

How dare you disobey your strict, Confucius parents. Mom and Dad both want the best for you. Sure, they want you to marry in your own race, but if you really were healthy, you would go full on Imperium and choose the best white boy to go out with. Not that faggot you met in Photography class, lives in a dirt-shit apartment, has the cash, but fucking lies to you while you like to believe “he’s your guy.”

Fuck you, you little gook. Your fucking going out with a new-cuck and accepting the tragic fate which white nationalist call “oven worthy.”

And say back to me,“your such a stalker and a weirdo for saying all these things. Your a hater.”

…You just don’t fucking get it, do you? You hang out with my friends like it was one big narrative since our elementary school days. You take fucking selfies and claim everyone is your friend. When anyone wants to be open with you, you choose your friends to be open with.  I fucking apply to be your boyfriend, and I am still not good enough for you because I don’t like the same gay anime your watching.

Bitch, I lift weights and rock out to Xiu Xiu. I’m a Eurasian-American Hipster with huge pride and accomplishments you fucking wish you had. You should be asking for my trust-fund money, my degrees, and my social connections.

I will admit I have low self-confidence, but it doesn’t give you the fucking right to shit on me and say “seek therapeutical help.”

Your the one that sees me in the mall and runs away like a little insecure bitch. Cheating on me, hanging out with your wayyy cooler, now fucking ex-boyfriend, who plays Smash Bros and acts like a PC-little faggot.

Your the all the same. You think I’m some kind of stalker. I’m come to church with a nice plaid shirt, I shaved, yeah, and then you hide in the corner. Like your running away from me!

Do you have any morals?

You are all the same.

I was going to write something about “Middle-Class Asian-Aryans,” but all of them are non-redeemable and don’t deserve my support. All of them are race-mixing, low-energy fucking degenerates, ultimately controlled by the Jews who don’t care about you.

Those of you who find Asian-Aryanism beneficial are my true friends. Those of you who are the “new-cucks” need to get purge in the coming ethnostate race war.

Sorry for sounding like William L. Pierce, but this is the truth.

You little Middle-class Martian Midget Asian-American Girls fucking disgust me. Awkward handjobs, disgusting dog-slobbering blowjobs, flat-chested, insecure, full of daddy issues, …hell, I’m through with all of you. Your just like white girls. That’s what you really are. A bunch of bitchy white girls that are Asian.

None of you ever gave me a chance. Even when I come back to you, even when I sent out another text, you still think I’m some kind of stalker or a creep. Cry and tell this to your ugly-fucking beta boyfriend.

Fuck you bitch. If I hit a woman, it’s going to be you.

…Huh, as a post-script, this  sadomasochist race-play is turning me on. No wonder why most of you little gook girls like to be dominated by a white guy.

Whatever. True Asian-Aryans have beautiful and kind Asian women of the red sun. This is all about purging degenerates. No new-cucks allowed.

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