Monday, May 15, 2017

How Orbitial Gots His Asian American Girlfriend

I have caused somewhat of a controversy from my previous article, “The Proud Beta Male.”

The argument found in the hard “iron” or “glorious” pill faction of the alt-right, is that a beta male is a disgusting troll or even an evil being. I have argued that the beta male is a good towards society, and that we should promote more of his righteous attitude.

However, the term “beta male” is often confused with the far-left, SJW normie types that hover around their bossy asian girlfriend 24/7. We call this the “orbital, beta male cuck.” Now, is this “orbital” (henceforth, we will call him that) a good thing?

I think it is best to describe the history of how and why the Orbital is promoted and around today.

No doubt about it, I have traumas from my undergrad years of college. Every day, from Monday through Friday, I would come across this geeky White Male, Asian Female couple that would sit on the bench right outside the college hall. They would be smooching and holding hands like some sort of high school, puppy love cartoon. The worse part of it all, is that the girl and guy would attend some of my classes. Right and before the classes would start, either him or her would have to kiss each other before the class would begin. When the class was over with, they would see each other after class. It was even more embarrassing to see both of these motherfuckers holding hands and walking to the cafeteria together. Even at awkward times, fucking holding the door for them was worse.

I was madly jealously. I really did like his Chinese girl. She talked to me a couple of times. I even told her, “I like your hair.” I could of been like Roosh V, and stole his girl.

Meanwhile, this guy would not say a word in class. I believe he had a speech impediment or something. I could not understand who was in control of the relationship. …The girl, or the guy?

These two kids, who I will not speak their names, “yellow-pilled” me to understand that there was a greater nature in the company of Asian women.

The boy was an obvious oribital. He was the president of the video game club, and his girl, an actress for the theater club. …I like to think that the relationship was manufactured.

But for this couple, are they really “having the time of their life?” I have analyzed Erik Erikson’s psychosocial narrative and suggest that it has played a signifiant influence in the millennial generation. Everyone wants to believe they are a protagonist to an anime, ironically, that no one is watching. The Orbital and his Chinese girlfriend is no expectation.

…Now is this relationship a good thing?

From the looks of it, everyone who is red-pilled hates the Orbital and his cucky actions.

Going down the list, we have,

1. Plays video-games

2. Asian girlfriend

3. Speech problems

4. Wears geeky or “nerd” clothing

5. Never speaks in class

6. Arrogant position in a meaningless club

7. Never looks you in the eye

…and so forth.

We might say that this Orbital is part “of a phase” and that “he will grow out of it.” That maybe, he will be red-pilled when he discovers “the truth” about the pre-socratic world. Namely, if he wants to do good in society, he has to become like The Golden One.

…But for all we know, he could be really pathetic in his entire life. He will marry his Chinese girlfriend and start the process all over again.

…I am very critical of the undergrad college today, as it has became a Disney-World vacation resort for late teenagers and early twenties to “experience life” and to let them “roleplay” out situations that they might do in the professional world. Ironically, when they gradauted at 22, the world IS NOTHING like college. The dark truth is that their young life has been swindled by an experienced and lying capitalist (namely, your Cultural Marxist professor and advisor) and are brainwashed with fantasies at a critical part in their social development. The system wants you to be a good consumer. To counter these claims, the college passively promotes “college dorm parties,” “drugs,” and “sex orgies” to make a student more “experienced” in the savage, decadent, guilt-ridden world we call “reality.”

For more information on the topic, pick up Aaron Cleary’s book, Worthless.

As for the Orbital and his harmless (and quite chubby) Asian girlfriend, what should we do with them?

…He’s really a harmless guy after all. He’s just trying to find authenticity. He’s in the pursuit of “the good life.”

But why is his life cringy and quite problematic for every fashy goy that looks towards self-improvement, and eventually Imperium?

The history of relationships and dating in the Western world is a hard one to explain. But I can best describe the problem, by a man name of Percy Shelley, who thought it was okay to write a “Hymn to Intellectual Beauty.” It was that a lover should be judge on “what’s inside” that counts. Later on, Shelley’s artistic expression was later turned into a science by John Stuart Mill. His essay, “The Subjection of Women” is an analysis and experiment to create a perfect, white woman based upon “intellectual beauty.” Give it another century, and we now have rampant feminism and the tragedy of the sexual revolution. As said by F. Roger Devlin in his book, “Sexual Utopia in Power,” it wasn’t men’s sexuality that was liberated, it was the women’s.

Our horrible dating system today is based solely on the ideal of “preferences.” If the guy has a six-pack, is a Christian, a lumberjack, and never swears, and yet his hair is brown and NOT blonde, it is therefore a woman’s right not to date him. She won’t even know what is actually good for her. You can thank the power of feminism and the sexual revolution for such a folly.

This outrageous “dating prejudice” has created terrible relationships between white men and women. Men are flocking towards Asians, and women are being picked up by black guys.

We hate the socratic lie of reality. The liberal establishment is failing. We known that the Orbital and his Asian girlfriend is only a mere byproduct of what is going on. Should we feel shame for him, or should we make him our mortal enemy?

That is the very reason why I wrote The Proud Beta Male, is because a good and honest relationship is open with a good communication. There is no mind games, body signaling, or meta abstractions to know beforehand or improve upon a relationship. This in return, has created the Manosphere and pick-up-artist collective. Why should we try and learn “game?,” when the best girl knows a man by heart? It should be straight forward like a “yes or no” question.

I believe that Asian women, and as well other non-white girls who are ignorant of the Western world, make the best wife in these days of the Kali Yuga.

So when I see Orbital and his Asian girlfriend, not only do I get jealous, I would of liked to have a relationship what Orbital has. The problem is that I disavow the new-cuck and pussy liberal behavior of the Orbital. I will go so far to say that he doesn’t deserve to sit in the halls of Xanadu, doing absolutely nothing but consuming and promoting the liberal regime.

The Orbital needs to get yellow-pilled. It’s how Asian-Aryans are made.

And chances are, he probably didn’t get the girl. It was the fat Chinese girl that had daddy issues and was looking to get with him to fulfill her bitchy complaints.

RAMZPAUL said in one of his videos, “What do you call a man who apologizes if he makes a mistake? -an honest man. Now what do you call a man who apologizes even if he has committed no mistakes? -a boyfriend.

The Proud Beta Male is unapologetic. He likes himself and is nothing like The Golden One. He is Ronnie Martin, composing futuristic electronic music for a utopian society. His intentions are pure. He is “pilled” on every subject you can think of. And it’s fine for him to act intellectual as well as to be a good guy that has a lot to give. He isn’t selfish or pathetic. He is a good guy that everyone looks up to and is a role model. He is your friend and open to talking anytime. He is an Übermensch for a new Golden age.

…And quite possibly, he could be an Asian-Aryan.

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