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I am trying to remember when I first came across Patalliro. It might of been when I was 21. I was learning Japanese. I often surfed YouTube Japan for Japanese media. I would favorite certain media I would find cultrually alienating. At the time, I really loved Aim for the Ace! I saw the animated movie when I was 20. The 1970's animated series is wonderful too. Still one of my favorite animes. I think I was really into Tatsunoko Productions at the time. I was searching openings and endings to old animes. (I get in my own world).

I am always looking for the next big thing... I came across the ending for Patalliro. The sad song with Mariarch and Bacoran. I thought she was a girl at first. I like the whole "goth" aesthetic to the ending. Orange and black have such a contrasting color. I had to find more of this stylish anime. Turns out, after doing a copy and past with the title, I found the first episode. Japanese only.

The opening title was misleading. It was about a boy. Who are the two ending figures? I did some research somewhere, through Wikipedia and Google, and found the first episode in english subtitles. It was confusing at first. A boy that did goofy things. I could not believe this was the premise of the show and not the vampire man and orange hair princess. Watching futher, the first episode was called "Bishonen Killer." This would lead more to the male characther. As I watched the first episode, many confusing concepts rose about. The first girl introduce, Jada, is actully a guy! Played by a voice actress! In this future, guys cross-dress as girls. Jack Bacoran, the bishonen killer, can seduce any underage boy he wants. Patalliro, the goofy prince, is attracted to Bacaoran! Already, there is acertain pedophile theme to the whole anime. I'm not sure how to make up of everything. And then, Patalliro's henchmen, the Tagami (gralic people). Supposedly a group of handsome young men, enslaved by Patalliro, and mouth and eyes and hair covered, to hid thier beuaty. And that red thing that comes up with Patalliro is smacked, when he does certain things. It hides in the paintings and is Patalliro's consciousness. And finally, Supercat! The greatest indoor joke of it all. A flying cat that come across the sky and out of nowhere. It is a joke spoted by the audeince. This is a meta breaking concept. All in the first episode these things can be seen. The episode ends with a cliffhanger. On to the next I suppose. I think I became hooked after that.

I think the main attraction to keep on watching was also the background and setting. The art direction is superb. I noticed the gothic style buildings and the old victorian skylines. When the characthers look, they are Egyptianwall paintings, and up front, 3D. Also, just watching the Stardust Project movie, references to David Bowie and Kiss is made. This is apart of the 1970's. A prelude to Arena Rock and Prince. Patalliro is full of Japanese- exculsive comedy. English viewing has a hard time understanding the humor. Japanese celebrities I have never heard of. This similar in the style of Kuragehime. An anime about a group of homeless and socially akward girls. Humor is relied on Japanese pop-culture. Pop-culture is not universal. In the end, Westerns find it more intresting to study than finding it funny. Patalliro has the strange goofy humor with constant puns. Afterwords, it switchs back to gay, romantic love scenes. And the confusing plot with the diamond synidcate and demons. There is something lost in translation.

At that time, 14 episodes have been fan ttranslated. There are notw 17 english sub epsidoes. For what I researched, there is 50-60 more episodes needing a translation. Why has the West never picked this up? From my own research, Patalliro has had it's own Enlgish fan-fictions in 1980's and 90's American anime zeens. Amazing. This was known when some anime was being translated after the Akira boom. And, an artist by the name of Colleen, author of the Stan Lee biogrpahy, saw anime in the lens of Patalliro. Jaw- dropping. This is where I became obsess with the creation. The writer and aritsit is Mineo Maya. Also I have found out he was a cross-dresser, a balarina and onnegata. He is married with three daughters, and his youngest son looks like Patalliro. His art is infulenced from Audrey Bearsly, Harry Clarke, Gustave Flint, and traiditonal Japanese shojo, like Rose of Versallies. Patalliro is full of controversy, that the only dedicated audience it has been targeted for is girls. Patalliro is found under the "hana to yume" label. An all girls romance label. Intresting. Even the anime was targeted for both young boys and girls. We would consider on the lines of an "adult" genre.

When I was in New York City, May 3rd 2016, I had a sweat once I came across new issues of Patalliro. I bought them all for the store for $50. Vols 82- 92. I used my Japanese to find it and it worked. I plan on going back to that Japanese book store again. The Inoue Vegabond memorial made me cry. I couldn't sehad a tear, but I felt overwhelmed. This was heaven. I was in Japan.

The volumes are sitting on my brown table. I open them and try to read the Japanese. New characthers introduced. Maya has changed to a digital style. Old Patalliro is hand drawned. I would like to find a Japanese anthology of classic Patalliro. Maya's art amazes me. In addition to the new Patalliro mangas I bought, I also have a Mineo Maya commentary book. It is about his love for Salador Dali. At the end, he has a Patalliro comic featuring Dali meeting him. Strange. I wish to translate the book too. I had $200, I would like to buy the $200 Mineo Maya Tarot cards. So esoteric. That is something I would play tarot with. Also, I have a famicom game called Elysium. The art, and front over, was done by Mineo Maya. Strange baby-like creatures fighting a skeleton and some sword pertruding out. I must collect's Maya's art whereever it appears. His art fascinates me.

I have since signed up with ArinFantasy Yaoi forum and have contacted the original translator of Patalliro. His name is Emreyl. A gay cross-dresser who majored in Japanese in 2008. He currently lives in California. I suggest the series to be fully translated. My infulence might work. They are considered starting a funding campaign. These fringe nerds have an interest in Maya what fascinates me too.

The story in Patalliro is one of the most shocking things to explain. I'm not sure If I fully understand it either. It's hard to even tell it to a normal person. So much is going on. Every concept is amoral. I found the ultimate art form. Patalliro is truly a Japanese experince. I have never read something more fascianting than Yukio Mishima. This manga has to be studied.



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