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It's hard to imagine the history of European people. The most significant turn for our people, was in the year 1789. This was the start of The French Revoultion. Soon after, which follows is variant periods. The Romantic period, The Victorian period, Modernist period, Postmodernist period, and now, something of a Post-Postmoderism is happening. It's been 200 years. As a people, we are at civil war with one another. The problem with us keeps getting worse as technolgoy keeps getting better. One sense of the ordinary is improved, then discarded for another "ordinary." Whatever happen to our natural lifves? As peasants? As hunters? As animals? Not as intellectual beings. We are now referees to a game we don't want to play. Every possible thought comes across our thought, and we embrace it. Life now is our own responsbility, so everyone can be like us.

The Left-Wing / Right-wing dictomny is the most important concept in our lifes. As a race and as a culture. It is a game we made up. The Frecnh Reveultion did open up Pandora's Box. It all start we the overthrow of the king. Two separate parties we made. Those for the people's interest were on the left, and those who wanted to retain order were on the right. The French language is complicated. Cultrually, it was the "left" that disguised itself from "us" and "them." The Right never embraced itself. The Ultra-loyalist went along with it, as it was a safe code. Once you give in and play their game, you surrender. That what has slowly happened to the so-called "right." or, shuld it be called, "ordinary life."

There is no balanced system. The left and right is not a blanced. It is not ying or yang. First came the interest of the "left," and then that school of thought argued against the "right" (ordinary life) as the enemy, and the left the good guys. The rigt only embraces itself to fight against the left.

Everything after has been a word game. Words like "racist," "sexist" "cisgender" "political-correctness," is all but talk of the left. The left rules our consciousness spirtually and cultrally as a people. If explained to an ordinary person, you would be outed as a conspircy theroist. "the left," translate to a group of people, like "the jews." The left is so natatural, it is like breathing. One cannot think about breathing. Breathing is just is.

An Axiom: "The left," is nothing more than an emotion as European people. "The left" is our passions, emotions, and dreams, coming into reality. "The left," is the desires and manifestations of white people. "The right," was made up my "the left," to belittle ordinary life. Those who are on the far- right were once on the far-right. To be a Neo-Nazi is to go against the whole histroical narrative as a people. The far-right is only countering the dogmas of the left. They are the reactionary party. A world where The French Revoultion has been an ultiamte disease for European people.

What is the difference between the two? The Left, is about the mind. Everything takes place in the mind. the left belives that the mind can become a reality. Whatever one thinks, can become tht form. It is a sense of freedom of the imagination. Freedom from "opression.” The left belives in egalatarism. If one cane think, one can be do the ssame. Equality is strived as the most important issues is because the left want's everyone to be happy. The left want's everyone to have the same power as the free person has. There is no system of opression or rules of law. The left seeks to make European man free from nature. Everythin is there for him to eat.

The left also belives in hedonism. Life, to the left, is about achieving satisfication. The greater good wants nothing but ice cream. The left imagines a world where every feeling can be achieved. They want to experience constant emotions of joy and suffering. But, suffering is traded in for joy. Happiness is ultimae for the left. The left would like life to become a happy narrative, full of confidence, sex, food, and adventure. Everyone can attain their own social narrative. There is no conflict, because everyone is happy. The left wants freedom from nature and enternal hedonism.

The right, however, defined by the left, are the exact opposite. Natrually, the so-called "right" is the ordinary life. Ordinary life knows that there are limits as human beings. We are born, we live, and we die. There is nothing of materalistic achivement. Life is about procreation, survival, and the enjoyment of "being." (Martin Heideggar). We are animals. Our body chemistry is hardwired to do natural things agiasnt out own will. We are hungry, we are horny, we have to shit. The left is ultimatley appaled at this reality.

Furthermore, the right is in-egalatarian by nature. The ordinary life embraces hierachy, natural order, the weak and the strong, the survival of the fitess. There is no higher langauge or intellgensia. Concepts like "reasoning" "logic" "a thesis" is langauge by bourgeois European man. None of this talk is use to surive in the jungle. Animals kill one another. It's not good or evil. It's the way life is. In-egalatarism is the most important vaule of ordinary life. Ordinary life is naive and ignorant of this concept. That's how powerful natrual life is. The left wants to reform all of this. The left is the "enlightened" and the right are made up of "barbarians." It is the job for any liberal, to educate a group of barbarians and reform their lifes into an intellect, or become enlightened. (indoctrination).

Contrast to the left, the right is all about survial than of hedonism. Enjoyment is from living an ordinary life, not the pursuit of materalistic, advance, concepts of "pihlosphy." It is the reason, why all major relgions, outside Christianity and Judaism, is a form of the "right." To talk to a liberal, to say Buddahsim is apart of the "right," is as well appalling.
the liberal seeks to enlighten everyone from "bad" to good. To become a PhD, to study other subjects, and to label things as "right" or "left" is the langauge of our people. We are ultimatley playing the game of the left, and of The French Revoeultion. It's why, they will on one second, protest for "free-speech," and then protest agaisnt "hate-speech." They like to say, "Free speech is not hate speech." It is because, "free speech" is nothing more than liberal speech. Frechn Revoultion rehtroic. Or, leftist rehtroic (controversly).

Is it possible, for somone on the so-called right, or reactionay position agiant the French Revoultion, to go beyound this way of thinking? It;'s like, we as European our stuck in our own ways of thinking. A dog must see other animals as dogs. We as white people see the world also as pan- European people. It is the most hardest philosphy conundrum to get over. We are sinful because we ate from the tree of God. If only we lived a natural life... Just like Africans, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, and everyone else. Our intellect is our burden. Yet, it gives up the powerful to become artist. No one else on this planet made the internet, cars, spaceships, medicine, books... we made it up! This is what we should take pride in. We do, but keep it a secret. We would rather use the langauge of the left we have made up. European people like to feel good from being "above-it-all." We feel good when we feel like intellects or doing something morally good (something out of Christianity). This is a problem. Our own emotions advocate our own demise. Mass civilization and globlasim is not helping. The future will become a further discussion of thinking about the left and it's consequences.

Is it ever possible to reach nirvanna with our thoughts? Our, is it the dooming infulence of the left? The left wants to reform everyone into utopia. The right is just is. The left wants to pick on everyone who dosen't fit their agenda. It is all about reforming. Our greatest problems have been about communism and ideology. A leftist treats other subjects as barbarians. A constant struggle to win trust with other leftist how pure they really are.

It's why there is no safe ground with leftist. They hate themeselfes equally how the hate ordinary life. They want a revoultion against nature.




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