Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ok This Is The Second Post.

Going to Try this out.


what the fuck are you talking about you silly fucking fagget" k said to j

im talking about heideggerian ecofascism you fkn shitdick' said j

i just dont get it. sorry man i just dont get your gat fucking nazi shit'

you wouldnt understand you fkn pussy, i hate you and your gay politics. you have a repressed sense of your own creature' said j

'see man here you go again, why dont your take that shit and shove it up your ass' said k

"no man, just no. i wont stand back and consume your shitty ideology, you are just a materialistic and inauthentic slave, you dont even know why you are alive' said j

'no dude, youre just a fucking fagget who doesnt get any pussy and just talks about pretentious german poetry shit"

its philosophy"
whatever man, suck a dick" k said with an apahtetic demeanor

"if you want to have a good life then you have to ask these wierd questions about your own life and not feel like you are being contstricted by the normative ideas of society man" said j

man fuck society" the words came out of k's lips like cotton and molaasses.

the world continued to turn and the universe didnt care about the two monkey creatures extolling the values of their modern lives. if anything, the universe thought, he hoped both of the creatures would soon vanish before they grew strong enough to plague the vast void with their commotion. the universe was happiest when their was nothing init. the universe was happen when things died and returned to dust.

tired angry dialogue with myself, invoking the spirit of a troll.

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